Idle Miner Tycoon: What is the Impossible Island?

This Impossible Island in Idle Miner Tycoon holds a truly epic challenge that only the most dedicated among the greatest idle mining tycoons will be able to master!

In this environment, hardcore miners will be able to earn prestigious rewards like legendary Super Managers, unique avatars, and awesome decorations. You can unlock it once you have the Dusk Continent and some spare Dusk Cash. MegaMining Corp has taken over these lucrative and treacherous lands. Are you going to be able to manage your mining work force in a bid to win the island? Have you got what it takes to grow your mining empire into a new age?

Where is the Impossible Island on the world map?

You will be able to find the Impossible Island on your world map in the bottom right hand corner, just under the Ancient Continent.

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What should I expect with the Impossible Island?

The Impossible Island isn’t for the faint of heart, this is a challenge like you’ve never faced before in Idle Miner Tycoon. Smart strategizing, quick management, and tactical investment are all going to be needed. These mines are intended for people wanting a true challenge and will be extremely difficult. Please bear this in mind when you’re starting these mines and don’t be disheartened!

How do I unlock the Impossible Island?

You will need 250ac Fire Cash to be able to unlock both the Impossible Island and the Key Forge.

Unlocking the mines will require key forging, found bottom left of the Impossible Island. Keys can be forged for free over the course of days, with the option to use boosts to help reduce the wait times.

Be careful if you do use a boost to speed up the time to forge your keys – the power of boost will be used to forge the key and melt the boost (so you cannot use it again).

There are three types of Key you can unlock, and each takes a certain amount of time to forge:

  • Bronze: 5 days
  • Silver: 10 days
  • Gold: 15 days

As time progresses more sections of the Impossible Island will be released to you, and the more Keys you will need. Right now, the Bronze Key is the only one needed.

What makes the Impossible Island worth it?

The Impossible Island will have plenty of rewards for those willing and brave enough to try. You’ll be showered in wealth, which will draw in the mighty.

  • New decorations
  • New exclusive avatars
  • And Legendary Super Managers
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These are but a taste of what’s to come. There are more riches awaiting.

There’s a Legendary Super Manager?

The Legendary Super Manager will be available for those able to make it through the mines of the Impossible Island. He can be unlocked as soon as you achieve 7 medals. Medals work in similar ways to badges in Event Mines, but you can replay the Impossible mines to achieve more medals.

The Legendary Super Managers will have stronger active abilities and work in similar ways the Epic managers function and will have three passive abilities to unlock.

How do I unlock Medals?

You can unlock a maximum of 3 medals per mine.
It’s your best completion time that determines how many medals you unlock.
Replaying a mine will not net you more medals unless you reach the next reward tier.

The reward tiers are as follows:

Completion: 1 Medal
Under 72 hours: 2 Medals
Under 24 hours: 3 Medals

Once your best completion time is under 24 hours, you have earned yourself 3 medals.

Try to beat your best times to be awarded more Medals, aim for the top. Can you make it to three medals in all the mines?

What mines will be available in the Impossible Island?

To begin with there will be three mines to master, one section to complete. You will need to complete the mines to progress through to the next and will have the option to replay previous mines if you dare!

The first three mines you can unlock are:

  • Dark Shores
  • Dangerous Shores
  • Impossible Shores
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If you decide to play a mine again, the Key cost will be reduced at a fixed amount. You will not have to pay the initial price twice.

Why is the Impossible Island so difficult?!

Don’t worry, this is expected – it’s Impossible for a reason! We’ve balanced the mines so everyone can play and get rewarded even if it’s not quick and easy, and the Island will give our bravest and longer-serving players a bit of a challenge too. We want to make the game as fun as possible for everyone.

I had more keys, where has mine gone and why has my forging stopped?!

Key forging works a lot like expeditions in that they’re directly linked to your account. If you have missing keys, or you are no longer forging a key you were working on previously don’t worry.

If you do the following you should be able to reconnect to the account that has the keys:

1. Tap settings
2. Scroll down to Game Center/Google Play.
3. Then ensure the “linked/connected” button is showing green

This will put you in the correct account, if you’re still missing keys or if your key forging has stopped please get in touch and we’ll see best how to help.

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