Plantopia – Merge Garden: Guide for beginners

How do I play?

Core Game loop

Getting started is easy, the first thing you’ll see is the Garden with a Greenhouse, and a Toolshed. To begin playing, just head to one of these locations, where you’ll find a board with items ready to be merged. Simply look for identical items on the board and merge them together to create another item! Keep repeating this process until you get the final version of the item.


The goal is to plant plants in your garden, and each plant needs different ingredients! Tap on the Pinboard to select the plant you want to harvest, and simply head to the Greenhouse or Toolshed to merge the necessary items. Once you’ve collected the items, your plant will be ready!


It’s time to share your goods with your customers! Head to the market to meet your customers and complete their orders. Select an order you want to complete, tap on “Prepare” and collect the necessary items!

Supplies Store

Everybody needs some extra supplies! The Supplies Store is located right behind the market and is full of crates and supplies you can purchase with your coins. It’s also a great place to collect some free crates occasionally!


On top of the market orders, Olivia also has some extra tasks she needs help completing. To find which quests are open, tap on the pink notepad on the bottom left of the main screen. There, you will find quests to complete. Complete them to earn extra rewards!

How do I level up in Plantopia – Merge Garden?

Earn Stars to level up! You can earn Stars by:

  • Completing orders in the market. The bigger the order, the higher the reward!
  • Harvest wilted plants. Each wilted plant you remove grants Stars.
  • Complete quests!
  • Discover new plants in the Collection Book

Where do I get more Crates?

To get more Crates, visit the Supplies Store! You can get to it by either tapping the crate icon on the bottom bar, or by swiping all the way left and tapping the Supplies Store building.

Here you will find Toolshed crates and a variety of Greenhouse crates, with more unlocking as you level up. These costs Coins to purchase.

Every couple of hours, you will also find a free Greenhouse or Toolshed crate on the top of the Supplies Store. These crates are not as valuable as the real deal… but they’re completely free!

Additionally, you can purchase special crates for the Flower Lab, Café, Fruit Stall and Veggie Kitchen for Gems. With these you won’t have to harvest any plants and you can get straight into making processed products!

My board is full, help!

You are able to sell items from your board at any time. This will not only give you more space to merge, you will also get some Coins in return! To sell an item:

  • Tap on the item you wish to sell
  • On the bottom-left corner of your board you can see which item you select. Tap on it!
  • A pop up will show you information about the item, the merge chain and the amount of Coins the item is worth.
  • Tap on “Sell” to remove your item and get the Coins instead!

Different items will have different values, so choose wisely what to sell!

What if I run out of coins?

Coins are one of the two main currencies you can use in Plantopia! Earn them by completing orders and use them to buy more crates and supplies!

When running out of Coins, there are several things you can do!

Complete Market Orders

Complete orders on the market and rake in rewards!If you do not have the required plants or items, you could:

  • Speed up or wait for your current plants to be ready!
  • Use Gems to complete your order
  • Wait for a Free Crate to help you complete your orders!

Sell Items on your Board

  • Tap on the item you wish to sell
  • Below the bottom-left corner of your board you can see which item you have selected. Tap it!
  • A pop up will show you information about the item, the merge chain and the amount of Coins the item is worth.
  • Tap “Sell” to remove your item and get the Coins instead!

Different items will have different values, so choose wisely what to sell!

What are Gems?

Gems are very valuable in Plantopia! You can use them to boost your progress by:

  • Delivering orders
  • Speeding up plant harvest timers
  • Refilling the dispensers on your boards
  • Get extra simultaneous customers at the market
  • Skip the customer waiting time
  • Get extra Toolshed Supplies
  • Obtain product crates for the Flower Lab, Cafe, Fruit Stall and Veggie Kitchen!

Additionally you can unlock additional plant plots and premium Decorations!

Where do I find Gems?

  • On the main screen, tap on the green “plus” icon under your gem count to access the Gem Shop!
  • Toolshed Crates will occasionally drop Gems. Merge them to create even more valuable items, which you can sell for a higher amount of Gems!

How do I unlock new boards?

Level up to unlock new boards!

  • Greenhouse: Level 1
  • Tool Shed: Level 4
  • Flower Lab: Level 11
  • Cafe: Level 20
  • Fruit Stall: Level 26
  • Veggie Kitchen: Level 37

Each board also unlocks a new Crate in the Supplies Store specifically for that board!

How do I unlock new locations?

Currently only the Uptown Yard is available as a location, but stay tuned as more unlock in the future!

How do I check out my progression?

On the top of your screen, tap the blue bar next to your current level. This way you will not only see how many stars you need to level up, you can also see what will unlock with the next level!

In-game events

Events are special occurrences in Plantopia, and a great way to earn more Coins, Gems, (Seasonal) Crates and more! They are time-limited, so make sure to play them when you see one active!

When an event is active, it is accessible through a badge on your main garden screen.

In order to play events, you must be at least level 16 and have the latest game version installed on your device!

Season Pass

The Season Pass is a month-long event where you complete seasonal market orders to collect Seasonal XP and progress through the Season Pass. Rewards are plentiful, and include recipes, crates, currencies and exclusive decorations!

There are both a Free Pass and Season Pass. Purchasing the Season Pass will reward you with even more goodies and premium decorations!

How does it work?

Open Seasonal Crates in the Greenhouse, plant the seasonal plant and sell the seasonal plant, products and DIY in the market to earn Seasonal XP! The more Seasonal XP you earn, the further you will progress in the Season Pass and the more rewards you will unlock!

How can I get Seasonal Crates?

Seasonal Crates can also be purchased daily in the Supply Store for Coins. On top of that, there will be plenty of other events throughout the season for you to earn more free Seasonal Crates!

This event is time-limited, so make sure to claim your rewards! ⏱ Each time a new Season Pass begins, your progress resets.

Sealed Affairs

The Sealed Affairs event is the perfect way to get more seasonal crates! For a limited time, you’ll be able to get crates directly by delivering orders at the Market! The only thing is… they are locked!

Find orders at the market that award keys to unlock them! Additionally you can purchase up to 5 keys for Gems in the event screen.

This event is time-limited, so make sure to unlock your crates before it ends! ⏱ Each time Sealed Affairs begins, your progress resets.

Time-Limited Quest

One of Olivia’s friends needs help! Complete their demands and collect your reward. 🎁

This event is time-limited, so make sure to complete the quest before it ends! ⏱ Progress is reset every time a new time-limited quests starts.

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