How to play Diamond Dash Lives Do I need to spend real money to enjoy the game? Beating your friends’ scores Where can I find out more? How does scoring work? 3 Wooden Wheel and Diamond Wheel How to play Diamond Dash Click on groups of 3 or more gemsContinue Reading

What are Team Battles? How does Team Battles work? How long does a Team Battle run for? What are Charms? What types of Charms are there? What is the Team Bonus? How does the team score work? How does the Jackpot work? How does the Global Tournament work? What areContinue Reading

Events in Diamond Dash will regularly appear in the game and give you the chance to experience a specific feature, for example the ‘Double Coins’ one, or the improvement of a specific magic power. Events are time-limited and usually last for 2 to 3 days. Once they’ve run out, theContinue Reading