Blackguard Basebuilder Frequently Asked Questions – Boom Beach

How do I report a base?

Report by clicking the report-button on the page of the specific base and fill in the prompted form.

Do I receive any in-game resources for testing a base?

No. That’s just greedy. If a base gets selected to be put into the game, other users have the possibility to attack it and then, if they win, get resources as a reward.

Why are the frames in the gallery styled in different colours?

Silver means that the base has not yet been selected to be included in the game -make sure to vote for it! When a base gets selected for the game, the color of its frame turns into gold and is after that moved to the Hall of Fame gallery. A black frame means that the base has not yet been published.

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If my base gets selected to be in the game, what do I get?

Bragging rights, fame, love from the community… That kind of stuff! Your content will be in the game -how awesome is that?! Also, sometimes we might reward you with in-game resources. Stay evil.

Why can’t I build all the buildings that I can in the game?

Since builders, just like you, are building bases for Lt. Hammerman you get to access the same buildings as he does. Fair play.

How does the selection process for Hall of Fame work?

If other users like your base, rumors might reach Lt. Hammerman! He’s really busy preparing for fashion week right now, but when he comes back he’ll be able to make a final decision.

How does my buildings affect the defense level of a base?

Good question! Even we don’t know, it seems to be quite a mystery…! But my guess is Turtle does, he knows just about everything!

Can I pick my in-game username?

Yes, but keep in mind that names are not unique.

Do I have to be logged in to test a base?

Nope. It’s a free world!

How do I tag my base?

Tagging is part of the publishing process.

How do I submit my base to a competition?

To submit your base build to a competition, make sure to tag it with the name of the competition of choice. Good luck commander!

How often will there be new competitions?

Only Turtle knows.

How do I change the name of my base?

Names can only be changed before publishing, by clicking the base name in upper left corner of the builder or through the regular posting process.

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How do I save a base?

Make sure to sign up and login to have your progress saved automatically!

My base isn’t offensive but it was still reported – what should I do?

Check your inbox for an e-mail with further instructions! We’ll supply you with a link to a pre-filled HelpShift support form.

I’m having issues using the Builder tool

Please see the BBB section in our official forums!

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