FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape – Marine Park

The island has visitors with an interesting proposition. Marine Biologist “Marina Day” and eccentric Entrepreneur “Isaac Walker” have noticed that the ocean around your island has some of the most pristine and diverse underwater ecosystem. The problem is nobody knows about it! So, they would like to create a state of the art Marine Park on and under the surface to study the ecosystem and attract tourists from all over the world.

To do this project, they need our help with shipping supplies to the site so they approached all the island resorts in the area. Everyone is eager to lend a hand and in the spirit of a little healthy competition, all the islands will be split into 3 teams each supplying a different part of this park. The team that ships the most supplies will win awesome prizes.

If you’re at least level 9, you will receive a pop-up for the Marine Park event. You will need to force-close the game to see the update, or even reboot your device.

Craft materials needed to build the Marine Park to complete your Personal Goals and help your team win Billy the Mascot as a farmhand for 10 days!

You can begin the event by tapping on the Shipyard, an area where the Tugboat is docked.

Players send off the crafted recipes using the Tugboat. There will some waiting time for the Tugboat to travel to and from the Marine Park site.

Players have the option to upgrade their ships to make it faster or to increase their capacity.

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There is also an option to add Tugboats for a player to use.

The supplies crafted will then be stored in the Storage Deck. Players can then access the Inventory to send out the supplies. The Inventory can be upgraded to store more supplies.

The players are asked to craft event recipes and send them off to a remote place via a transport ship. On the return of the ship, the players receive points that are added to their Personal Goals. The players garnering the highest points in the individual scores become eligible for the community reward.

These scores are also added to the score of the community to which the player belongs. The community with the highest score at the end of the event wins community rewards!

Temporary Guides: Marine Biologist “Marina Day” and Eccentric Entrepreneur “Isaac Walker”

Marine Biologist “Marina Day” and Eccentric Entrepreneur “Isaac Walker” will give you a higher chance of finding rare ingredients and more!

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