Manor Matters: Hidden object scenes

  1. How do I clear a hidden object scene?
  2. I think there’s a bug in a scene
  3. I’m stuck on a scene. How can I finally clear it?
  4. Why do I have to clear hidden object scenes?
  5. Why don’t I get new search modes to play?

How do I clear a hidden object scene?

To clear a hidden object scene, you have to find and collect all the items listed at the bottom of the screen. Make sure to tap each one you’ve found to collect it.

There are several search modes with varying difficulty. For example, in Silhouette mode you’ll need to look for objects matching the silhouettes given, while the timer runs twice as fast as usual in Beat the Clock mode. Hidden object scenes are varying in difficulty as well: searching time is limited to 1—1,5 minutes for some of them.

Use tools if you are stuck looking for the items on the list. Your time in every scene is limited: make sure to hit the Pause button if you need to take a break from the game while searching a scene.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the faster you collect all the items in a hidden object scene, the bigger your reward will be.

I think there’s a bug in a scene

If you think that something in a hidden object scene is not working the way it should, follow these steps:

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1. Restart your device and reenter the game.
2. Re-install the game by deleting it completely from the device and downloading again.
3. Make sure your game is updated to the latest version.

If nothing mentioned above helped, please contact our customer support, providing the following information (if possible):

  • What exactly is going wrong.
  • Which actions lead to the problem.
  • When the problem occurred for the first time (after updating the game, when reinstalling it, or at some other point).

I’m stuck on a scene. How can I finally clear it?

Some scenes are really hard to clear, though none are absolutely impossible. Don’t give up! Here are some general tips for you:

  • Check the list of the items and try to collect the ones you can see right away before looking for items that might be harder to find.
  • Try zooming on the location to find the tiny objects hidden around.
  • Avoid tapping the screen at random hoping to collect an item by chance. Every stray tap reduces your time in the scene.
  • Hit the Pause button and take a break from the game if you feel stuck. You can resume your search once your eyes are rested.
  • Use tools to find items faster.

Why do I have to clear hidden object scenes?

Hidden object scenes are the only part of the game where you can win stars. Stars are needed to renovate the manor and advance along the storyline.

As you clear scenes, you win reward chests that contain stars, coins, and energy. The farther you get in the game, the more rewards you get.

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Why don’t I get new search modes to play?

Some of the more complex search modes (for example, One of Three mode) do not appear in the game very often.

Also, keep in mind that as you start renovating a new area, most of the search modes are locked. You have to work your way to them by completing renovation tasks and advancing along the storyline.

We are continually adding new search modes to the game, including hard ones. Stay tuned for new updates and check the News section in the game settings so you don’t miss any new modes!

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