Farmdale: Beginners guide

Farmdale is a popular farming simulation game developed by Game Garden for Android and iOS devices. In the game, players are tasked with managing their own farm, growing crops, raising animals, and building structures.

Players can also interact with other characters in the game, complete various quests and challenges, and trade goods with other players. The game features colorful graphics and a relaxing soundtrack, making it a fun and engaging experience for players of all ages.

If you have any specific questions about the game, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to assist you.

Where can I find pets?

You can get pets in multiple ways:

  • you get the first one at the very beginning of the game for free;
  • they are available during special offers (you can find the special offer icon on the right side of the game screen);
  • in special stores during events (look for the event store icon on the right side of the game screen when the event is on);
  • via random scrolls you can craft in the Manor (the house you start with at the very beginning).

How can I link the game to my Facebook account?

Go to the game and open the social menu (icon with two people on it, at the bottom right). There you will see the button to connect your game, if it says disconnect instead, that means your game is already connected.

Where can I find my Secret Words?

In order to find your Secret Words please open the game and tap the social menu (icon with two people on it, at the bottom right corner), then pick the “Secret Words” section. Your personal Secret Words are stated below.

Where can I find Secret Words to get the bonuses?

Please visit our community:

We usually post the Secret Words with useful bonuses on holidays.

Please note that every Secret Word has an expiration term, it is stated in the post.

You can also use someone else’s personal Secret Words, but you will get a bonus after that only if no one used the same Secret Words before.

In order to find the Secret Words open the game and tap the social menu (icon with two people on it at the bottom right corner), then pick the “Secret Words” section. You can paste the Secret Words in the empty field above.

How can I earn more crystals?

You can get more crystals in multiple ways:

  • by completing certain quests;
  • by completing quests provided by the Crystal of Tasks. The Crystal of Tasks is available during special offers and tournaments;
  • by purchasing them in the bank. You can open the bank menu if you press + button near your crystal tab;
  • by using special Secret Words we share in our posts. We usually post them on holidays.

How can I add friends?

To add friends in the game, you need to connect your game to your Facebook account first. Then you just need to add other players to friend list on Facebook.

How do I move, store or delete objects in the game?

To move an object (house, decoration etc) you need to tap it and hold it down until a special bar fills in. Doing that will open special menu that lets you move, store or delete an object. Keep in mind that not all objects can be moved or deleted. Storing devices back in your storage may also undo any upgrades they had.

How can I rename a pet?

To rename the pet, just open its menu by tapping the pet itself, or its icon in the Pet Corral. Now just tap it’s generic name at the top of the menu.

I obtained a pet, but it’s nowhere to be found

Please make sure you have built a Pet Corral. If you have one, make sure you have free space in it. You gain one free space per upgrade until maximum, at which point you can purchase extra during special offers.

Where did the pet’s costume go?

Costumes and accessories for pets are temporary and run out over time.

Does the game require internet connection, or I can play offline?

You can play this game both online and offline, though the “Contact Support” button won’t be active offline.

Also we recommend to connect to internet from time to time in order to update the game, participate in the tournaments, get new seasonal adventures, see special offers and save your progress.

How do I participate in a tournament?

Tournaments allow you to charge the items and receive various rewards based on how many points you earn and how many leagues you advance through.

Tournaments are available:

  • to all players level 15 and up;
  • when they are active (they usually come hand in hand with the events and reset every week, but there can be breaks between them);
  • if the player is connected to the internet;
  • if the game is updated to the latest version.

To participate in a tournament you need to tap the podium icon in the lower right part of the screen, choose a name, and start charging items.

After the items in the list are charged you need to wait until list refreshes, or alternatively use crystals to refresh it immediately.

If you are sure that you meet all the requirements above, but the tournament icon still doesn’t appear in your game please submit a request and tell us about that.

How can I visit other farms?

Unfortunately it is not possible to visit other farms at the moment.

How can I delete a friend?

In order to delete friends in game you need to unfriend them in Facebook.

How do I gain experience and level up in the game?

You can level up if you get enough experience points. Upon leveling up you unlock new items in the shop, territories, quests and even get rewards.

