Disney Wonderful Worlds: Currencies & Resources

What are Stars?

Stars are your main currency.

Stars are earned after each puzzle victory. The more leftover moves you have, will generate more boosters on your board during the frenzy phase. The more moves left and the more boosters appear, the more Stars are earned per match.

It is a vital currency to purchase more structures, customizations, decorations, and recruiting more cast members.

What are Gems?

Gems are another currency in this wonderful world, but far rarer than Stars. While Stars are won by completing Match-3 puzzles, Gems are acquired by completing daily challenges, fulfilling tasks, realizing guest wishes, and can also be purchased in the Park Provision store.

Gems can be spent on match-3 puzzle Boosters, Tools, Lives, and extra moves. They can also be used to purchase many special, and unique, decorations and variations in your Park!

What are Keys?

Keys are the most magical of all your resources in game! They unlock new lands in your park. Each land requires 1 or more keys to open.

Keys are only found in gift boxes earned upon leveling-up your park, after the mid-day parade or evening fireworks show.

What are Park Points?

Park Points are used to level-up your park! Points are earned by fulfilling tasks, such as building a new structure, purchasing a decoration, recruiting a new cast member, or customizing your park attractions, shops or restaurants. The more Park Points earned, the more your park levels up, granting you more keys, which open up new lands, allowing you to continue to grow and expand your magical kingdom!

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