Disney Magic Kingdoms: How to play?

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How do I Welcome and Level Up characters?

To Welcome or Level Up a character, collect all of the listed requirements (tokens, magic, or gems), and begin the Welcoming or Leveling Up after selecting a character inside the Character Book!

I stored a building and I can’t find it! Where did it go?

If you’ve stored an attraction, concession, or decoration, they’re stored in their respective tab in the Shop.

How do I earn Magic?

Magic can be earned by completing activities and quests, collecting from buildings, Leveling Up, as Daily Login Rewards, and more! Magic can also be purchased from the Magic Shop, which is accessible by tapping the (+) icon on the Magic bank at the top of the screen.

What is Happiness?

Happiness represents the overall contentment within the Kingdom. Different Levels of Happiness unlock special features and bonuses. The happier the Kingdom, the better the rewards! Happiness is gained by fulfilling the Wishes of the guests in the Kingdom. Happiness depletes over time, so make sure to check back often to find more wishes to fulfill!

Can I move items after placing them?

In order to move an item, tap and hold it for a while. After that, the option to move the item will appear.

Why can Mickey only entertain one guest at a time?

Guests might have different “wishes” for the same character. If you select Mickey’s “Search for Friends” action, only those guests that have this wish will go to Mickey.

Why does my level of Happiness never reach 100%?

This is because Happiness decreases quickly and the game can never have more than 160 Happiness. In rare cases, you might reach 100% Happiness, but it’s intended to go down quickly, because you have to constantly keep making your visitors happy.

What are the chests that are appearing in my Kingdom?

The chests appearing in your Kingdom are called Enchanted Chests. Enchanted Chests are hidden and full of rewards, so be sure to search your Kingdom for them!

How do I earn Enchanted Chests?

Enchanted Chests spawn in your Kingdom; explore hidden areas in your Kingdom to find them. One Enchanted Chest will arrive by train every day, so be sure to check the entrance of the Kingdom daily! There is also the chance of an Enchanted Chest spawning after the completion of an activity. Tap on the chest icon near the top left of your screen to find out how many Enchanted Chests are currently hidden in your Kingdom.

How do I view and open my Enchanted Chests?

Visit the Treasure Bank on Main Street to view the Enchanted Chests you have in your inventory. The Treasure Bank is the blue building with a key inside of a lock near the entrance of the Kingdom. You can also enter the Treasure Bank by tapping the chest icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Once you tap on the Treasure Bank, you will enter a room where you can drag and drop your chests onto pedestals to begin lifting the curse from them. After the curse is removed, you can open your Enchanted Chest and claim your rewards!

How many different types of Enchanted Chests are there?

There are 4 types of Enchanted Chests in Disney Magic Kingdoms: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Platinum Chests are extremely rare and offer the best rewards!

How many Enchanted Chests can I hold at once?

You can hold up to 7 Enchanted Chests at once. If you try to pick up another Enchanted Chest when your inventory is full, you can discard the chest you just found, use gems to open it instantly, or exchange it for one that’s already in your inventory.

Where can I find the Blue Fabric tokens for Mickey’s costume?

If you don’t have Mickey’s Pirate costume or haven’t welcomed characters from earlier events yet, you will be able to find the Blue Fabric tokens when opening chests. However, if you have Mickey’s Pirate costume, equip it on Mickey and you will be able to see the task that drops the Blue Fabric tokens.

What does Merlin’s “Conjuring Cauldron” do?

This spell allows you to turn Concessions and Decorations into Elixirs. Elixirs can then be used at Merlin’s Shop to buy exclusive items.

What happens to the items I use in Merlin’s Conjuring Cauldron?

They are lost forever, so choose wisely what you want to trade in exchange for conjuring Elixirs!

How do I access Merlin’s Shop?

You can access Merlin’s Shop through the Shop menu or from the Merlin’s Cauldron spell screen.

Why am I getting multiple rewards from chests?

Chests are now bigger and better. Every time you open a chest, you will be guaranteed multiple rewards from them.

How do I get Elixirs?

