Mercenaries in game Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare

Mercenaries in game Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare are special Units you can collect and improve. Each has a set of Skills that give different boosts to your Base and/or armies. This is different from Strategic Units, which improve the statistics of only a certain number of Units.

Hiring Mercenaries

In order to be able to Hire and manage Mercenaries, you must have built the Mercenary Facility.

You can sign Contracts at the Mercenary Facility to get new Mercenaries.

You can get Contracts at the Store, in packages at the Bank, or as rewards for various in-game activities – including by eliminating Targets.

Different types of Contracts are available. These Grades correspond to the Grades of the Mercenaries they grant you.

– Basic Contracts enable you to hire Mercenaries of Grade I, Grade II, and Grade III.
– Advanced Contracts enable you to hire Mercenaries of Grade II, Grade III, and Grade IV.
– Elite Contracts enable you to hire Mercenaries of Grade IV and Grade V.


There are 12 Designations of Mercenaries:

1. Marksman – Base Defense
2. Hitman – Raids
3. Security Android – Resource Cache Defense
4. Battle Android – Resource Cache Offense (Attacks only)
5. Strategist – Black Site Defense
6. Pilot – Black Site Offense
7. Shield Android – Alliance HQ Defense
8. Heavy Gunner – Alliance HQ Offense
9. Saboteur – Recon
10. Technician – Munitions and Fuel
11. Cargo Android – Rations and Munitions
12. Field Doctor – Fuel and Rations

Each Designation provides a different set of Skills. Keep your Mercenary’s Designation in mind when selecting which Mercenary to send with a squad. Not all Mercenaries will be appropriate for all missions. Some are meant to be stationed at your Base to boost Resource production and storage capacity. Collect Mercenaries of all Designations in order to ensure you have one for every situation.

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Rarity – Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare

There are five Rarity Grades. Mercenaries of higher Rarity Grades are always stronger than their lower-grade counterparts. Rarity Grade, unlike most other cannot be increased or improved.

Their icon frame indicates the Rarity Grade of a Mercenary.
• No frame – Grade I
• Green – Grade II
• Blue – Grade III
• Orange – Grade IV
• Red – Grade V


The number in the bottom right corner of their avatar is the Mercenary’s level.

You need Mercenary XP to level up your Mercenary. Engage Targets with a Mercenary to earn XP for them. You can also retire unneeded Mercenaries in the “Upgrade” tab in your Mercenary Facility to get additional XP. Mercenary XP levels up a selected Mercenary to make them stronger.

The Level a Mercenary can reach depends on its Class. Class 6 allows a Mercenary to reach Level 40 if fully Promoted. A Mercenary’s Level is shown in the bottom-right corner of their avatar.


The stars in the upper left corner of their avatar indicates a Mercenary’s current Class. There are 6 different Classes.

To improve your Mercenary’s Class you must first get your Mercenary to the highest Level their current Class allows. You should then retire Mercenaries of the same Class as the chosen Mercenary.

The number of Mercenaries you retire must be equal to the current Class of your Mercenary. For example, a Class 2 Mercenary must have two Class 2 Mercenaries retired for it to reach Class 3.

After its Class is improved, your Mercenary’s Level is reset. You must get them up to the highest Level available again to reach the next Class.


Your Mercenary’s Skills depend on their Designation. They provide boosts to certain Unit statistics under certain conditions, or Resource production and storage in your Base. There are 5 levels for each Skill. You can improve a Mercenary’s Skill by using a Skill Core in the Mercenary Facility (“Collection” tab, then “Skills” tab). Note: You can choose the Mercenary when you apply a Skill Core, but the Skill leveled up will be chosen at random.

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The top right corner of your Mercenary’s avatar will show a number that is their current stage of Promotion.

Promote your Mercenary so they can reach their full potential. This process will make your chosen Mercenary stronger, but requires you to choose a Mercenary to retire first. They must be the same Designation and Grade as the Mercenary you wish to Promote. There are 5 stages of Promotion, and each one boosts all the Skills of your Mercenary. A Class 5 or 6 Mercenary can only reach their highest Level when fully Promoted. Retired Mercenaries will disappear.


The icon in the bottom left corner represents a Mercenary’s Background (Special Forces, Airborne, or Naval Infantry).

Each Mercenary’s Background affects how it fights against enemy Mercenaries. Your Mercenary can receive a 25% Skill boost if their Background is more effective against an enemy Mercenary’s Background (Naval Infantry has the advantage over Special Forces, Special Forces over Airborne, and Airborne over Naval Infantry).

So if your Mercenary’s Background is Naval Infantry, and it is fighting against a Mercenary with a Special Forces Backgroound, it will gain a 25% Skill boost.

If both your activated Mercenaries have matching Backgrounds, their skills will be boosted.

Mercenary Activation

The “Activate” tab of the Mercenary Facility allows you to activate two Mercenaries at your Base. Your chosen Mercenaries will grant different bonuses dependent on their Skills and characteristics. You can activate Mercenaries that boost Base Defense, production and storage of different Resources, or Recon.

If both your activated Mercenaries have matching Backgrounds, their Skills will be boosted.

Fighting Targets with Mercenaries

Send your Mercenaries to engage Targets to earn Rewards and Mercenary XP. The “Engage” tab at the Mercenary Facility can be used to see all the Targets currently available to engage.

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Note: Your Mercenaries require Energy to engage Targets. This Resource will recharge over time, or can be recharged instantly in exchange for Gold.

Mercenaries will not be wounded if they lose when engaging a Target. However, engaging Targets depletes your Energy. If your Energy runs out you can wait for it to recharge by itself, or use Gold to recharge it instantly.

Each Target has an amount of HP (Health Points), and each of your Mercenaries has their own Attack Power. A Target’s HP does not replenish if you run out of Energy before the battle is over. You can return to eliminate it later once your Energy has been recharged, either with the same Mercenary or a different one.

If the Mercenary’s Attack Power is greater than the Target’s remaining HP, the Mercenary will defeat the Target and receive all possible Mercenary XP and a bonus final reward, which often consists of Energy and/or Contracts. Pay attention to the Target’s remaining HP and the Attack Power of your Mercenaries in order to choose wisely.

You can view your received Rewards in the “Targets” tab, inside the Combat Reports.

Mercenary PvP Combat

You can send a Mercenary along with a squad to give them bonuses in combat. You can also choose to send a Mercenary alone, but they do best when leading other soldiers to victory.

Mercenaries can get wounded if they lose in PvP. A wounded status leaves them inactive for a certain length of time. However, you can immediately put your Mercenaries back into action by using Gold.


Gold is a Premium Resource and is needed for hiring Mercenaries, getting Mercenary XP Boosts, and more. To get Gold, go to the Bank and open the “Gold” tab. Select the offer you like and purchase it.

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