Empires & Puzzles: Valor Challenges

Valor Challenges in the Empires & Puzzles game are active for the whole duration of the Path of Valor (50 days). These are Tiered; completing one Valor Challenge will reveal the next Tier of that Challenge. Once Valor Challenges have been completed, Valor Points are earned.

  1. Daily Challenges
  2. Valor Pass
  3. Where can I find the Special Stages?
  4. Path of Valor

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Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges change every day. You only have 24 hours to complete them.

Some of the Daily Challenges have special requirements, such as completing Special Stages.

You will receive Valor Points for each completed Daily Challenge, so make sure to complete all of them each day!

Valor Pass

The Valor Pass is a purchasable offer which grants you Premium Rewards on top of the Free Rewards. It is valid for 50 days which is the duration of the Path of Valor Event.

When Challenges are completed, Valor Points are rewarded. Accumulating Valor Points lets you reach Path of Valor Milestones and unlock fantastic Rewards!

When the Path of Valor is closed, there will be a break between each Path of Valor Event, depending on the month. During the break, it is not possible to buy the Valor Pass, nor to gather Valor Points.

Where can I find the Special Stages?

To complete any specific Special Stages that are required for some of the Daily Challenges, look for the Season II Provinces that have the relevant Special Stage icon on the Stage number.

Tapping on the icon will tell you which Special Stage the level is.

Path of Valor

Path of Valor is a brand new 50-day event, featuring Daily Challenges and Valor Challenges. By completing the challenges you earn Valor Points. Accumulating Valor Points lets you reach the Path of Valor Milestones and unlock fantastic rewards! Path of Valor includes two new exclusive items, Relics, and Resource Bundles.

The first Path of Valor event started on Monday, February 3, 2020.

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