Fairy Kingdom: Pumpkintons

In order to get a random Pumpkinton you need to buy the Pumpkin in the Shop (section with a treasure chest) for 3 Pumpkineer Tokens or 99 crystals. If you need a certain Pumpkinton for your collection you can get it during special offer.

Common Pumpkintons:

  • Baby Girl Pumpkin – gives Baby Girl Pumpkin’s Physalis
  • Mommy Pumpkin – gives Mommy Pumpkin’s Physalis
  • Daddy Pumpkin – gives Daddy Pumpkin’s Physalis
  • Granny Pumpkin – gives Granny Pumpkin’s Physalis
  • Grandpa Pumpkin – gives Grandpa Pumpkin’s Physalis

You can craft Pumpkintons Treats in the Alchemy Laboratory.

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