Diamond Dash: How to get Gold Bars and Coins?


You get coins from every game you play after you have unlocked your first Magic Power.

Gold Bars

You can use your gold bars to purchase lives.

As seen in the picture below, 3 gold bars will buy you 5 lives. Gold bars can be obtained by leveling up but please keep in mind it doesn’t happen after every Level Up.

You can purchase gold bars with a credit card or Paypal account by clicking on the ‘+’ next to your gold bars. See picture below

How to use the gold bars

Gold bars can be won after you Level Up and they can also be purchased within the game (note: Gold bars are not given out every time a Level Up occurs). Gold bars are used to buy game items such as the Black Hole or more lives.

In order to purchase more lives with gold bars, simply tap the plus icon on the Lives Bar and select “Buy.” You can get 5 extra lives for every 7 gold bars spent.

To purchase the Black Hole Magic Power, tap the “Play” button to show the Power Up menu. Tapping the ‘+’ button on the Black Hole bar will allow you to purchase this Magic Power with gold.

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How do I use Gold, Coins and Lives?

Gold: In Diamond Dash, you can be rewarded with gold bars for Leveling up. Gold can be used to buy new lives, as well as the Black Hole and Super Cube Magic Powers.

Coins: Coins are added to your game every time you play a round. They can be used to buy the Time Bonus, Mystic Bomb and Color Splash Magic Powers.

Lives: One life = 1 round of Diamond Dash! You start off with 5 lives, with a used life being replenished every 8 minutes. You can send and receive free lives to and from your friends when logged into Facebook, or buy new lives from the shop.

Coins & XP

Every time you play a round of Diamond Dash you will receive a certain amount of coins.The amount of coins you have earned can be seen underneath your score. The more you play, the more coins you collect!

You can use the coins to purchase in game boosts which will help you to get a better and of course more coins. You can also purchase coins using your credit card or Paypal account. Your XP, or ‘experience points,’ determine your level in Diamond Dash: XP enables you to level up!

Magic Powers

What are Magic Powers? As you level up, you’ll unlock Magic Powers which add some extra magic to your game!

There are five Magic Powers in total:

  • Mystic Bomb (unlocked in level 5)
  • Time Bonus (unlocked in level 7)
  • Color Splash (unlocked in level 9)
  • Super Cube (unlocked in level 11)
  • Black Hole (unlocked in level 11)
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You can only select 3 Magic powers at a time for each round, so we advise you become familiar with each Power and decide what your favorite combination would be. After unlocking the Magic Powers in each level, they become available for purchase with coins or gold bars.

How do Magic Powers work in the game?

There are 5 different Magic Powers that can be unlocked at certain levels. Each have their own unique ability to help you in your Diamond Dash quest!

Mystic Bomb

Destroys a group of gems and gives you a score bonus

Time Bonus

Adds 2 seconds of play time to your game when you click on it

Color Splash

Creates a huge group of same-colored gems for you to click

Super Cube

Groups all the gems of the same color together

Black Hole

Swallows all gems of the same color

Magic Fire

As of Level 2, if you click on 3 or more gems, 10 times in a row, the Magic Fire will appear. When the Magic Fire is about to appear, the sound that the gems make increases in pitch.

The Magic Fire appears around the edges of the board, and when you click on a group of 3 or more gems, all the gems that surround them will also be destroyed.

Magic Diamonds

After unlocking the Magic Diamond in Level 4, you can get them by playing quickly and accurately.

As you play you can see the blue diamond bar on the top left side of the screen fill up. When the bar is full, a new Magic Diamond appears somewhere in the game board and you can tap it to get bonus points.

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There are 2 types of Magic Diamonds: The Fireball Diamond (unleashes a fireball onto the board) and the Plasma Burst (destroys the group of gems surrounding it).

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