There are many ways to get experience points in the game:

  • complete different quests;
  • gather crops, water, fruit etc or cut the trees;
  • clean your territories from the weeds;
  • upgrade the buildings;
  • just about any activity in the game may give you experience points!

You can find your experience bar in the upper left corner of the screen. It displays your level, as well as percentage of experience you gathered towards the next one. You can tap this bar, if you want to know more detailed information about the experience you gathered already, or how much of it you need towards the next level.

How do I unlock additional territories?

As you play through the game new territories will become available for the in-game purchase. You need to meet one or more of the following requirements in order to open each territory:

  • gain certain game level;
  • complete certain questchain;
  • save certain amount of coins or crystals.

So if a territory is not available yet, don’t panic, you just need to keep playing for now.

If territory is available for purchase a special icon with wooden arrows appears over it. Tapping it will tell you the requirements. Upon fulfilling the requirements territory is yours to build on as you please.

What are the events and quests?

Quests need to be completed to find out what happens further down the storyline, get experience points, crystals and other resources, as well as open other interesting possibilities of the game.

You can find available quests on the left side of the screen, in a form of square icons with different objects and characters depicted on them.

There are different kinds of quests:

1) Story quests.

These quests advance game’s storyline, unlocking new characters and important aspects of the game.

2) Repeating quests.

The quests with crafting items and selling farming goods appear multiple times, letting you gather more experience and coins.

3) Special quests.

These quests are often distributed through special offers. They contain unique premium rewards, that are given upon completion.

4) Event quests.

These quests tell you the story of the currently running event and often supply you with the things you need to complete the event. Event quests can be distinguished from every other type of quests as they have a purple background.

Events are large scale activities, lasting usually one or two weeks. While they are on you can discover something new about world of Farmdale, as well as obtain unique and interesting rewards. Participating in the event involves a few simple steps:

  • complete event quests that will teach you how each particular event works;
  • start gathering special event currency through completing special event activities that may vary from event to event;
  • exchange currency for different rewards in the event shop. Event shop can be accessed by pressing round icon on the right side of the screen.

Be sure to exchange all the currency before the event is over, after the event is over the shop will close.

How can I choose my nickname in the game?

You have to choose a nickname when you take part in the tournament for the first time (as soon as you reach level 20). You will see the chosen nickname in the leaderboards, but you won’t be able to create a new name for each new tournament, so choose wisely ๐Ÿ™‚

Also you are assigned with a special ID after you install the game, which is your games’ Secret Words. You can find your Secret Words if you open the social menu (icon with two people on it, at the bottom right corner of the game screen)

What is a Regular Bonus and how to get one?

Regular Bonus is a bonus that arrives after certain time intervals. In Farmdale, there are two kinds of bonus:

  • two balloons, one small and one big. Big one arrives at your farm every 24 hours, while small only takes 8 hours to get to you. Both give you crystals and energy. Additionally you can find pet costumes in the small balloon and Dale Seals, Royal Seals, pet food and scroll canvas in the big balloon.
  • Leprechaun that visits your farm every 24 hours to give you some coins.

Where do I find Seals?

The seals help you expand the territory of your farm.

Dale Seals:

Dale seals are given as rewards from the balloons that regularly fly to your farm.

Royal Seals:

  • may be bought with crystals,
  • sometimes may be obtained from the Ancient Statue, if you give it the dale seals,
  • rarely may be given as rewards for some other activities.

Northern seals:

Northern Seals may be obtained for completing tasks in the Tavern located on your farm. But first you need to renovate the Tavern by completing quests and upgrading in game.

How can I get daily quests?

You can get more daily quests if you:

  • buy the Crystal of Tasks during special offer, or in the event-shop for tokens (the crystal gives new quest every day);
  • finish all the quests in the Tavern after 60th level (after that the tavern will give you quests every 2 days);
  • get the statue of dwarf from the Dwaren Chest you dig out in the mine (it will give you quests every 3-4 days).

Where can I find Bryozoa?

Bryozoa can be planted in the underwater farm, in special underwater garden beds you can buy in the underwater store.

Where can I find corals?

Corals grow underwater, but they are very rare. To make sure they appear regularly, you need to use Horn of Sea Plenty, available in the underwater store.

Where do I find crops?

