Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare – Resources

There are three main types of Resources in the game: Fuel, Munitions and Rations. You need these Resources to construct Buildings, research Tech and to hire and maintain your Units.

Resource Production Buildings

The main Resources are produced at the Resource Production Buildings inside your Base: Drop Zones, Munitions Factories, and Wellheads. To produce more Resources, upgrade these Buildings and other Resource related Buildings such as the Refinery and the Munitions Fabricator. Please note that the Control Tower does not increase Ration Production, but instead reduces Ration Consumption.

Some Resource Production Buildings are locked at the beginning of the game, and can only be upgraded upon reaching a certain Level.

Storage Buildings

Ration storage is limited by the capacity of your Cold Storage Depots, while Fuel and Munition storage is limited by the capacity of your Supply Depots. To increase storage capacity, you must upgrade these Buildings, as well as your Munitions Factories and Wellheads, which also have storage facilities. Fuel and Munitions in these Buildings can be moved to your main stockpiles by tapping the icons above the Refinery and Munitions Fabricator respectively.

Please note that once your Resource storage is full, any further Resources produced will go to waste.


In the “Economy” tab of the “Tech” window, there are several Techs that affect the Production and Consumption of Resources.

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You can also improve your chances of receiving larger Resource Runs by researching the Tech “Resource Run Yield.”

Resource Runs

Resource Runs allow you to bring free Resources to your Base. You can complete Resource Runs by tapping on the Resource Run Helicopters on your Base screen, then tapping “Start” once you’ve selected a specific Run. Elite Resource Runs are only available when your Elite Status is active. The time a Run takes to complete depends on the amount of Resources that you will receive from it, although Individual and Alliance Resource Runs are completed automatically upon the activation of Level 7 and 8 Elite status respectively.


You will receive a permanent 7% boost to Fuel and Munitions Production once you have researched the Sekira Drones Tech. You can also boost your Resource Production by upgrading the Recruit Center.

There are several items that can be acquired from the Store that will temporarily affect both the Production of Resources and the Ration Consumption Rate. These are Resource Production Boosters and Ration Consumption Reducers. Ration packs can also be acquired for Diamonds at the Store.

Intel Files

Intel Files are gained by participating in Tournaments. They are required to upgrade certain Techs and acquire certain special items from the Store.

Holodisсs and Construction Packs

Holodiscs and Construction Packs are Resources relating to your Alliance HQ. Construction Packs allow you to upgrade the Alliance HQ, whereas Holodiscs are required to develop Alliance Techs.

Recruitment Points

Recruitment Points are required to upgrade your Recruit Center. They can be acquired from the Store, or received as a reward for inviting Friends to the game from Facebook.

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Building Modules

Building Modules are needed to upgrade certain Buildings to higher Levels. Building Modules are available only from the Store or as part of Special Offers.

Getting Diamonds

You can purchase Diamonds from the Bank. Alternatively, you can get Diamonds by:

– Completing Recommended Missions.
– Logging into the game every day and collecting the Day 30, Day 60, and Day 90 Rewards.
– Placing in one of the top positions of the weekly Rankings.
– Completing Achievements.
– Participating in Tournaments.
– Opening shipments.

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