War of Nations: Campaigns Guide

Campaign Overview

Campaigns have been completely redesigned! Campaigns are now fully integrated with the new Rapid Strike Combat System for fast paced combat challenges.

Through your Strike Carrier, build powerful armies and test your might against increasingly difficult armies and conquer lands beyond your worldl

Players will conquer opponent bases through various landscapes and obtain rare and exclusive lootl Check back everyday for new campaigns to play.

Campaign Difficulty

Every campaign attack node will have a 5-star difficulty rating. Harder attack nodes will require more powerful armies, but will drop better loot. A campaign’s difficulty is the average of all the attack nodes difficulties within.

If you find a campaign too difficult remember to upgrade your army and use army consumables to turn the battle in your favor.

Campaign Loot

Attack nodes within campaigns can provide a chance at obtaining powerful loot. The more difficult the campaign, the better the loot will be. Specific campaigns will also drop exclusive loot so be sure to login everyday to get the loot you want!

Limited Time Campaigns

Certain campaigns will only be on for a certain time period. Once the clock strikes zero, the campaign will be closed. Be sure to check the timer and conquer that campaign before time runs out. Once the timer is up you will be returned to the main screen and will lose all your progress.

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Unlocking Campaigns

Certain campaigns will have a set of requirements before it can be unlocked. This will be shown to the players with a lock insignia on that particular campaign. Complete all the requirements to unlock the campaign.

Forward Command

Your forward command center is your central command hub for where you will be deploying your armies to the enemy bases. The higher the level your forward command is, the more energy you would have to deploy armies.

Campaign Energy

Every army a player deploys requires campaign energy. Energy costs will depend on the type of dungeon you deploy to. Players start with 50 campaign energy and through upgrading their forward command center, players can increase their max campaign energy.

Enemy Regen

Your enemies regen health the way you do. Be careful, some enemies regen much faster than others. Crush your enemies while they’re down and defeat them for good.

Campaign Store

The campaign store is now open. Trade in special tokens you’ve obtained from completing campaigns for items, commanders augments, and other powerful items.

Campaign Wars

Campaign Wars will put players in direct competition to find out who has conquered the most campaigns during the event. Completing every campaign will net players campaign points. The player with the most campaign points at the end of the event will win amazing prizes.

World Buff Leaderboards and Achievements

Every week, new buffs will be up for grabs for each world achievements will be up for grabs for each player and guild. Compete in the world buff leaderboards for Dungeons to receive bragging rights and an unparalleled advantage over other worlds. Leaderboard currently tracks campaign points, so conquer every campaign to put your world ahead of the rest.

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