Cradle of Empires: What are the crystals? How can I get more crystals?

Crystals are your in-game currency which you can use to buy anything that you need. But you can still use your matching skills to get resources, chargers, bonuses, etc.

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You can use crystals to do the following:

  1. Buy bonuses, spells, energy, chargers and resources in the shop
  2. Unlock new buildings
  3. Construct buildings, totems and idols
  4. Upgrade buildings, totems and idols
  5. Speed up clearing the ruins and construction of buildings, totems and idols
  6. Buy extra moves (or time) on match-3 levels
  7. Speed up the Ship sailing and excavation in the Cave

You can get crystals the following way:

  1. Level up your XP
  2. Earn Trophies
  3. Exchange stars for crystals on the maximum available level of the building
  4. Log in Facebook
  5. You can get crystals as a daily reward in the Wheel of Fortune
  6. Participate in contests on Cradle of Empires Facebook page
  7. Find Super Crystal and get more crystals for the same price
  8. Buy crystals in the Crystal Bank

Super Crystal

Find the Super Crystal and get more crystals for the same price. The amount of discount varies. The effect of this artifact lasts for a limited time only.

NOTE: You can make only one purchase using this offer.

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