Klondike Adventures: How to play?

How does the Merchant Ship work?

Starting from lvl 11, you can complete orders in the Merchant Ship right from your Home Station. Meet Captain Flint, the permanent leader of the ship. He knows the sea like the back of his hand. You will be getting coins, energy snacks, XP or materials as a reward for completed orders.

That’s how the Merchant Ship works:

  • Tap the Ship to view orders,
  • Create the items needed,
  • Tap the box to load the items on the ship,
  • Repeat the same steps for all boxes.

Once you are ready, tap ‘Deliver’. The Ship will be en route for 5h. In the meantime, you can create items for the next order.

NOTE! You have 15h to carry out the shipment; otherwise, the Ship will leave empty.

Once the orders are sent, you get coins, XP, snacks, and tools.

Where can I get & exchange collections? What for?

Collections consist of items that you can find in treasures in expedition lands (all lands except your Home Station). Exchange them to get prizes. In the game there are different places where you can exchange collections. At Home Station you can view the collections in a special building. In expedition lands you can access the collections from the sled, the ship, the tent or the hot air balloon, depending on the area. If you have a collection that is complete, the icon with three stars will light up (in this building you can see all collections and rewards for them):

If you have completed a collection, click “exchange” and get a reward.

The rarest and most profitable collections are the Shaman and Hunting sets, as well as a collection of stones. For these collections you will receive the best rewards.

What is the Order Board? Where can I get coins, XP, tools?

There is an Order Board at your Home Station next to the sled. If you tap it, you’ll see orders from Klondike characters. Complete orders to get coins, XP, and tools. Tools can be received as a reward for completing orders from Sir Chaney. He comes rarely; roughly every 6th order comes from him.

You can also delete any order if it seems to be very difficult to complete. To do so, tap the bucket icon next to the delivery button. A few moments later, a new order will appear.

How can I see what is hidden behind the obstacles?

Tap the yellow icon with an arrow to hide the biggest obstacles:

Tap the icon with a Tree:

The biggest obstacles will be hidden

In this mode you can also place your buildings in a more efficient way.

To return to the normal view, tap the icon with a Tree.

How to cancel a craft in a factory?

Unfortunately, you can’t either cancel a craft in factories or put it on repeat. Factory workers will be very angry at you if you cancel their work! They spent so much time and energy on it. But don’t worry, all the items you make will be used in the future. You can also speed up the production for emeralds.

How to sell a building/item?

To sell a building/item at your Home Station, you need to do the following:

  • tap and hold the building you want to sell until it lights green,
  • at the bottom of your screen you’ll see a menu; choose the Purse icon

To sell an item from the storage you need to tap and hold it. In the menu that will appear choose the amount you want to sell, using Plus/Minus signs and tap Sell button.

Note that not all buildings can be sold; some of them are unique and important for the gameplay.

How can I get more workers?

You need workers to help you in your buildings (Dairy, Pottery, etc.). At the top of a building you can see the required number of workers. The more buildings you have, the more workers you need. When you tap an apartment, you can see how many workers you have in total and how many of them are free now. If you hire workers, they produce certain goods in a particular building and then leave the station (you can’t see these workers, but you can see that the number of workers you have in total has increased). If you provide housing for them, they will stay forever. Just buy apartments at the market for coins 🙂

How to put a decoration or an item from the Station to Storage?

To put a deco or an item from the Station to Storage, you need to do the following:

  • tap and hold the building you want to put to the storage until it lights up with green color,
  • choose the Box icon in the menu that will appear at the bottom of the game screen,
  • the item will appear at the Market under corresponding tab.

Note: Buildings(factories) can`t be put into Storage.

How do I know how many workers I have?

In order to know the exact number of workers, tap any type of houses for workers. There you’ll see the total number of them and the number of workers that are now free and available.

How do I know what object to cut down?

It’s easy: just tap and hold an object to see what you’re going to cut.

I found a pre-set dynamite. Do I have to activate it?

These forgotten bundles of dynamite can be found in every location. Their number depends on the size of the land. Such dynamite helps you clean up the surroundings and move forward faster. Just use your emeralds to detonate the bundle. Please note that you’ll not be able to move it or put it to your Storage.

