What do the different contacts mean? (green, epic, daily) Why does it say “Crew missing”? How do I edit my crew? How do I upgrade my crew? What is promotion and how do I do it? What is the maximum Team Cost? How do I increase my crew capacity rosterContinue Reading

Alliances are teams of 30 players who play as part of a team. Joining an alliance gives you many benefits like shorter build times, access to Kingpin battles and the chance to participate in Turf Wars for big rewards.Continue Reading

Kingpins in Puzzle Heist are powerful bosses that your alliance must team up to defeat. They have a lot of health and very strong attacks. They typically require multiple attacks from many Alliance members in order to defeat them. Kingpins must be defeated within a set time or they willContinue Reading

How does upgrading buildings work? What is a Condo? What is the Metal Warehouse? What is the Tech Lab? What is the Bar? What is the Gym? What is the Chop Shop? What is the Cash Vault? How does upgrading buildings work? You can tap on a building then tapContinue Reading

Raids in Puzzle Heist are where you battle other players for valuable rewards. Make sure you set up a defence team as this is the crew that other players will attack. When attacking pay careful attention on the enemies crew, if you don’t like the look of them you canContinue Reading