Cradle of Empires: What are the resources? Why do I need resources?

There are three types of resources: Gold, Food and Supplies. Each building brings you one type of these resources when you play match-3 levels or collect taxes. For example, the Field gives you food resources and the Hut brings you gold resources.

On match-3 levels in the buildings, it’s better to match chips that bring resources. Some chips are more valuable than others. When matched, they bring more resources. You need to upgrade your buildings to unlock more valuable chips.

You need resources to do the following:

  1.     Clear the ruins
  2.     Construct buildings and totems
  3.     Upgrade buildings and totems
  4.     Make deals in totems to get bonuses
  5.     Play levels in the Ship, Cave, Pyramid and in the Sphinx

You can get resources the following way:

  1.     Play match-3 levels
  2.     Collect taxes
  3.     You can get resources as a daily reward in Wheel of Fortune
  4.     Buy them in the Shop

To buy resources tap Shop icon from the city to get inside. Switch ‘Miscellaneous’ tab. Tap Buy button to get resources.

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