Disney Frozen Free Fall: How to Play?

Frozen Free Fall is a match-3 game based on the hit movie Frozen. Join companions Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and more as you journey across an ever-expanding map. Earn power-ups, collect prizes, and unlock new companions as you go!

Why is the Task Board progress empty?

You have completed all available and outstanding tasks in Arendelle Plaza – which means you have cleared the Task Board!

Stay tuned for new tasks coming to Arendelle Plaza – as they become available, they will be added to the Task Board.

How do I collect Arendelle Points?

Unlock fantastic rewards in Arendelle Plaza with Arendelle points!

You can collect Arendelle points from:

  • Building or placing items from the Plaza store in Arendelle Plaza
  • Completing Quests from the Task Board
  • Townspeople gathering in the Plaza

How do Elsa’s Ice Creations Work?

Elsa’s got some magic up her sleeves and it’s up to you to control it. Her magic shows up as bursts of light on the board. Make a match beside it and Ice Creations will appear in the opposite direction.

Match three or more Ice Creations of the same color together to collect them. As you play, more magic will fall from the top. Collect enough Ice Creations and earn the required points to complete the level.

How do I collect leaves in the Autumn levels?

Say hello to Autumn! Collecting leaves is an important part of preparing for winter and it’s super easy!

  • Make a match next to a pile of leaves so the leaves float in the air.
  • Tap the falling leaves to collect them!

You’ll know you collected the leaf when points appear on your screen.

How do I find collectibles?

Collectibles are found in special level sets of Frozen Free Fall. You’ll find a different group of collectibles in each set of levels.

Tap the collectibles to see which levels they’re found in.

How do I move placed items in Arendelle Plaza?

When you visit Arendelle Plaza, you can build shops, and place decorations and other items. To move items you have placed to another location in the Plaza:

  1. Touch and hold the item you would like to move.
  2. Drag the item onto any blue square to move the item to that location.
  3. Tap the green check mark to place the item and close Edit mode.

NOTE: While in Edit mode, you can tap the blue button to rotate the item or the purple button to put the item away

What are the different levels on the Endless map?

Check out the Endless Map levels below!

  • Level 1 – “Snowgie Piles” – Make a match next to the Snowgies to send a helpful Snowgie in the opposite direction.
  • Level 2 – “Birthday Cake” – Drop the cake to the bottom of the board, or have a Snowgie eat them.
  • Level 15 – “Ice Cream Cones” – Make matches next to scoops to fill up the Ice Cream Cones. Collect Cones to win the level!
  • Level 46 – “Drop the Items” – Make three matches next to a Mystery Box to reveal new items and tiles.
  • Level 76 – “Collect Fruit” – Make matches next to a fruit tree to grow it. Make a match next to the tree to collect it! Fruits do not appear right away once you’ve collected one. Make a match three times for another one to grow.
  • Level 106 – “Oaken’s Sauna” – Make a match next to a sauna to trigger steam in the opposite direction.
  • Level 136 – “Geysers” – Erupt the Geysers by making three matches next to them.
  • Level 166 – “Olaf’s Recipe” – Complete enough of Olaf’s Recipes by breaking tiles indicated on Olaf’s sign.
  • Level 196 – “Pumpkin Boxes” – Complete sets of pumpkin boxes by dropping ice crystals that match their color.
  • Level 226 – “Lanterns” – Make a match next to a lantern to light it up.

What are the Frozen Fever levels?

Check out the Frozen Fever levels below!

  • Level 211 – Ice Sculptures: make a match next to an Ice Sculpture to break it into pieces, then make a match next to each ice piece to create a new Ice Sculpture.
  • Level 217 – Follow the String: clear the frost on top of the string to reveal Anna’s gifts.
  • Level 245 – Horns: make a match next to an Alpine Horn to trigger it and destroy up to five tiles in its range.

What are the levels on the Summer Map?

Check out the Summer Levels below!

  • Level 1 – “Drop the Items.” Drop all items required to the bottom of the board to collect them.
  • Level 33 – “Feed Ghosts.” Ghosts will eat adjacent tiles the same color as themselves. When they’ve eaten ten crystals they fly away!
  • Level 45 – “Fill the Cauldrons.” Fill the required amount of cauldrons with four pieces of candy.
  • Level 61 – “Collect Leaves.” Make a match adjacent to the pile of leaves and tap on the falling leaves to collect them.
  • Level 91 – “Holiday Lights.” Make a match next to the flashing light bulb to light it up. Be sure to go in order, or the light bulbs won’t light up!
  • Level 96 – “Holiday Ornaments.” Ornaments can be used to make matches with normal crystals. Make matches with enough ornaments to advance!

What are the New Year levels?

Check out the New Year levels below!

  • Level 136 – Pop the Balloons: pop balloons by making matches next to them!
  • Level 147 – Spin the Fireworks: make matches next to a fireworks tile to make it spin in the opposite direction and collect ice crystals of the same color. Collect enough ice crystals to destroy it!

What are the power-ups?

Check out all of the power-ups that are currently available in Frozen Free Fall:

Winter Levels

  • Ice Picks: Breaks 1 ice crystal (unlocked at level 6)
  • Snowballs: Gives 5 extra moves (unlocked at level 7)
  • Anna’s Torch: Breaks 8 connecting tiles of the your choice by swiping across them (unlocked at level 8)
  • Elsa’s Glacier: Breaks all ice crystals of the same color (unlocked at level 9)
  • Hourglass: Gives 15 extra seconds (unlocked at level 16)
  • Pabbie’s Troll Magic: Gives a random unlocked power-up (unlocked at level 24)
  • Hans’ Sword: Breaks any set of tiles by swiping across them (unlocked at level 42)
  • Kristoff’s Ice Axe: Breaks 6 random ice crystals (unlocked at level 81)
  • Sven’s Carrot: Breaks 9 random blocker tiles (unlocked at level 92)
  • Olaf’s Hot Chocolate: Melts any tile and all tiles below it (unlocked at level 111)
  • Troll Roll: Destroys two rows of ice crystals (unlocked at level 201)

Summer Levels

  • Olaf’s Peek-A-Boo: Allows you to make as many matches as possible without losing moves in a limited amount of time (unlocked at level 32)
  • Olaf’s Sneeze: Find all 10 flower collectibles and receive this power-up to clear the entire board

Christmas Levels

  • Olaf’s Gift: Transforms five random normal tiles into special tiles (unlocked at level 92) top

New Year Levels

  • Olaf’s Blow Out: Converts five normal ice crystals into iceberg power-ups (unlocked at level 137) Try two for free!

Valentine Levels

  • Olaf’s Melting Heart: Creates a heart that will melt all ice crystals inside it (unlocked at level 182)

Note: If you receive a Glacier power-up in the Daily Rewards, it goes toward a collection of power-ups that are available for all characters, not just Elsa!

What are the Valentine levels?

Check out the Valentine levels below!

  • Level 181 – Freezing Hearts: make matches next to the hearts to unfreeze and collect them. Hearts will freeze, so keep making matches!
  • Level 186 – Roses: make three matches next to a rose to make it bloom. Leaves will surround the rose after each match, so make matches to clear a path.

What do Anna and Elsa’s dresses do?

Collect 10 cake collectibles from the board to unlock Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fever dresses, as well as five Elsa’s Glacier power-ups!

  • Anna’s dress comes with a new “Flowers” power-up. Use this power-up to create five flowers on the board in an X pattern. Each flower hits all tiles underneath it.
  • Elsa’s dress comes with a new “Snowgies” power-up. Use it to generate 8 mini-Olafs on the board to break tiles.
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