Cookie Jam: The Beginner’s Guide

Cookie Jam is a 3 match game where you are helping Chef Panda by collecting ingredients and finishing orders.

Drag adjacent pieces in order to line up three or more of the same colored cookies to make a match.

Match three of the same color cookie to collect them. the cookies will disappear after you make a match.

Matching Four and five in a row also cause the tiles to vanish, but leave a bonus treat in their place. These bonus pieces have special power and are the key to completing levels and achieving high scores.

Each level has a different objective. In some you will simply have to “follow the recipe” by matching a certain number of each of the colors. Other levels have special goals, like eliminating gingerbread men of a particular color before they can reach the top of the board.

If you fail to reach the objective in the allotted number of moves, you lose a life. You’ll start out with five lives and will get one free life every half hour.

If you run out you can wait until they regenerate automatically, ask friends for lives on Facebook

You can also use coins to fill up your lives instantly

There are various events and game features that will help you get rewards and boosters which you can use to move ahead in your levels.

How to earn more rewards in Cookie Jam?

Sweet Calendar :

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Cookie Jam offers a Sweet calendar, allowing you to earn rewards just for opening your game! For every new day you log in, your calendar will check a day off. You’ll be rewarded grand reward prize at the end of the Sweet Reward week if you’ve logged in everyday.

Daily Specials :

Daily Specials is a feature that comprises three additional tasks for extra rewards. you will have 8 hours to complete up to three orders a day.

Daily free spin :

This feature allows you to spin a wheel to get a free reward once a day. There is also an option to buy another spin. It will cost 15 in-game coins.

Game Obstacles and Objects

Gingerbread Man: Stop the Gingerbread Man before he reaches the top of the board to snatch your pastry. Crunch the Gingerbread Man by matching him with like colors.

Waffles: Match ingredients on the waffle to collect them. For multi-layered waffle pieces, make multiple matches to collect them.

Donuts: Make a match next to a donut to break it.

Chocolates: Match ingredients next to a chocolate piece to break it. For multi-layered chocolate pieces, make multiple matches to break it.

Teleporters: Teleporters act as entrances (blue) and exits (orange) for the ingredients.

Cages: Ingredients are locked in a cage of cinnamon. Create a match with them to break them out.

Icing: The icing won’t budge! Make a match with like colors next to it to remove it!

Timers: Make a color match with the timer to stop it before you burn your pastries!

Cake Box: Make a color match with the cake box to find out what’s inside!

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Color Changer: The Color Changer swaps ingredient colors after every move!

Lazy Susan: The Lazy Susan rotates ingredients at 90 degrees after every move you make.

Cookie Cutters: Clear the Cookie Cutters by leaving the same shaped cookie on top of them. Afterwards you’ll get a special treat!

Cookie: Make two matches next to a cookie to crumble it and clear the way!

Plate of Brownies: Any match you make next to the plate takes a brownie!

Color Pie: Match all colors next to the Color Pie to clear the board!

Glazer: Cookies that go through the glazer need an additional match to clear them!

Teleporter: Cookies on the teleporter will teleport between other teleporters!

Jam Jars: Place the same colored cookie on top of the jam jar to fill it! After three cookies fall into the jar, the jar will explode!

Waffle Iron: Create matches on top of waffle makers to remove the waffle irons, but be wary: Every time you make a match on a waffle iron, waffles will appear around the iron.

What is Oven Mitten Booster?

The Oven Mitt let you transfer 1 moveable object to another square, changing places. After selecting the Oven Mitt booster, pick the first object and then the second. Both pieces are swapped, and neither is destroyed.

What is Pastry Bag booster?

Pastry Bags destroy an entire column, similar to a normal Column Breaker piece. When activating it, click on any point on the board, and that column is instantly affected.

What is Rolling Pin booster ?

Row Breaker Boosters (Rolling Pin) destroy an entire row, similar to a normal Row Breaker piece. When activating it, the player clicks on any point on the board, and that row is instantly affected.

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What is Extra Moves Booster

The Extra Moves Booster adds 5 moves to the move total for the level.

What is Bomb Breaker Booster?

The Bomb Breaker Booster adds a single Bomb Breaker to the starting board, replacing a random match object. The Bomb Breaker created behaves like a normal Bomb Breaker.

What is Rainbow Cake Booster?

Rainbow Cake Booster adds a single Rainbow Cake to the starting board, replacing a random match object. The Rainbow Cake created behaves like a normal Rainbow Cake.

What is Wooden Spoon

The Wooden Spoon destroys 1 stack of a single object. When activating it, the player clicks on a particular piece, and one Stack is immediately destroyed

How do Lives work?

You can have a maximum of 5 lives. You only lose a life if you do not successfully finish a level, and each life is renewed after 30 minutes.

You can also get more lives by asking your Facebook friends or using gold coins to buy them.

How do I ask Friends for Lives?

You must have 4 or less lives.

  1. Tap the “+” button, located next to the Heart icon.
  2. Tap the “Ask Friends” button.
  3. Search for your friends and then tap “Request”.

How do I receive Life requests?

You must have 4 or less lives.

  1. Check your in-game messages by tapping the envelope, located at the top right corner.
  2. Search for your life request and then tap “Accept”. The life will be added to your inventory.

What are coins for?

Coins can be used to purchase boosters, extra moves, and lives.

How do I obtain coins?

Coins can be purchased with money.

  1. Tap the “+” icon next to the Coins section of the game map.
  2. Select the coin package that you would like to purchase. Coin packages are in US Dollars.
  3. Log into your iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon account to process your payment.
  4. The coins will automatically be added to your coin inventory.

Can I play the game without coins?

The game can be completed without buying coins! This feature is simply for those who would like extra help.

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