Elixirs can be obtained by upgrading Merlin to Level 2, and then accessing the Conjuring Cauldron in Merlin’s spell list. When the Conjuring Cauldron is accessed, items in the list on the right can be dragged into the Cauldron and conjured into Elixirs.

Where can I find more information about the Cursed Chest rewards?

In the Treasure Bank, you can tap the Rewards icon in the top-left corner. This will display a list of possible rewards in each of the chests. Tap any of the rewards to bring up a pop-up with more information about them.

What’s the best way to find out how to get a specific token?

If you are having a hard time finding out how to get a specific token, please use the Token Finder. The Token Finder is a tool present in the Character Book. To access it, select a character and tap on any of its tokens from the list on the left. The Token Finder will display a list of sources that drop the selected token.

What kinds of sources will the Token Finder display?

The Token Finder will show all possible sources that can drop the selected token, including those are not currently accessible or locked. Furthermore, it will also display any requirements that are needed to access and unlock those sources.

What does Merlin’s “Find a Chest” do?

This spell uses Elixirs to find a chest in the Kingdom. To use this spell, Merlin has to be level 2.

How do I get the Zootopia Race Track?

You can get the Zootopia Race Track from Platinum Chests when it simply drops from them, or you can buy it as part of the Flash Pack when this pack is available as a promo offer.

Why can’t I connect to any social networks via the game?

Please be aware that we have introduced the Age Confirmation screen as part of a new regulations policy in all countries. This new policy involves removing all social network connections and other features that might disclose players’ real names or other personal information. These regulations have been set up to protect children under 13 years old from unwanted social interactions. Note that these new restrictions also apply to promo offers, which will be unavailable to you.

I missed a limited-time event. Did I lose my chance to access that content?

Although limited-time event quest lines are unique, you can look forward to the characters and attractions making a comeback in Legendary Chests! Legendary Chests become available frequently so stay tuned!

How do I earn Gems?

Gems can be earned by Leveling Up, collecting Daily Login Rewards, and more! Gems can also be purchased from the Gem Shop, which is accessible by tapping the (+) icon next to the Gem bank at the top of the screen.

What is the “Visiting Home” feature?

The “Visiting Home” feature allows you to send characters back home. While they are away, these characters will automatically produce rewards that you can collect in front of the Castle when they are ready. The time needed to produce the rewards can be viewed in the “Visiting Home” screen in the Castle. You can return the characters you have sent home to your Kingdom whenever you’d like.

What happens if I don’t collect the Magic produced by characters that are visiting home?

Similar to Attractions and Concessions, the production of rewards will not continue until the previous reward is collected. Once collected, the next reward timer will start.

What is the “Busy Character Finder” feature?

The “Busy Character Finder” feature helps you easily find characters that are performing an activity. From this screen, you can be redirected to a busy character’s location in the kingdom, skip single activities, or skip all activities. You can open this screen by tapping the blue icon below the Happiness icon, to the right of the Action Finder.

What is the “Turn Off Individual Confirmation” pop-up for?

When this option is toggled on, it will allow you to skip individual activities without having to go through the confirmation pop-up each time you skip. This option will be off by default every time you launch the game.

Does the “Turn Off Individual Confirmation” pop-up option also turn off the “Skip All” confirmation pop-up?

No. Whenever you tap Skip All, it will show you a screen with all the rewards you’ll get. If you tap the icon to skip after that, you will get another pop-up to confirm your decision.

What happens if an activity ends while I’m looking at the Skip All rewards screen?

The Skip All screen updates to show accurate information for rewards and skipping cost. This also includes the confirmation pop-up that appears after tapping the skip icon.

Why can’t I see the Busy Character Finder icon?

The Busy Character Finder is unlocked once you have completed building Mickey’s Fun Wheel and the tutorial for the Action Finder.

Where is the icon for the Social feature?

The Social feature has been temporarily removed as we’re looking at ways of improving the Social experience in the game.

What does the Calendar do?

The Calendar will display the days of the week and the rewards you can get each day by logging in. Come back every day for free rewards and complete streaks for even cooler prizes!

What happens if I miss a day?

