Fairy Kingdom: Penguins

In order to get a random Penguin you need to buy the Penguin Egg in the Shop (section with a treasure chest) for 3 Penguin Talismans or 99 crystals. Seasonal Penguin drops from the Eggs only during their season.

If you need a certain Penguin for your collection you can get it during special offer.

Common Penguins:

  • Penguin Sleepy – gives Seashell every hour
  • Penguin Sensei – gives Coral every hour
  • Penguin Happy – gives Shell every hour
  • Penguin Sneezy – gives Sea Star every hour
  • Penguin Bashful – gives Sea Pen every hour

Seasonal Penguin:

  • Snowflake the Penguin – winter, gives 3 snowballs and 1 random sea item every hour

Penguin Playground

  • you can get it in the Shop for the tournament stars (section with a star) or during special offer;
  • provides with 6 Penguin Treats every 2 hours.

You can also craft Penguin Treats in the Summer Kitchen.

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