If you don’t want to spend emeralds on it, you can go further on your own, without detonating it.

How to play the mini-game in the Sweet Shop?

The Sweet Shop is available at the Market from lvl 7. Place it on the Station and play the mini-game every 6 hours to win the Energy.

Move tiles right/left/up/down. When two tiles with the same item are next to each other, they merge into one!

Why doesn’t energy refill all the time?

Every 1.5 minutes you get 1 point of energy, providing you have fewer than 60 points (it is the maximum number of energy points for level 32). As soon as you reach 60 energy points, the automatic refill stops working.

If you want to add more energy to the energy bar, make it in the Cauldron or in other special buildings. There’s no limit to how many energy points you can add to the energy bar.

If you’re sure your energy doesn’t refill on its own, even when it’s under 60, let us know, and we’ll check what’s going on.

What can I use the coupons for?

Nobody knows what is so special about this small sheet of paper but it somehow helps to fill slots in the Merchant Ship. Just tap on an empty box and you will see a blue button suggesting to use coupons. And voila, no need to load your hard-earned goods!

P.S. All the coupons received are kept in Storage.

How can I make food for my animals and birds?

You can make feeders for your chickens and hay for animals in the Barn.

Once they are ready, they go to your Market.

Open the Animals tab, then the Food tab, and drag the feeder/hay from the Market.

Meet our new animals:

– Sheep: available from level 17; a special Feeder is made from Water and Grass in the Barn.

Once you reach level 21, the Eskimos will tell you where to buy geese. Goose feed is made from corn and sour cream; however, these geese are very picky and eat only from goose feeders that are made in the Barn!

When you reach level 23, our Shaman will show you where to buy the most profitable pets: pigs. Their feed is made from goose eggs, dry twigs and strawberries.

These are all our animals of the farm. Don’t forget to feed them, and they will gladly give you resources to fulfill orders 🙂

What do I do once my poultry yard is full?

Your poultry yard is full because your chicken filled up all free space with eggs.

So just tap the poultry yard to collect them 🙂

How can I get energy from golden statues? How can I use sweets?

Golden statues of geese and chicken give you sweets; from statues of cows and sheep you get chocolate; a golden statue of a pig gives you delicious truffles.

Why can’t I tap my Research Facility?

Just cut down the material you’ve created in your Research Facility (tap the blue balloon with the energy sign). After that you’ll be able to use the building again.

Why do my animals keep disappearing?

Animals in our game are very devoted to their master, so they never run away.

You might have noticed the golden statues on the location.

Once fed for a certain number of times, animals turn into golden statues with prizes. For example, a chicken eats 16 times and a cow eats 24 times. Then you need to buy new animals. Animals that you purchased for emeralds turn into golden statues full of prizes as well.

I have no coal, clay, quartz, stones, ice, and other resources.

Buy the Research Facility for coins at the market (available from lvl 10). There you can create iron ore, coal, ice, clay, quartz, stones, trees and bushes.

Where can I make Energy? What are the Cauldron and Furnace for?

Energy Snacks that you find in expedition treasures can be used to produce energy in the Furnace at Home.

Sweets (chocolate and caramel) that you get from golden statues of animals can be turned into energy in the Cauldron.

Where can I get quartz?

Quartz deposits can be found at Home Station, in expedition lands (all lands except the one where your farm is), and can also be created in the Research Facility (a special building available in the market for coins from lvl 10).

How can I earn more coins?

Rich and famous people from “Klondike financier” magazine advise you the following:

  • Complete orders from the Order Board,
  • Make Gold Bars in the Crucible and sell them,
  • Complete orders for the Merchant Ship,
  • Get coins for completing quests,
  • Exchange collections,
  • Sell treasures to the Trader.

Why do I see a “purchase coins” popup screen while planting crops?

Two variants are possible here: either you run out of coins in the process of planting and get this popup to continue planting, or you accidentally touch the right top corner of the screen while planting.

I don’t know where to find or create an item. What should I do?

If a quest requires you to create, find, give away or sell an item, and you have no idea where to find it, just tap on Show or button. Either of them will guide you.

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  1. Where do I get the cauldron and furnace to make energy? They’re not in the market. Also, my energy never fills over 42 on it’s own. .. I’ve never had any more free points than that.

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