Horse Haven World Adventures: Guide for beginners

Create and manage a dream horse farm spanning multiple exotic sites all over the world. Raise the perfect horse companion and join together in fun steeplechase races and activities!” “Create your dream horse haven Breed and raise your horses from foal to adult Collect and customize over 100 unique hoses Unlock new farms and race tracks around the world Race with your champions against other ranchers Make friend with many horse lovers!

I need more Diamonds, what should I do?

If you want to get more Diamonds, you have several choices: Buy them directly from the Shop. This is the easiest method! We have some super-value or discounted packs such as the time-limited Starter Pack and the VIP Pack, and many other choices await! There are also many ways to get free diamonds in the game: log in the game every day and claim your Daily Rewards, complete Achievements, participate in various in-game events…and more!

I need more Coins, what should I do?

If you want to get more Coins, you can do it in several different ways:The easiest way is tap the “plus sign” beside the Coin icon and purchase some in our shop.Your stables and farm center generate Coins over time. Tap the coin floating over the building every time you see it. Complete quests and claim their rewards, which often have Coins.Run the Steeplechases with your horses. They are a good source of Coin revenue. Play the game every day and claim your Daily Reward as soon you see the pop-up.

What are Jewels for? I need more Jewels, what should I do?

There are 4 kinds of jewels. In order of least-to-most valuable, they are: Pearls, Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires. Jewels can be used to purchase time-limited decoration and customization items. If you have a Carousel, you can exchange these for valuable items and horses. You can get Jewels in these ways: Earning a distance reward in a steeplechase. Players might be rewarded with jewels according to how much distance the horse has covered. Participating in various events and completing quests, such as pure breeders’ Society’s quests and Lucky Guess, etc. They may be purchased by diamonds for a certain price. The Mine can produce jewels, depending on the level.

Gameplay – horse

I need to refill the ‘Energy’ of my horses, what should I do?

Horses use their Energy when they run races or do Steeplechases. To refill their Energy, simply do some stable activities with them: Grooming, feeding, muck-out and free roaming. Energy also regenerates automatically over time. When your horse levels up, Energy will automatically be refilled.

What are horse skills for and how to get?

There are 6 different skills available. A horse can learn up to 5 of them, each of which offer a different advantage in steeplechases and horse racing. Each skill can have up to 7 ranks. You can get/level up the horse skills by: further leveling up your horses after lv10 gives them chances of learning skills by the spinning wheel; running steeplechase events and reaching milestone.

How can I collect horse pieces? Where can I find the horse recipe once I’ve collected all the pieces needed?

You can get horse pieces through racing events or Lucky guess. Once you’ve unlocked the horse recipe, you can find it in the Horsepedia.

How do I level up my horse?

Keep fulfilling your horses’ needs, such as Feed, Muck out, Groom, etc. Each horse has an orange experience bar and whenever you do things for your horses, a small gold horseshow will appear to tell you how much experience the activity was worth for your horse. You can also hire your friends as stable hands and ask them to board your horses. This way your horse will gain more XP.

How do I breed better horses?

You can breed a stallion (male horse) with a mare (female horse) to produce a better horse. To start breeding, you have to first unlock the breed house at level 5, then select two of their horses to breed together. You can make your own horses, or breed together with your friend’s one!

Why is breeding so expensive and take so long?!

Rarer horses take more time and coins to breed. Be patient. Amazing horses await your care!

How do I breed horses from different countries together?

You need to transfer both horses to the same ranch by using the train (or, on Fantasy Island, the hot air balloon) before you can breed them together.

Gameplay – ranch

How can I have more neighbors?

If you want to add your friends to your neighbor list, you can simply add them as your friends either via Facebook, Game Center or Google Play, and they will automatically become your game neighbour when playing. Make sure that you’re logged in when you play Horse Haven: World Adventures, so the friends list is updated. If you want to add some random players, pay attention to the cars driving by your farms. You can click on the small plus sign and invite those users to be your neighbors! You can also add friends through a club when you have joined one!

Why can’t I collect coins from my stables?

You can collect coins from your stable when you see a Coin floating over the stable. The icon appears when the stable accumulates 50 or more gold.

My ranch is full, and I can’t build any more buildings — but there are still available structures on the menu! What do I do?

Expand your ranch by clearing out the trees.

My storage is full. How do I get more space?

Upgrading your barns will give you more space to hold various resources.

How do I unlock other ranches?

You just need to keep ranking up. All the ranches except for Fantasy Island will automatically unlock when you reach the correct level for each ranch.

How do I unlock Fantasy Island?

If you’re the right level (lv20 or higher), you have one of two options: Invite your Facebook friends until you unlock the island. Unlock the island with Dream Jewels.

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