World War Doh: Guide for beginners


What are the in-game currencies?


  • You can earn coins mainly by opening chests that you earn through battles, donating cards, participating in Events or by exchanging your gems for coins in the Shop.
  • Coins are used to Upgrade your units and Commander Skins.


  • You can earn gems mainly by participating in Events and claiming them as you progress through Seasons. You can also purchase Gems in the Shop
  • Gems are used to purchase Chests and Coins, as well las skipping the wait timer for opening Chests.


  • You can earn Dohbloons by claiming them as you climb the Tower of Loot.
  • Dohbloons are used to purchase vanity items such as Taunts, Text Bubbles, and Dances that you can use in chat and in Battle.



The matchmaking will constantly try to find opponents that are challenging but fair, based on different variables such as your Player Level and current Power.

Why is it taking so long to find a match?

Sometimes matchmaking will take longer in order to find you the fairest match possible. We hope it’s worth the wait.

Why am I getting matched with players with a high amount of Power?

As you progress through the Leagues and join the elites, you will be able to face tougher opponents as the pool of players becomes more exclusive. We always do our best to match you against someone you can beat (for example taking into account your Player Level), so don’t be daunted if once you reach the Pro Division the Power difference seems larger. You can do it!

How do Towers work?

  • Towers will auto-attack enemies that come close.
  • Towers can be activated to boost your Commander in different ways.
  • Once activated Towers will enter a cooldown before they can be used again.
  • When a Tower is destroyed, it will explode dealing damage to nearby enemies.
  • Once a Tower is destroyed, it will drop a Power-Up that will boost the commander for one last time. The Power-up can only be used by the player whose Tower was destroyed.

Battle Results

Battle Rewards

  • Winning Battles will award you Medals, Powers, and Chests (as long as yuo have Chest slots availble). It will also bring a smile to your face.


  • Medals are a measure of yoru performance in Battle.
  • You will get one medal for each Tower you destroy, to a maximum of two Medals.
  • You will get three instant Medals if you kill the enemy Commander.


  • Power is a measure of progression. It determines the League you are currently in.
  • Power gain/loss is calculated depending on various factors, but mainly based on a number that varies depending on how favored you were to win or lose the match. This variance is what causes winning against a hard opponent to award more Power, while winning against someone at a similar Power level as you, awards an average amount.


  • If your Chest slots are full, the Chest that is supposed to drop is not lost, but will instead drop the next time you win a Battle with available Chest slots.

Types of Chests

The following Chests can be obtained in the game:

Air Chests

  • Earned as rewards for winning battles.

Solider’s Chest

  • Usually found in the shop, contains Commons and Rares.

Colonel’s Chest

  • Usually found in the shop, contains Rares and Epics.

Commander’s Chest

  • Usually found in teh shop, contains Epics and Legendaries

Player Progression

Power and Leagues

Leagues and Rewards

  • Gaining Power allows you to climb Leagues which in turn allows you to unlock new Cards and features.
  • As you climb Leagues, you can claim different rewards on the League Progression screen.
  • Reaching a new League is a big deal. Check all the stuff you can unlock in each League in the League Progression screen.

Pro Divisions and Season Reset

  • Once you reach a certain Power level, you will reach the Pro Divisions, where exclusive rewards await.
  • Every month, there will be a Seasonal Power reset for players in Pro Divisions. Players above Platinum 5 but below Diamond 5, will be reset to Platinum 5, while players above Diamond 5 will be reset to Diamond 5.

Player Level and XP

  • You earn XP everytime you Upgrade a Unit or donate cards in you Club.
  • When you earn enough XP to fill up the XP bar, your Player Level will increase making your Commander and Towers more powerful.

Cards and Artifacts

What are Unit Damage Types?

Units in the game can have up to four damage types:


  • Deals reduced damage to Commanders and Buildings.


  • Deals reduced damage to Troops and the Commander, but deals extra damage to Buildings and Towers.


  • Deals reduced damage to Buildings and Commander but deals extra damage to Troops.


  • Deals no damage to Buildings, but deals full damage to the Commander and Troops.

Types and Rarity

  • With the exception of the Commander, all Units belong to three Types:
    • Troops
    • Buildings
    • Spells
  • The Commander is his own unit Type, while Towers are considered Buildings.
  • Units can belong to one of five rarities:
    • Common
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary
    • Artifact
  • Artifacts are special units that have two uses, almost like two cards in one.

Unlock and Upgrade

Where to unlock?

  • You can unlock new cards by finding them inside chests. Some of the rarer chests have a better chance of unlocking new units. Other cards can be unlocked by participating in Events or Brawls or by purchasing them in the Shop.
  • Artifacts can only be unlocked in the Lab by spending Doh Shards, found in the Tower of Loot.


  • Cards can be leveled up to make them stronger. To level up a unit you must collect enough cards of a particular unit and collect enough coins for the Upgrade cost. Once both requirements are fulfilled, you can level up the card to make it more powerful!
  • Artifacts cannot be upgraded.

New Card Release

  • We will be constantly releasing new units, mainly through the Seasons feature. Also, be sure to check out the Events section and follow us on social media to get the latest info!
  • Some cards will be available earlier for Season Pass holders or players that enroll in certain events, but do not fear, the following month all cards become automatically available to all players.

Clubs and Social

What can I do in a Club?

Joining a Club has many benefits:

  • You can request and donate cards to other Club members
  • Whenever a Club Member does a purchase, you will get some FREE gems!
  • Participate in exciting Club Events and collaborate with others to get great rewards.
  • Share your strategies and replays, and in short be part of an amazing community.

Club Management

Club Roles

  • As a Club Leader you can assign different roles to player in your club by promoting or demoting them.
  • Club roles are as follows: Leader, Co-leader, Officer, Member.
  • To do so, open your Club Profile (in the Social Tab) and select the player you wish to Promote.

Club Invites

  • You will be able to invite players to a Closed club as long as you are a Club Leader, a Co-Leader or an Officer. You can do so from their player profile, or by selecting them from a list such as your friends or the Leaderboards. If your Club is Open, anyone can invite people to the club. Be aware that if the other player is already in a club, he will not be able to join your club.

Inactive Clubs

  • You will need to start a new Club if your Club Leader is inactive and you wish to have leadership. Club Leadership comes with responsibilities so make sure that if you are a Club Leader, you don’t abandon your fellow clubmates.


  • Invite or add players as Friends to be able to send them 1:1 messages, and see them on your Friend’s Leaderboard. This will not only allow you to see who’s ahead, but also to check whenever they are online and up for a Friendly Match!
  • When you connect to your Facebook profile, the game will automatically update your Friend’s List with those Facebook friends that play WWD and have done the same.


  • To message a friend, tap on your friend at the Friend’s List and choose MESSAGE.
  • You can only message players that you have friended.
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