Panda Pop: How to Play?

How do Lives work?

Lives are required to play a level of Panda Pop. You can have a maximum of 5 lives. You only lose a life if you do not successfully finish a level, and each life is renewed after 30 minutes. You can also get more lives by asking your Facebook friends or using gold coins to buy them.

How do I ask Facebook friends for Lives?

You must have 4 or less lives.

  1. Tap the “+” button, located next to the Heart icon.
  2. Tap the “Ask Friends” button.
  3. Search for your friends and then tap “Ask”.

How do I receive Lives requests from Facebook friends?

You must have 4 or less lives.

  1. Check your in-game messages by tapping the envelope, located at the bottom left corner.
  2. Search for your life request and then tap “Accept”. The life will be added to your inventory.

What are Obstacles?

As you progress throughout the game, you will encounter various obstacles in the levels! Some are meant to help you, and a few others are trying to prevent you from winning. Each level will have different obstacles and provide varying challenges for you to save the babies. Here are some obstacles that you will encounter and ways to overcome them!

Steel Bubbles: Indestructible metal bubbles that must be dropped to be cleared from the level. Drop the steep bubbles by popping normal bubbles around them.

Ice Bubbles: Turns into the color of any bubble popped adjacent to it.

Spike Bubbles: Avoid Spike Bubbles – they will pop any unmatched bubbles that touch them. Drop them by popping bubbles around them!

Morph Bubbles: Morph Bubbles changes color every move!

Locks: Pop the bubble with the lock on it to break the chain!

Badboon Bubble: Players lose 2 bubbles for every Badboon popped. The Anti-Badboon booster can help avoid this.

Bumper Bubbles: Bumper Bubbles bounce away bubbles that come their way!

+ Bubbles: Pop the + Bubble to get 2 more supply bubbles!

Death Bubbles: Don’t pop the Death Bubbles or the round is over!

Cloud Bubbles: Cloud Bubbles can hold up other bubbles. Pop them to drop everything they’re touching!

Fill Bubbles: These bubbles have magical powers, they fill your lantern all the way when popped!

Drain Bubbles: These bubbles have dark powers, they drain your lanterns when popped!

Pink/Purple Bubbles: Just like other bubbles, but don’t have lanterns associated with them.

Gift Bubbles: Make a match next a gift bubble to open the gift. Can have different items inside.

Smoke: Used to hide the bubbles underneath it from the player every other turn.

Cannon: Shoots out colored bubbles every few turns.

Switch Spike: Switches between a non-colored bubble and a spike every turn.

Mask: A mask over the bubbles that opens and closes switching between a colored bubble (open) and a Steel bubble (closed) every turn.

Rock: Covers the bubble but is removed on hit.

Drain Bomb: After the countdown reaches 0, all the player’s lanterns are drained.

Ghost Bubbles: Balls will pass through activated ghost bubbles until they hit a normal bubble!

Balloon: Similar to the cloud, but is based on a color and must be popped or dropped to clear.

Dice Bubbles: Dice bubbles will change colors when you hit it with a different color!

Poison Ivy: Grows on colored bubbles and prevents them from being popped.

Conveyor: Rotates groups of bubbles around central Gear points.

Bamboo: Obstacle of varying length that can be hit by any colored bubble.

What are Lanterns?

Lanterns are power-ups that can pop multiple bubbles at once. Each level will have different lanterns available to use depending on the difficulty. A lantern is ready to use once it glows. You can either refill a lantern’s light by successfully popping bubbles or by using Coins to automatically make it glow. Once you tap on a glowing lantern, it will replace your current bubble and its power will activate after you shoot.

Fire Lantern: This lantern will burn bubbles in a circle where it lands. Unlocks at Level 5!

Vine Lantern: This lantern grows like a seed from where it lands, cutting bubbles vertically along their paths. Unlocks at Level 8!

Water Lantern: This lantern washes away an entire row of bubbles on the space it lands. Unlocks at Level 15!