If you miss a day, you will lose your streak, which means you will have to start the streak over to reach greater rewards. You always have the option to recover the streak by using gems. You can also recover the reward from the previous day itself with gems or by watching an advertising video if one is available.

What is the blue banner with the “Skip Rewards” option?

This option allows some activities to increase the drop rates of character tokens when you skip these activities’ timers using gems.

How do I participate in the event?

To participate in the Surprise Event, you must first unlock California Screamin’ and then complete the Costume tutorial!

How do I welcome the event characters?

The characters in the event are quest-locked and only available for a limited time. Once the countdown for a character has ended, it will unlock. Continue completing the Event quests in your quest log in order to advance to the next character-welcome quest!

How do I participate in the event Leaderboard mini-events?

The Leaderboard mini-events run alongside the main event. Keep an eye out for gold trophies that will drop from certain activities and buildings in the Kingdom, and for wishes to fulfill from visitors to the Kingdom! Once you collect one gold trophy or collect one Happiness, you are participating and will be ranked on the Leaderboards. Return often and participate to earn rewards that will help you progress in the event!

What are these new event quests that require me to gather tokens for characters before they are unlocked?

These quests allow you to start gathering tokens early for the final character in the event. Once you have gathered all the tokens required for each of these quests you’ll be able to welcome the final character of the event.

How do I obtain the daily Calendar reward?

Daily Calendar rewards are available once every day at 15:00 GMT. The pop-up with the reward will be displayed the first time you log in after that time!

What are the possible rewards of Enchanted Chests?

Enchanted Chests can drop a variety of rewards such as Magic, Tokens, and exclusive Decorations and Attractions! You can view the possible rewards of each chest by entering the Treasure Bank and tapping the Rewards icon in the top-left corner. The Treasure Bank can be accessed by tapping the chest icon in the bottom-left corner of the main game screen, selecting “Chests” in the Shop Menu, or by tapping the Treasure Bank on Main Street.

What are the bubbles floating above each chest?

The bubbles represent the possible rewards that you can get from the chests. The bubble’s border color indicates the rarity of each reward that’s displayed. You can tap on the bubbles to see a full list of possible rewards.

How long are the event characters and buildings available for?

The event characters and buildings are available for a limited time, the duration of the event. The time remaining in the event can be checked through the Event hub icon located in the bottom-middle portion of the screen. Participating in the event is the best and easiest way to obtain this content, so get it while you can!

What are the pink quests in my quest log?

The pink quests in the quest log are special limited-time event quests. Complete them while you can, since they’ll be gone once the event is over!

What do the blue icons on my quests mean?

These icons help you tell the difference between the two types of quests in the game’s story: Kingdom Quests and Side Quests.

Quests with the castle icon are Kingdom Quests and are part of the larger story of your Kingdom. Completing these quests will lead to new characters, buildings, and parts of the Kingdom to explore!

Quests with the character icon are Side Quests and are shorter side-stories for you to enjoy. These quests are not required to progress in the game.

How do I access Parades?

Parades are accessible by tapping the Parade Tent to the left of the Castle. Here, you can purchase Parade Floats and Parade Slots, and begin a Parade! Parades can earn you rewards such as Tokens, Gems, Magic, and Experience!

What are Wishes and how do I earn them?

Wishes are guest requests in the Kingdom. Guests walking around in the Kingdom with a bubble over their head have a current Wish. Wishes can be granted by tapping the bubble and fulfilling the Wish. If a guest has a character icon above their head, they want to see that character do a specific activity. If guests have a building icon above their head, the guests would like to visit a specific attraction or would like a new attraction built.

How do I access the Costume feature?

The Costume feature can be accessed using the “Shop” icon or by tapping on the Costume Shop in the Kingdom. The Costume Shop is just inside the main entrance to the Kingdom and features Mickey in a top hat.

How do I create Costumes for my Characters?

Creating Costumes is similar to Welcoming Characters into the Kingdom. Costumes require you to have already Welcomed the associated Character. Some Costumes have level or quest requirements as well, so check the Costume itself for more details. Once the Costume is available, you must collect tokens to craft the Costume, including special fabric tokens that drop from certain activities, chests, or in Merlin’s Shop.

Are there any level requirements for unlocking costumes?

