Summoners War: Lost Centuria – FAQ

What is the minimum specs for Summoners War: Lost Centuria?

To play Summoners War: Lost Centuria, you need to meet the following specs:

  • Android: Galaxy S6 (Android 4. 4/ RAM 3GB) and up
  • iOS: iPhone 6S (iOS 10/ 2GB) and up

If the game is not running smoothly although you met the minimum specs, try closing other apps running in the background or adjusting the graphics in the in-game settings. Deleting unnecessary data to free up space on the device or restarting the device often helps manage the condition of the device.

I want to change my nickname.

Tap Profile on the top-left corner of the main screen. You can change your nickname once for free, afterwards, it will Crystals. Also, you can change the nickname once a day. ​

I want to learn about the grade and type of monsters.

There are four grades of monsters: Normal, Rare, Hero, and Legend. They are classified into four types: Attack, Defense, HP, and Support according to their stats and skills.

I want to learn about the attributes of monsters and their attribute relations.

There are five types of attributes: Water, Fire, Wind, Light and Dark.

Water – Strong against Fire, but weak against Wind.

Fire – Strong against Wind, but weak against Water.

Wind – Strong against Water, but weak against Fire. (Water > Fire > Wind > Water > Fire > Wind ···)

Light and Dark attributes react to each other only. They are strong when attacking each other, and weak when receiving attack from each other. Water/Fire/Wind attributes and Light/Dark attributes do not have attribute relations to one another.

I want to make my monsters stronger?

You can make your monsters stronger by leveling up their cards, equipping Runes and Skill Stones!

① Card Level-up: You can increase the card level by spending the same cards and Mana Stones. The monster’s ATK, DEF, and HP stats increase with a level up.

② Rune Equipping: You can increase a monster’s stats by engraving up to 3 Runes on the monster. A set effect is activated when engraving 3 Runes of the same pattern.

③ Skill Stone Equipping: Each monster possess up to 3 Skill Stones, and only 1 Skill Stone can be equipped. You can increase the monster’s stats or skills, or gain a passive skill by equipping a Skill Stone. There four grades of Skill Stones: Normal, Rare, Hero, and Legend. ​

I want to learn about Runes.

Runes are a very important element for upgrading monsters. Up to 3 Runes can be engraved on a monster according to each Rune slot (No. 1-3).

There are four grades of Runes: Normal, Rare, Hero, and Legend. A set effect is activated when engraving 3 Runes of the same pattern. You can power-up a Rune up to +15 by using the Runes of the same slot. The type of main properties is fixed according to each slot number, and the main property stat increases with Rune power-ups.

Prefix properties are granted upon acquisition of a Rune, and there is no other way to add or power-up the prefix properties. You can have up to 4 sub properties. If there are less than 4 sub properties, additional sub properties can be added through enchantment.

If there are 4 sub properties or more, you can increase the stats of the sub properties. Runes can be crafted at the Territory content. Dispatch monsters in missions at the Mission Office, and obtain Mystical Dust to craft a variety of Runes at the Craft Building!As your account level increases, you can craft Runes of higher grades and more diverse sets of Runes. ​

I keep losing in the battle. How can I win?

The grade and level of monsters are important, but it is also important to plan out strategies such as what type of Skill Stones or Runes you will use, how you’re going to place monsters and spells, and which skills to use, etc. The timing of using the skill is also very important. If you activate Counter by using your skill when the opponent tries to use a skill, you can nullify the opponent’s skill depending on the situation. This Counter is a factor that greatly affects your battle result, so use it to claim victory!

I want to learn about Duel Mode – Ranked Battle.

In Ranked Battle, you can compete in real time with Summoners around the world. If you win, you will earn victory points, and vice versa. Ranked Battle is operated on a seasonal basis, and the rewards that can be obtained vary according to victory points. If you have achieved 3,000 victory points in the previous season, the starting victory points will change in the new season.

I want to change my regional settings.

Go to the Menu at the top-right corner of the main screen → Settings → Region to change the regional settings. It can be changed only once a day.

The next chapter does not open in the Siege Battle.

In order to open a higher chapter, you need to clear the previous chapter and achieve higher Ranked Battle victory points. Tap the locked chapter to check the unlock conditions. Earn more victory points in Duel Mode, and challenge the chapters with more rewards!

I want to learn about the Mission Office.

You can dispatch monsters in your possession for missions.

If missions are successful, you can earn rewards.

Taking the target’s weakness into consideration when dispatching increases the chances of the mission success.

Monsters being dispatched cannot be used for other missions, so please choose carefully!

Missions are updated daily at noon ad midnight (UTC).

Even if the update time comes during the mission, you can still complete the ongoing mission.

I want to learn about Barrier Battle.

Just like in the Ranked Battle, you can compete in real time with Summoners around the world.

Although victory points are not accumulated, but you can earn rewards every time you win.

In the Barrier Battle. all monsters have their level adjusted to 10, and the Rune effects are not applied.

Also, both allies and enemies receive effects of a certain Barrier.

It is important to check the Barrier information and strategically combine monsters and spells.

The Barrier changes every 4 days, and you can play up to 10 wins.

If you lose 3 times, you won’t be able to challenge until the next Barrier Battle begins.

I want to learn about Alliance.

Join an Alliance at the Alliance Office! You can request card support or support Alliance members’ request at the Alliance Trading Post.

As your account level increases, the level of the Trading Post will also increase and you can request/support more number of cards.

You can purchase items sold in the Alliance Shop with Alliance Coins that you obtained through card support.

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