Disney Frozen Adventures: How to Play?

How do I collect Cakes?

Collect Cakes by dropping them to the arrows at the bottom of the level. You can do this by clearing the Crystals underneath Cakes with matches or Specials.

How do I collect Carrots?

Make matches next to Carrot Patches to collect Carrots. The more squares of a Carrot Patch you hit with a match or Special, the more Carrots you collect.

What are Power Crystals, and how do I collect them?

Power Crystals dramatically fill up your character’s Power Meter. To collect them, match them with other Power Crystals or Light Blue Crystals.

What is Mist, and how do I clear it?

Mist hides everything else that is underneath it. You can clear Mist by making matches next to it or by hitting it with Specials.

How do I free Crystals from Ice?

Make matches with Crystals of the same color to free Crystals trapped in Ice. Ice can have 1 or 2 layers.

How do I find Troll Statues?

Troll Statues hide underneath Clay. Make matches above Clay to clear it and reveal the Troll Statues hiding underneath it. Once a Troll Statue is completely revealed, you will collect it automatically.

How do I collect Pinecones?

You can collect Pinecones by making matches next to them or by hitting them with Specials. Each Pinecone has 1 or 2 layers.

How do I cover the entire board with Frost?

You can spread Frost by making matches between tiles with Frost and tiles without Frost. Use Specials to spread lots of Frost at once!

How do I collect Berries from Snow?

Collect Berries by clearing all the layers of Snow above them. You can remove layers of Snow by making matches next to it or by hitting it with Specials.

How do I win each level?

The goals for each level are listed in the top left corner of the Level Screen. To win the level, you must complete each goal before you run out of moves.

How do I play levels?

To play levels, tap the Play button with the current level number at the bottom right corner of the screen. Select your character by tapping on their portrait, then tap Play to begin the level.

What are Special Combos?

You can swap two Specials together to combine their effects into a powerful Special Combo. Make lots of Special Combos to discover all of their effects!

How do I get more lives?

If you run out of lives, you will recharge 1 life every 25 minutes up to a maximum of 5 lives. You can also purchase an instant refill of all 5 lives.

What are Specials?

Specials are created by making matches of 4 or more in various shapes. Match 2×2 for a Butterfly. Match 4 in a row to create a Line Clear. Match 5 in a T or L shape to create a Crystal Blast. Match 5 in a row to create a Rainbow Snowflake.

How do I fill the Progress Meter?

Complete Tasks to fill the Progress Meter. Rewards are granted at various points as the meter fills, and for fully completing a room.

How do I complete Tasks?

Tasks are represented by blue, hexagonal icons in the world. Tap an icon to see a description of the Task, and tap again to pay the cost in Snowflakes to complete it.

How do I earn Snowflakes?

You earn Snowflakes by completing levels. You will earn 10 Snowflakes for regular levels, and 20 Snowflakes for Hard levels.

How do I earn Coins?

You earn Coins by completing levels. You will earn 45 Coins for regular levels, and 90 Coins for Hard levels.

Help! I’m stuck on this level.

If you are having difficulty with a level, don’t give up! Making more Specials, filling your Character’s power meter, and using your In-Game Boosts will all help you beat tough levels.

How do I free Crystals from Ropes?

Make matches with Crystals of the same color to free Crystals trapped in Ropes. Ropes can have 1 or 2 layers.

How do I activate Monoliths?

Make matches next to Monoliths or hit them with Specials to charge them. Once a Monolith has 3 charges, it will place 5 Crystals on the board of the same color as the Monolith.

What are Hot Coals, and how do I collect them?

Hot Coals block Line Clears from shooting past them. Collect Hot Coals by making matches next to them or by hitting them with Specials. Each Hot Coal has 1 to 3 layers.

What are Ice Blocks, and how do I clear them?

Ice Blocks are big groups of Ice that are linked together. Make matches next to Ice Blocks to clear them, leaving behind Ice for you to collect. Ice Blocks can have 1 or 2 layers.

How do I advance or skip dialogue?

While characters are speaking, tap anywhere on screen to advance to the next spoken line. If you wish to skip dialogue entirely, tap the “Skip” button in the lower left corner of the dialogue box.

How do I return to previous rooms?

While in a room, tap the blue Room Select button in the lower left corner of the screen. Scroll to the room you wish to revisit, and tap the image to enter it.

Why can’t I play with certain characters on some levels?

Each level is crafted to play best with specific characters. Many levels will allow all three characters to be selected, but in some cases only certain characters are available.

How do I change Decorations?

Tap and hold your finger over a previously-placed Decoration until the circular meter fills completely. Once full, the Decoration menu will open again, and allow you to select a different style. Note: Not all objects placed in a room allow for customization.

How do Character Powers work?

Characters are powered up by collecting Light Blue Crystals within a level. Your character’s meter in the lower left corner will fill up each time you collect them. Once filled, your character will create Specials and add them to the gameboard to help you.

What are In-Game Boosts?

In-Game Boosts help you clear Blockers and collect Objectives while playing a level by using a variety of tools. You can select them from the menu on the left side of the screen while playing a level.

What are Pre-Level Boosts?

Pre-Levels Boosts place helpful Specials on the gameboard as a level begins. You can select them on the Pre-Level screen after pressing the Play button.

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