Some Costumes require their Character to reach a certain level before they become available. Once you have Welcomed the required Character, tap the Costume in the Costume Shop to be shown any level requirements the Costume might have.

What does Merlin’s “Gathering Spell” do?

This spell gathers Magic, Tokens, Experience and other collectibles from buildings that are ready to be collected from. It doesn’t collect from Characters with finished activities.

What does Merlin’s “Happiness Enchantment” do?

This spell uses Gems to increase your Happiness level to the maximum.

How often can I use the Happiness Enchantment spell?

You can use the Happiness Enchantment spell at any time, as long as your Happiness level is below 99% of the “Ecstatic” status.

What does Merlin’s “Happiness Safeguard” do?

This spell uses Elixirs to stop your Happiness from dropping for a period of 24 hours.

How do I drag items into Merlin’s cauldron?

To drag items into Merlin’s cauldron, first tap on Merlin and cast the “Conjuring Cauldron” spell. Drag concessions or decorations from the menu on the right into the cauldron one by one. You can use the up arrow in the bottom-right corner to increase the number of items added at a time. Once you’ve added all of the items you want to the cauldron, tap the green “GO” icon in the bottom left. You can review the items that will be converted before completing the conversion into Elixirs.

Why can’t I see the Calendar icon?

The Calendar unlocks as part of the tutorial. Continue playing through Kingdom Quests and the Calendar will unlock.

When I open a chest, does the timing of my tap on the bubble affect the reward I will get?

No. The images on the bubble cycle to show you all the possible rewards, but the timing of your tap does not affect what you get.

To see the chances of getting a particular item, tap the Rewards icon in the Treasure Bank or on the chest-purchasing screen. Then tap an item to see your chances of receiving it.

How do I access the news feed?

From your Kingdom, tap the envelope icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, just below the Options menu.

Why don’t I have anything new in the news feed?

In order for the News to update, you must be playing online. If you are playing offline, News items will be stored for three days before going away.

It’s also possible that there have not been any new News stories since the last time you checked! Check back often to receive updates on the game!

How do I access the new “Kingdom Editor” view?

To access the “Kingdom Editor” feature, tap and hold on a building until it becomes available to move around. Then cancel the placement or store the building to access the new interface.

If you have no buildings in your Kingdom that can be moved, you can access the feature by placing a building from the Shop.

What are the new arrows surrounding my buildings when I go to move them?

These arrows have been added to give you finer control over how you move and place your buildings!

Tap one of these arrows to move the building one space in the chosen direction.

What are the new squares surrounding my buildings when I go to move them?

These squares give you a preview of the space around your currently selected building to help you see where you can place it.

Yellow squares are free spaces where the building can be placed. Orange squares are either taken up by other buildings, character activities, or are outside the building placement area.

How can I store all my buildings?

To store all your buildings, go to the Kingdom Editor view and look for the “Store All” icons in the bottom corner of the screen.

You can store all of your buildings, or just buildings of a certain type (like Attractions). Change your selection by selecting a different section tab to the right.

You can store buildings from only one zone or from your entire Kingdom.

Make sure you collect your Magic or event currency before storing your buildings, since uncollected rewards are lost when you store a building!

What is a Zone and what happens if I store buildings from a Zone?

A Zone is all of the spaces of land surrounding a large attraction that is cursed at the start of the game (such as California Screamin’ and Space Mountain).

Storing from a Zone will store all of the buildings in the Zone you are currently looking at.

Why didn’t some of my buildings get stored when I used “Store All”?

Buildings that have characters doing an activity inside, or buildings that are affected by Maleficent’s curse, cannot be stored and will be left in the Kingdom when you use “Store All.”

Why can’t I see the new “Store All” icons in my Kingdom Editor view?

To unlock the “Store All” feature, reach the quest to defeat Pete!

Why are some of the “Store All” icons grayed out for me?

A grayed-out “Store All” icon means that there is nothing to store in the current selection.

If the “Zone” icon is grayed out, you are either not currently looking at a Zone, or you are looking at a Zone that has no moveable buildings of the selected category or categories.

