Hungry Dragon: Guide for beginners


What is Fire Rush?

See that bar at the bottom of the screen when you’re on a run? That’s the Fire Rush bar. The more points you earn, the more the bar will fill up. When it fills to the top, you’ll trigger Fire Rush mode and you will be able to burn enemies in front of you. The bar progress resets after every time.

What is Mega Fire Rush?

Every 8 fire rushes, the Mega Fire Rush will start, allowing you to burn every type of prey even if it’s bigger than you! Mega Fire Rush is also longer than Fire Rush.

What do the Hungry letters do?

There are SIX letters hiding in the different areas. They can be found almost anywhere and their locations change whenever you start a new game. Collect them all and get 10 seconds where your dragon will be bigger, faster, able to eat everything, invincible and infinite boost!

What are the daily chests and how can I find them?

You can find up to 5 chests. They are full of coins or gems. Use the map to find them with ease!

What are the eggs and how many types are there?

There are 3 different types of eggs:
Standard eggs can be found in/game (up to one per game). After some incubation time they will reward you pets for your dragons. Premium Eggs can only be purchased but they are instantly opened!

Golden Eggs are the only way to unlock Special Pets and you can obtain them when you have collected enough Golden Egg fragments. Additionally there are also special eggs that you will get in some tournaments or quests or through special offers.

What are the Golden Egg Fragments?

You get Golden Egg fragments each time you open an egg and receive a Pet that you already have! Once you collect enough of them you will be rewarded a Golden Egg! Golden eggs are the only way to unlock the Special pets.

What is the benefit of getting different sizes of dragons?

Larger dragons can eat more prey, destroy and burn bigger stuff and access areas that smaller dragons cannot. The dragon multiplier also increases based on their size.

I don’t seem to be able to eat large enemies, why is that?

Dragons can only eat other dragons from their own size or below. A list of what each Dragon can eat can be found by:

1. Opening the Dragon Select Screen.

2. Scrolling to the dragon you’re interested in.

3. Tap the “info” button next to the dragon’s name.

If you’re unsure as to what you can and can’t eat, look out for the on-screen messages telling you what size dragon is required for any given situation.

How can I take a picture of my Dragon?

Easy! Just select the dragon you want and tap the camera icon in the left top of the screen. Then pose your dragon in the position and tap the camera button again. That’s it! You can now keep the picture or share it with your friends!

Are there different worlds in Hungry Dragon?

Hungry Dragon has one large world divided in different areas. The bigger dragons you get, the more areas you will be able to explore!

Can I play against my friends?

Hungry Dragon is a single player game, but we have some other social elements such as being able to post a picture of your Dragon in Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp…

What does the multiplier do?

When you eat a certain amount of prey in quick succession, you will gain a Score Multiplier. You will see this in the top left corner of the screen, and it will say something like “2X”. The more prey you eat, the higher the multiplier will get.

If you fail to eat something after a few seconds or you take some damage, you will lose your score multiplier.

What are the missions?

There is a maximum of 3 missions available at any one time. Some of the mission types you’ll encounter are high score, specific prey hunts and survival time.

Some missions have to be completed in a single go, whereas others you can complete over several attempts.

If you don’t feel like completing one of the challenges shown, you can watch an advert to skip it, or spend a few gems, and a new mission will be given.

Completing missions will give tons of Gold as a reward!

What are the tickets for and how can I find them?

You can find tickets during your run when there is a Global Event active. With a ticket you will be able to double the points you get from the event!


What are the Legendary Dragons?

The Legendary Dragons are epic hybrids enchanted by the powerful mad witches of Dragonheim! They have special powers and can also equip pets. They can be accessed from The Witches’ Brew in the Dragon Selection Screen.

How can I unlock and purchase Legendary Dragons?

The Witches’s Brew will be unlocked when you have a M Dragon or higher. You can purchase Legendary Dragons with Golden Fragments and Gems.

Can I upgrade my Legendary Dragons?

Yes you can! Legendary Dragons starts as S size, but can evolve and move to a higher tier by upgrading the stats. You will need Golden Fragments to upgrade their stats and the tier will change automatically when reaching the required number of upgrade. The maximum tier you can upgrade your Legendary Dragon to will be the same as your maximum size dragon (i.e. if you have L dragons in the main progression, your Legendary Dragons can be upgraded up to L size.)


Are there live events in the game?

Yes! You can find three different type of events: Quests, Tournaments and Passive Events

How do the Quests work?

The Quests are challenges available during certain times where you will need to cooperate with other players in order to achieve an objective. Everyone who contributes gets a reward, and rewards are even greater if the objective is completed!

How do Tournaments work?

Tournaments will test your abilities competing against other players. You will be provided a Dragon and pets and your best run will determine your position in the leaderboard. The higher you end up in the leaderboard, the greater the reward.

How do Passive Events work?

Passive Events are events which temporarily increase stats and rewards!

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