Idle Miner Tycoon: General Gameplay – FAQ

How can I get more in-game Cash?

If you want or need more in-game currency, you can either buy it through the in-game store or you can participate in our social media giveaways! Just use the social media like-buttons in our game to follow our pages and then you’ll stay up-to-date on the latest giveaways. You can do this by opening your game and taking a look at your Idle Miner Tycoon settings menu (gear icon at the top right of your screen).

What are Super Managers, and how are they different from normal managers?

Super Managers work in very similar ways to your managers. However, they come with very unique active and passive abilities that are more powerful than standard managers.

You earn Super Managers through the Mainland mines, and to purchase and upgrade them you will need to earn Gems by completing the Mainland mines.

  • With the Green Gems you can hire Super Managers at the Super Manager Beach. You can play the Easy mines when you unlock the Mainland.
  • With the Blue Gems you will be able to upgrade the Super Managers’ passive and active abilities.
  • With the Red Gems you can unlock the Super Managers’ passive abilities.

How can I play with friends?

To add friends, you have to open the “Play With Friends” panel (the happy miner at the top right of the screen). If you are connected to Facebook you will see your Facebook friends that play the game.

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To add new ones, you just have to tap on the button “Invite”, then you will be given options for inviting people.

In the “Play With Friends” panel you will see a maximum of 20 friends (because these 20 give you a 100% income boost). However, you can add an unlimited number of friends, and always join their Expeditions!

How do the Mainland Mines work?

Each Mine has some objectives, and you can get the rewards you achieved only when you close the mine. If you complete a mine (all 30 of the shafts unlocked and to lvl 800, plus Elevator and Warehouse to lvl 2400), you will unlock the next Mainland Level.

You complete mines down the path to earn different kinds of Gems.

  • With the Green Gems earned you can hire Super Managers at the Super Manager Beach.
  • With the Blue Gems earned you will be able to upgrade the Super Managers.
  • With the Red Gems earned you can unlock the Super Managers’ passive abilities.

You can also end the Mainland levels early if you decide to. Tap the “End Mine” button and you will be able to exit out.

How does the Event Mine work?

Event Mines are short-term mines with special themes, they usually run just for 3 days or sometimes longer. You complete objectives in the themed mine to win rewards at the end of the event.

In each Event Mine you can win badges which are displayed in the Event Badges island on your world map. You can earn a Participation Badge, Bronze Badge, Silver Badge or Gold Badge.

To see the latest Event Mine, you must have the latest version of the game and you must have unlocked the 5th mine shaft in the Coal Mine.

At the end of the event you can go into the Event Mine to claim your rewards. If the next Event Mine arrives before you claim your previous rewards, they will be automatically sent to your inventory.

How does the Prestige system work?

Prestige will reset your mine so you play it from the beginning, but it will have a much higher multiplier which means you will earn a lot more money when upgrading the mine again.
You can Prestige a mine 5 times in total, each time you will get an even higher multiplier.

To Prestige a mine, you need to spend some Cash. The cost is displayed on the Prestige pop-up each time, so make sure that you have enough Cash left to quickly get back to where you were before.

When you Prestige, you will keep the rest of your Cash (after paying the Prestige fee), plus your Super Cash and other mines.

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What are Expeditions?

Expeditions are a great way to play with friends and/or earn rewards. You need to be connected to the internet to use this feature.

You can start your own Expedition or join a friend’s by going to the “Expeditions” island in the game. You can get Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary Expeditions, and you are offered 3 at a time to choose between. You can also reroll the options once a day to try and get something better.

If friends join an Expedition together, the time required to complete the Expedition will decrease for every friend that joins. When an Expedition is complete, everyone who took part can click to claim their rewards before starting another one!

If you are having trouble with Expeditions, make sure that you are using a stable internet connection and that you are connected to Google Play Games / Game Center (you can check this in the game settings menu).

What are Skills and the Research Island?

Skills are used to boost many different parts of the game, from production values to ad boosts. Each individual continent will give you the currency needed to purchase Skills for
each of the skill branches! You can find the Skills in the Research Island on your world map.

