The Tribez: Game mechanics

How do I swing my villagers?

It’s rather easy to get your villager on the swing:
1) Tap on the chosen tribezman using a long tap lifting him into the air.
2) Drag the villager to the swing keeping him in the air until the arrow icon shows up.
3) Release the villager to let him swing!

How do I restore Pineapple Bushes, or Cherry and Mango Trees?

Trees and bushes can be found in the Farmer’s Bay, and access to them opens over time when certain quests appear in the game. They can be restored with the help of fertilizer and workers. Also, trees and bushes can be restored instantly using Gems.

How do I fish?

You can only go fishing in Fisherman’s Cove.

You will need some bait, which you can collect from various buildings, or get from clearing the island of trash. Your bait will also replenish automatically over time.

Once you have it, find a place to fish. For instance, let’s take the Fishing Bridge which is near the first location on this island.

Select the bridge and choose the contract that suits you.

Once the contract is selected, you’ll see fish around the bridge. Press on the fish to catch it and send it to the Larder.

Where does the Fisherman’s Cove Tortoise get resources from?

Zeppelins don’t transport cargo to the Fisherman’s Cove, so the Tortoise has to do the job.

The Tortoise transports resources from the islands where they are produced. If there are not enough of the required resources in the islands’ warehouses, the Tortoise will take equal amounts of these resources from different islands.

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If you want the Tortoise to get you a required resource, tap the Tortoise, choose the resource you need and its quantity, then hit the Deliver button.

It will take some time and gold for the Tortoise to bring you the cargo.

Upgrade the Tortoise so that it gets you more resources!

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