Some crops only become available for planting at gardenbeds at certain levels:

  • Wheat – level 1
  • Corn – level 3
  • Carrot – level 5
  • Onion – level 8
  • Tomato – level 11
  • Beans – level 13
  • Potato – level 15
  • Pumpkin – level 16
  • Cabbage – level 17
  • Chili – level 20
  • Lettuce – level 23
  • Strawberry – level 26
  • Kelp – level 27
  • Porphyra – level 28
  • Bryozoa – level 29
  • Garlic – level 30
  • Cucumber – level 36
  • Sunflower – level 42
  • Broccoli – level 54
  • Watermelon – level 60
  • Turnip – level 66
  • Spinach – level 72
  • Eggplant – level 78
  • Peanut – level 82
  • Sorghum – level 88
  • Kumquat – level 95
  • Soy – level 99
  • Rice – level 104
  • Pineapple – level 108
  • Sweet Pepper – level 114
  • Zucchini – level 120
  • Physalis – level 125
  • Portobello Mushroom – level 129
  • Chard – level 136
  • Blackberry – level 140
  • Basil – level 143
  • Cauliflower – level 147
  • Grapes – level 151

How can I open an underwater farm?

Access to underwater farm is gained by completing numerous story quests. When you reach level 30, a quest called “Fishing again” should appear. Following it and quests that come after it will open access to the underwater farm.

I’m having difficulties completing some quests

Some quests require more effort than the other, but you can also check out our special offers and tournaments, some tasks and quests there can be easier.

Where do I find farm animals?

Some trees only become available for purchase at the store at certain levels:

  • Chicken – level 2
  • Cow – level 2
  • Piggy – level 12
  • Goat – level 19
  • Pony – level 26
  • Pearl Shell – level 30
  • Octopus – level 30
  • Sheep – level 34
  • Bunny – level 34
  • Ducky – level 40
  • Bear – level 47
  • Hedgehog – level 55
  • Cat – level 64
  • Moose – level 65
  • Giraffe – level 70
  • Peacock – level 75
  • Alpaca – level 80
  • Cute Panda – level 85
  • Arctic Fox- level 87
  • Elephant- level 90
  • Manis – level 100
  • Pink Flamingo – level 101
  • Turkey – level 107
  • Kangaroo – level 110
  • Camel – level 117
  • Turtle – level 123
  • Rhinoceros – level 126
  • Narwhal – level 130
  • Dolphin – level 133
  • Seal – level 145
  • Platypus – level 150
  • Lemur – level 152
  • Precious Lobster – level 160

Where do I find trees?

Some trees only become available for purchase at the store at certain levels:

  • Apple tree – level 11
  • Pear Tree – level 15
  • Mulberry Tree – level 17
  • Cherry Tree – level 24
  • Olive tree – level 28
  • Cocoa Tree – level 33
  • Orange Tree – level 39
  • Lemon tree – level 35
  • Peach Tree – level 51
  • Almond – level 57
  • Apricot tree – level 63
  • Plum tree – level 69
  • Wild Cherry – level 72
  • Pomegranate – level 75
  • Avocado – level 79
  • Walnut – level 82
  • Fig Tree – level 86
  • Quince – level 86
  • Grapefruit Tree – level 90
  • Carambola – level 93
  • Lychee – level 97
  • Mango – level 102
  • Passion Fruit – level 106
  • Longan – level 112
  • Coconut – level 118
  • Pitahaya – level 123
  • Guava – level 131
  • Breadfruit – level 138
  • Kiwi – level 141
  • Banana – level 149
  • Papaya – level 153
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  1. Thanks,great guide. One question: how can i make pet food, I only see the option to purchase with diamonds.
    Also can I link to this guide from my site?

  2. I canโ€™t open underwater farm
    And lโ€™m 39 level
    Help please ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  3. how do you send spices to the wind at the chickens

  4. I’m at level 56, and i have somethings behind the toy factory, I need them to finish some requests .but I can’t remove the toy how i can do that?

  5. Just go to setting sign, and click the CLEAN MODE.
    You will see and click behind of the factory.

  6. I am just starting farmdale. I have difficulty in earning depletes si fast. I need many, ie.goat potter’s machine, expanding the farm. A lot of coins are needed and mine is very limited. Therefore I can not progress in my farming. Thank you.

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