If the “Kingdom” icon is grayed out, you have no buildings of the selected category or categories in the whole Kingdom that can be put away.

How can I participate in the Tower Challenge?

To take part in the Tower Challenge, you must first unlock California Screamin’ and complete the Costume tutorial by getting Mickey’s Pirate costume!

For how long are the Tower Challenge rewards available?

Tower Challenge rewards are only available for the duration of the challenge. The time remaining is displayed in the Challenge hub found in the bottom-middle section of the screen. Participating in the challenge is the best and easiest way to obtain this content, so get it while you can!

How do I progress during the Tower Challenge?

Send up to five Characters at a time to challenge Maleficent’s Tower. Once these Characters have finished their challenge, you can collect event points and Maleficent Coins. Event points will help you defeat Maleficent’s Tower.

How do I collect and use currency for the Tower Challenge?

Maleficent Coins can be earned by sending your Characters to “Challenge the Tower,” reaching some event point milestones, completing certain special quests and activities, or by tapping cursed Attractions in your Kingdom. Exchange your Maleficent Coins for unique rewards that unlock during the challenge!

How do I earn event points and what do they do?

Event points can be earned by sending Characters to “Challenge the Tower.” Earning points will increase your progress, earning you rewards in the process. Compete with other players for the most points in a Chapter to earn leaderboard rewards.

Why can’t I send some Characters to “Challenge the Tower”?

The Characters you choose must come from the collection or collections listed on each of the character slots. Collections and the Featured Character will change between each Chapter.

I recently sent a Character to “Challenge the Tower.” Why can’t I send that Character again?

When a Character returns from challenging the Tower, they will be tired and can’t be sent out again until they are rested. Every day at 15:00 GMT, you will be able to use a Daily Refresh to immediately make all of your Characters rested. If you have any Single Refresh items, you can also use one to send a tired Character to “Challenge the Tower” without waiting.

Note that the Featured Character never tires, and can always be used immediately!

How do I get Single Refresh items?

Refresh items can be earned by completing certain limited-time quests and activities.

I missed one of the Chapters of the Tower Challenge! Can I still participate in the Challenge?

Yes! Each Chapter has its own leaderboard and set of rewards to work towards, and you can earn Maleficent Coins for the entire challenge, which can be exchanged for unique rewards.

How do I earn the tokens to unlock the new Character in the Tower Challenge?

Maleficent Coins earned during the Challenge can be exchanged for that Character’s tokens. From the Challenge hub, tap on the shop icon to check the Character’s token requirements. To the right, you can scroll through the shop and exchange your Coins for individual tokens.

Why can’t I exchange my Coins for certain rewards, such as some of the new Character’s tokens?

Some rewards are locked until a later Chapter has started. Keep playing until the Chapter begins and these rewards will unlock. Rewards for past Chapters will stay available for the entire challenge.

Why have some of my Attractions turned purple?

These Attractions have been cursed by Maleficent! Tap several times to clear the Curse and earn some Maleficent Coins, which will also let you use the Attractions normally. Your Attractions will still work towards producing Magic, but you won’t be able to move them or collect from them until you lift the Curse!

How often do tappable creatures spawn?

Tappable creatures will appear from time to time throughout the challenge. If none are available in your kingdom, first try playing online. If you are online and there are no tappable creatures available, check back later for more!

What are the differently colored quests in my quest log?

These quests in the quest log are special limited-time quests based around the Featured collection for the current Chapter. Complete them while you can, since they are only available for the duration of the Challenge!

Why can’t I see any Concessions or Decorations for sale in the Shop?

Concessions and Decorations can now be found in Enchanted Chests. Open a chest for a chance to find these buildings!

Why is my Happiness level no longer giving me a boost to my Experience or Magic?

We have recently updated the rewards granted by Happiness. Now, Cheerful and Joyous Happiness levels will apply a bonus to your Token drop rates, giving you a better chance at getting the Tokens you want!

Why am I not receiving as many wishes from visitors as I used to?

We recently fixed a bug that allowed some players to grant an unintentionally high number of wishes. As a result of this fix, you may notice fewer visitors simultaneously wishing for Attractions and character activities.

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