Cradle of Empires: Tips on Solving Timed and Blitz Modes

This tip for Cradle of Empires is extremely important as it will make both Timed and Blitz mode puzzles easier to solve. These two types of puzzles are the hardest to finish. This tip will let you finish these types 95% of the time instead of a disappointing 35% of the time which is about average for the beginning and intermediate player. When you start the puzzle the timer is frozen until you make your first move so you can study the puzzle and come up with a strategy to play.

  1. You have time to study the puzzle before you start. The timer starts when you make your first match.
  2. Make as many matches as you can. Don’t wait when the chips are refreshed!
  3. Make matches as low on the board as possible. The lower, the better. It hepls to produce avalanches and this way making the chips refresh on the board more and more.
  4. Mute the game. This way you can focus on the puzzle, and not on the time running out.

This tip requires that you have at least one of the bonuses available, not to activate but to use. After making your first move, the timer start its countdown. After making the first move, hit the bonus; don’t activate it. This will temporarily stop the clock so you can determine your next move. Cancel the bonus, make your next move and hit the bonus again, effectively pausing the timer again. This little tip, in effect, turns the difficult Timed and Blitz mode puzzles into the easier step-by-step puzzle so that you can finish it easily. Each move takes about 2-3 seconds; so it should give you plenty of time to finish. We hope this helps you in your game. Thanks.

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