War of Nations: Frequently Asked Questions

What are attack points?

Attack points are earned during PVP. They are determined by the value of the player unit defeated.

Why join an alliance?

Allies can reinforce your cities, sending troops for assistance. They can also send you resources.

How do I attack or capture another base?

Select a hex in the enemy base. Choose “Attack”, and select which of your bases to attack from. Create a New Army or select an available Army Template. Choose a Commander to lead it, and hit Send.

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How do I scout?

To scout you need stealth units, such as the Stealth Drone. These can be unlocked in the Research Lab and trained in the Factory.

How do I train a unit?

First, you need to research the unit in order to unlock it for building. Next, go to Factory and train that unit. You can train up to 100 units at a time. It will cost more, and take longer, the more you do at once.

How do I fuse commanders?

You can only fuse the same commander with itself, ie Commander 1 with Commander 1. When you fuse, both the level and the tier increase. Ex: Midnight( level 1, tier 1) fused with Midnight( level 1, tier 1) will give you Midnight( level 2, tier 2) which reads as Level 2/20, previously Level 1/10.

What is Star Power and what does it do?

More star power means larger increases commander’s stats when leveling up. Players can choose to have one commander absorb the other commanders by selecting Menu->Commanders->Fusion->Absorb. This action will increase that commander’s star power . Also, fusing two of the same commanders together will increase that commander’s maximum star power capacity.

How fast do commanders regenerate energy?

Commanders regenerate 1 energy every 6 hours, to a maximum of 10 energy.

Can I lose my commanders?

No, your commanders are indestructible. They do run on energy though, and therefore may not be available for every engagement, depending on when you last used them.

What are commanders used for?

Commanders level as you do, via xp earned during play. You need commanders to move your units around the map, in order to attack and invade other bases.

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What are base cores and what do they do?

Base cores are necessary in order to build a new base. Base Power Cores are required for the first three bases (1, 5, 15). Base Fusion Cores are required for the second three bases (5, 15, 25) and Base Plasma Core are required for the final three bases (10, 25, 45). When you make a new outpost, the base core is not consumed; they are only required to begin construction.
Base Cores are randomly dropped when raiding bases, both from other players and NPCs. They can also be purchased from the in-game store under the Items tab.

How do I build another base/outpost?

Players can have a total of nine Outposts (and one Homebase). Base cores are required in order to begin construction.

Can I build one building while I upgrade another?

You can construct, upgrade or demolish only one building at a time per base. However you can repair one building while constructing/upgrading another in the same base.

How do I build buildings?

Click on the hex where you would like to place the building. Click on the Build button at the bottom of the screen, and choose from the buildings available for that spot. Placing a resources building on top of a raw mineral spot will *double*that building’s output.

What is the goal/purpose of the game?

Build a strong base with good resources. Build a strong army of Commanders and units. Invade and attack rivals, gain bases (up to 10), move towards the center of the map

List of Buildings and what they do:

Factory – “trains” builds units

  • Research Lab – Unlocks and upgrades units
  • Warehouse – increases resource storage
  • Oil Derrick – Oil resource
  • Iron Mine – Iron resource
  • Uranium Drill – Uranium resource
  • Titanium Mine – Titanium resource
  • Refinery – Fuel resource
  • Trading Center – Cash resource
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What happened to my Obsidian Research Buffs?

There has been a recent discovery that Obsidian Research was not providing the buff accurately as shown. We resolved this issue and now the Obsidian Research feature is working as advertised.

This change does affect those who invested into the Obsidian Research Tree and benefited from the advantages. We apologize for the sudden change, but it was necessary for the long term balance of the game.

We are compensating players affected by this fix by refunding Obsidian Fragments invested into Obsidian Research to reinvest into Obsidian features in X-Labs. Additionally, we have provided a Time Dilation Crate to everyone. New items will also be added to the X-Labs for trade with Obsidian Fragments.

We thank you for your patience and understanding. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Missiles Info

  • Missiles are a new way to attack your enemies from afar.
  • Please note that Missiles can only damage troops garrisoned in a Base or Outpost.
  • Each Missile has a Minimum and Maximum damage. Actual applied damage is randomly applied from between these two ranges.
  • To attack an enemy base, ensure that your Launcher is in Range of the enemy outpost and that you have trained Missiles for that Launcher.
  • Missiles cannot be used on Stronghold tiles and in Global Domination and Global Conquest wars. • Each Missile has three attributes; Minimum Damage, Maximum Damage and Base Accu racy.
  • Every Missile has the ability to deal damage between the Minimum Damage and the Maximum Damage depending on the accuracy table, which can be accessed by pressing the 7′ button before attacking.
  • Players can use Nav Comps (consumables) to increase the accuracy of the Missile which in turn increases the damage dealing capacity of the Missile.
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