You can buy Research Points through a number of ways, with the currency used for that branch (example: Ice Cash for Ice Research Points, or Dawn Cash for Dawn Research Points). You can also purchase Research Points using Super Cash or some offers in the in-game shop!

What are Collectibles and how do I get them?

The Collectibles are found in chests! The Collectible cards give you bonuses in your mines and different outfits for your workers. Chests come in 4 different rarities: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. You have a higher chance of getting cards which match the rarity of the chest itself. You can get chests from Expeditions and from simply entering the game!

You activate the bonus on a Collectible card by clicking on the card you wish to use, and then”Activate” bottom right. You can change your chosen card at any time,and collecting more of the same card will eventually level it up so you can get more of a bonus. You can view your cards and your unopened chests by clicking on the Collectibles island on the world map.

What are boosts?

You can use boosts to multiply your earnings in-game and while you’re offline!These are bought through the in-game shop and earned through expeditions and event mines. Currently there are a vast amount of boosts to win or earn, have a look in our Shop and you’ll find new ones to try out daily on a rotational basis! Alternatively, you can try a Mystery Boost – where you win one of a selection of different boosts!

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Your boost inventory can be found at the bottom of your game while you’re in a mine,next to the Shop icon. There are currently two types of permanent boosts you can purchase from the store, Double Cash forever, and Double Idle Cash. The two boosts can work together showing as follows:

  • While both boosts are active, you’ll see Idle Cash as 4x and Cash as x2
  • With Double Cash you will see Idle Cash as x2 and Cash as x2.
  • Double Idle Cash will show as Idle Cash x2 only.

What are the maximum levels?

You can buy up to 30 mine shafts in each mine, and each mine shaft can be leveled up to 800. The warehouse and the elevator can each be leveled up to 2400.

What are the different continents in the Idle Miner Tycoon world?

Currently there are five different continents within the Idle Miner Tycoon world. Each one gives you a different currency!

These are:

  • Grass Continent
  • Ice Continent
  • Fire Continent
  • Dawn Continent
  • Dusk Continent
  • Ancient Continent

Additionally there is the Mainland, where you can earn Gems to use with Super Managers. Then there is also the Event Mine island, where time-limited special mines appear!

aa, ab, ac – what do the numbers mean?

The in-game currency system is set up like this:

K = 1,000
M = 1,000,000
B = 1,000,000,000
T = 1,000,000,000,000
aa = 1,000,000,000,000,000
ab = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000
ac = etc.

We use this system to make big numbers easily recognizable and comparable.

What are the different types of currency in the game?

Along with Idle Cash and Super Cash there are five types of cash used to complete different tasks and purchase Skills within the Idle Miner Tycoon world!

  • Cash: The money you earn on the first continent.(Grass Continent)
  • Ice Cash: The money you earn on the second island.(Ice Continent)
  • Fire Cash: The money you earn on the third continent.(Fire Continent)
  • Dawn Cash: The money you earn on the fourth continent.(Dawn Continent)
  • Dusk Cash: The money you earn on the fifth continent.(Dusk Continent)

You can use these types of cash to purchase skill points within the Shop or use to progress through your Mainland mines. Mainland mines have their own system of currency. The two types you can find are:

  • Shards: Used to upgrade your Mainland mines when you’re in them.
  • Gems: The currency used to purchase and upgrade your Super Managers!

Idle Cash – what is it?

Idle Cash is the amount of cash your miners collect for you when you are not actively playing our game. Once you start the game again after a break, you can collect your Idle Cash and it will automatically be added to your normal Cash.

What is Super Cash?

Super Cash is the in-game premium money. You can use this to speed progress up and purchase other in-game items such as boosts! You earn Super Cash in game by completing milestones or by purchasing it from the in-game shop!

Can I watch an advertisement to boost my mines?

You can watch ads in-game to boost your mines, and to collect all earnings from a continent as long as you have the entire region unlocked! The boost you get through watching advertisements also doubles any other active boosts, making them twice as powerful!

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