Puzzle Heist: What are Raids? – Guide

Raids in Puzzle Heist are where you battle other players for valuable rewards. Make sure you set up a defence team as this is the crew that other players will attack. When attacking pay careful attention on the enemies crew, if you don’t like the look of them you can re-roll for a small cost.

You need to be level 6 to start raids against other players. Keep completing missions to gain XP and level up

How do I match my Crew and my Rides?

On your Crew tab, if you select ‘Edit Team’ you will then have the option to not only edit your crew, but to equip a Ride per Crew member.

Equipping a ride will boost the stats of the hero it is equipped on.

Higher rarity Rides provide greater benefits, and once your Scrapyard is rebuilt you can level up Rides to further increase their benefits.

If you can match a crew and rides categories and the ride is upgraded to the Buff level then the buffs will apply.

If you match them the symbols turn green and a green line appears between the crew and rides car, as highlighted below:

If you cannot match the category then only the boost to Attack/Defense/Health will apply, as shown below:

Therefore matching the car to the crew member by category means you’re getting the full benefits of the ride. If you’re not matching them correctly, you’re still getting the stats increase. However, it is of course more beneficial to match both.

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How does the Scrapyard work?

If you have insufficient salvage to level up your ride, you can gain more by scrapping cars at the Scrapyard.

This can be found on your main map:

As with the other buildings, you can upgrade the scrapyard, collect your resources; in this case salvage and scrap cars.

To scrap cars, select ‘scrap’ and the options of which rides to scrap will then appear:

Please note upon scrapping your cars, you will LOSE these rides and this cannot be reverted. You will gain resources in return. A message warning you will be displayed at the top:

Once you’re happy with the rides you have scrapped, the salvage will complete displaying a confirmation box. This will allow you to then continue levelling up your rides if you wish to:

How do I level up my rides?

On the ‘Crew’ section, it will display ‘Crew’ and ‘Rides’. On the rides section you will be able to see all of your cars and the option to level up is here.

If you select the car you wish to upgrade, the level up option should appear.

If you have insufficient salvage to level up, the game will then inform you. This means you will need to visit the ‘Scrapyard’ on your main game

How do I get new rides?

If you visit the ‘Contact’ tab on the main screen, the options for crew contacts and rides will appear.

You get contacts every day with a chance of getting a new ride. You will also find them around the game such as the Black Market.

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Upon selecting ‘rides’ you will have the option, just like with ‘crew’ to choose one using either any epic car tokens you may have or gems.

Upon selection, your car(s) will then appear on the screen to claim

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