Disney Wonderful Worlds: Guide for beginners

Match-3 game Disney Wonderful Worlds is a type of tile-matching puzzle game where you combine together 3 or more of the same pieces on a board. To do so, you use ‘moves’ to drag or swap the piece you would like to move into an adjacent position to create a row of 3 or more matching pieces. The goal is to make these pieces disappear from the board.

What are Boosters?

Boosters are special pieces that have special areas of effect when used. To include them when playing a level, select them from the objective pop-up at the start of each game. They can be activated by swapping the piece or by double tapping.

There are three types of Boosters:

  • Confetti Combo – unlocked at level 18, this booster randomly places a Firecracker (horizontal or vertical) and a Popper on the board; replacing a random Basic Piece each. It costs 1900 gems for three Confetti Combos.
  • Double Rockets – unlocked at level 28, this booster randomly places a Rocket on the board; setting off one Rocket will split it into two and target two objectives with one move! It costs 1900 gems for three Double Rockets.
  • Piñata – unlocked at level 23, this booster randomly places a Piñata on the board; the Piñata removes every one of the color it is swapped with from the board (you cannot double-tap the Piñata to activate it, it must be swapped). It costs 900 gems for three Piñatas.

Booster effects may react differently with blockers and other special pieces, so act strategically!

What are Tools?

Tools are special items that can be used at any time during a level as long as at least one move remains. These can be used to affect pieces on the board in unique ways. To use Tools, tap on the desired tool found on the right side of the board, and activate it to help you reach your goal.

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There are three types of Tools:

  • Dart – unlocked at level 13, aim the Dart to remove one piece from the board, remove a blocker, or weaken one. It costs 1900 gems for three Darts.
  • Super Firecracker – unlocked at level 32, set these off to eliminate both a column and a row corresponding to the tile location. It costs 3800 gems for three Super Firecrackers.
  • Magic Glove – unlocked at level 47, this tool helps in manipulating the board by swapping two adjacent pieces. It costs 2900 gems for three Magic Gloves.

What are Level Objectives?

Level Objectives are the goals that must be met in order to complete the level successfully. The objectives are visually indicated in the pop-up prior to beginning your match, as well as on the left-hand panel below the level’s total allotted moves.

How to Match Board Pieces

Disney Wonderful Worlds is an untimed, turn-based Match-3 game that allows you to take your time and figure out how to manipulate the balloon pieces on the board in order to complete you goal and earn the most stars from each match. There are a wide variety of matches you can make.

To do this, swap a piece and match three balloons of the same color in a row or column so they can pop and vanish from the board! This is the basic move, but by far not the only move!

Matching more than three pieces on the board will make the balloon pieces disappear and a special piece, called a Power-Up, will be created on the board. These power-ups have unique abilities that allow for more versatile ways in reaching your goal.

  • Match-4: Matching four pieces in a line will create a Firecracker!
  • Match-5: Matching five pieces in a line will create a Piñata!
  • L-Match: Matching five pieces in an L-shape will create a Popper!
  • Square-Match: Matching four pieces in a square will create a Rocket!
  • T-Match: Matching five pieces in a T-shape will create a Popper!

What are Gift Boxes?

Gift Boxes are awarded to you once reach a park milestone!

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You can open a gift box after leveling-up your park and watching either the mid-day parade or the nightly fireworks display. They contain one magical Key and Infinite Lives for your match-3 games.

What are Lives?

Each player starts the game with five Lives.

Lives are used to replay a match puzzle game if a previous attempt was unsuccessful. When running out of allotted moves, you are given the opportunity to purchase more moves with Gems. If you don’t have enough gems to purchase these extra moves, you will lose one of your Lives in an attempt to retry the same board. Lives will also be consumed if you exit the match without completing the objective.

You can win Infinite Lives for a period of time. These are only found in Gift Boxes and are excellent when trying to get pass harder puzzles.

What are Power-Ups?

Power-Ups are the special pieces that appear on the board when matching more than three basic balloon pieces. These special pieces will help you in clearing the board and reaching your goals!

  • Firecrackers: Matching four pieces in a line will create a Firecracker! Firecrackers will eliminate all balloon pieces in a row or column
  • Piñatas: Matching five pieces in a line will create a Piñata! Swapping a Piñata with a balloon piece will eliminate all of that one color from the board.
  • Poppers: Matching five pieces in an L-shape or T-shape will create a Popper! Poppers will pop all balloon pieces within a 3-tile radius around the Popper.
  • Rocket: Matching four pieces in a square will create a Rocket! Rockets seek out objective targets to help clear the board and reach the goal.

What are Combos?

Combos are a fantastic way of attaining an objective, earning extra Stars and removing blockers from the board all in just one move! Combos occur when swapping two power-up pieces together to create a powerful effect.

  • Firecracker + Firecracker: This combo creates a Super Firecracker that eliminates both a column and a row across the whole board!
  • Firecracker + Piñata: This combo takes the Piñata’s effect and rather than eliminating all of one color on the board, it changes the predominant balloon color on the board into Firecrackers! Marvel at the sheer number of Firecrackers setting off on your board!
  • Firecracker + Popper: This combo creates three vertical and three horizontal Firecrackers, eliminating all pieces and blockers along the path!
  • Firecracker + Rocket: This combo has the Rocket whisk away the Firecracker to an objective target on the board and then sets off the Firecracker to eliminate an entire row or column!
  • Popper + Rocket: This combo takes off, as a Rocket flies off to its objective target and then sets off the Popper in that new area, clearing a large chunk of pieces and blockers on the board in one fell swoop!
  • Rocket + Rocket: This combo creates three Rockets that blasts off and target three objective targets on the board in one single move!
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What are Blockers?

Blockers are obstacles that make the game more challenging. These obstacles cannot be moved and can only be eliminated by popping and removing adjacent pieces. There are a large variety of blockers, such as Rope, Clouds, Lanterns and Statues.

In some cases, the blockers have multiple layers to shatter before they can be completely removed from the board. The higher the tier, the more stubborn the blocker.

What are Daily Challenge Events?

Daily Challenge Events is a match-3 feature to help players gather more gems, add some challenge and excitement to levels, as well as increase the fun factor!

Challenges start at level 11 and must be completed before the timer runs out in order to claim the final gem reward.

The Challenges refresh every 24 hours. Once your Challenges refresh, you will be given two new challenges for that day to complete.

What is Tinker Bell’s Treasure Tree?

Tinker Bell’s Treasure Tree is a level streak mechanic for match-3 that bestows some magical gifts to your game!

Starting at level 31, the Treasure Tree awards starting boosters, that magically appear on your match-3 board. The more levels you complete consecutively, the better, and more plentiful, your starting bonuses will be! The Treasure Tree’s boosters can be upgraded to a maximum of 3 levels, and you will keep these bonuses, so long as you keep prevailing!

If you run out of moves or quit the level after completing a move, the gauge will restart, and you will lose your Booster streak.

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