Kingpins Guide: Puzzle Heist

Kingpins in Puzzle Heist are powerful bosses that your alliance must team up to defeat. They have a lot of health and very strong attacks. They typically require multiple attacks from many Alliance members in order to defeat them. Kingpins must be defeated within a set time or they will escape. Each time you attack a kingpin, you only have a limited time to do as much damage as possible.

Some Kingpins can be stunned by hitting their weak spot 3 times in the same turn. Weak spots are indicated by targets on the Kingpin. You have two chances to hit each weak spot. Failure to do so will result in the kingpin attacking you.

What decides the Kingpin star level?

Successively defeat Kingpins to increase the star level of future Kingpins and earn better rewards! If a Kingpin escapes, the next Kingpin that appears will be at a lower star level.


What are the rewards for defeating Kingpins?

Players are rewarded for participating in Kingpin attacks. Rewards are increased when an alliance defeats a Kingpin. Players who do more damage than others will receive more loot. What’s more, for every 5 defeated Kingpins, players earn a Vault. Open the vault for a chance to earn rare items.

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