Sun Lantern: This lantern throws three smaller versions of Fire Lanterns in different directions. Unlocks at Level 18!

What are Boosters?

Boosters are power-ups that can be used during a game to provide special help. As you progress throughout the game, booster will help you complete the more challenging levels. Although all our levels can be completed without the use of booster, these boosters will give you additional help.

Rainbow Bubble: Can pop any colored bubble.

Super Aim: Extends your aim, which gives you expert accuracy.


Super Swap: Allows you to see an extra bubble in your queue.


Dragon Bubble: Summon the power of the dragon! Pop five bubbles above and below where the dragon bubble lands


Extra Bubbles: Receive an additional 10 bubbles to play with.


Anti-Badboon: Removes all the baboon bubbles from the board.

Anti-Death: Death is one of the most feared obstacles…until you have an anti-death! Use these to turn all of the Death bubbles into helpless glass bubbles.

Anti-Lantern: Beware, hitting a lantern drain will steal all of mama panda’s lantern powers! Use an anti-lantern to drain to turn all of the drains into glass bubbles.

Anti-Smoke: The smoke is an annoying obstacle that covers the screen! Use anti-smokes to turn them into glass bubbles.

Plus Moves Booster: Allow players to add X amount of moves by activating the Plus Moves Booster.

How do I earn Coins?

Coins can be used to purchase boosters, refill lanterns, or speed up cooldowns in Zen Garden. They can be obtained by defeating levels, completing achievements, and earning event rewards. You can also earn them by purchasing a Money Tree and harvesting it every day for 30 days. Other than those, the best way to get Coins is by purchasing them from the Panda Shop menu.

Can I play the game without Coins?

The game can be completed without buying coins! This feature is simply for those who would like extra help.

How do I unlock new lands?

To unlock a land, you will first need to complete all the levels in the current land you are in. Each land will have 10 or 20 levels associated with it. The final required level you must defeat will have a locked gate after it. Once you beat the level, the gate will unlock and the next land will appear. Tap the map button on the upper right to see your progress and level requirements.

What are Achievements?

In Panda Pop, we offer rewards for completing chievements, which are various tasks that you can fulfill by playing the game, such as popping a certain amount of bubbles or logging in for consecutive days. To see your achievements progress, tap the trophy icon at the top of your world map view. After you complete an achievement, you can claim your reward at any desired time.

What are Costumes?

Dress up Mama Panda with costumes to give her a new look! Tap the bear button on the upper right side to reach the Costumes page. To dress up Mama Panda, tap on a costume so it has a green check mark next to it. More costumes can be unlocked by completing requirements or purchasing them from the shop.

What are Panda Belts?

Panda belts is a month long running event! Collect Panda Points by playing any of the events like Panda Race, Feed the Dragon, Save the Babies, and more! The more Panda Points your collect, the better trained your pandas will be. When the month is over, you get your rewards based on how high your Panda Belt is, and your Panda Points will be reset to 0 for the next month. Then you’ll be able to collect more Panda Points!

What is Zen Garden?

Zen Garden is a feature that allows players to use the stars obtained by passing levels to build statues and activate special bonuses!

Once a statue is built you will be able to activate a bonus feature for a limited amount of time. The items that can be activated by different statues include an increase in power of the lanterns in levels, score boost for levels, unlimited lives for a certain duration and other awesome features.

Also, activating certain statues can provide an effect of using Super Swap and Super Aim on levels for a certain amount of time.

When the bonus feature runs out, the statue will have a 24 hour cooldown period before it can be activated again.

What is the Money Tree?

After unlocking Zen Garden, players can purchase a Money Tree that will grow for a limited amout of time. Tapping on the Money Tree will harvest 24 Coins every 24 hours for 30 days, along with a chance to win boosters. Be sure to collect your Coins every day! Once a Money Tree expires, it can be renewed for 30 days for $4.99 from the shop or by tapping the sapling in Zen Garden.

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