Wauies: FAQ – Help for Beginners

Wauies are your pets in Wauies – The Pet Shop Game. The name derives from the German word for a dog’s bark, “Wau wau” (equivalent to “woof woof” in English), and doesn’t have any real meaning. It’s a bit like calling a dog a “woofer” or a “woofie” as a pet name.

  1. Booster Packs / Card Pieces
  2. Pet Cash & Diamonds
  3. Your Companion
  4. Customers
  5. Staff
  6. Pens
  7. Animals
  8. Store Customization
  9. Breeding
  10. Trading
  11. Expansions, Stairs & Elevators
  12. Claiming your Free Starter Pack
  13. Buddy Groups

Booster Packs / Card Pieces

What are Booster Packs?

Booster packs are surprise packets that contain random cards and card pieces for you. Cards can be used right away, but card pieces need to be completed by collecting all the necessary parts. Once you have a Trade Coordination Desk, you can also trade them with friends.

Booster packs come in three qualities: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The higher quality booster packs tend to contain better rewards.

How do I get Booster Packs?

Every day, you’ll be given a free Bronze Booster Pack when you first log in (keep in mind that servers run on BST!). So it’s definitely worth logging in every day. You’ll also occasionally get Boosters as rewards – for example, for leveling up. And of course, you can also buy Boosters yourself by clicking on the Star to the left of your main menu bar:

  • Bronze – 6 Diamonds
  • Silver – 18 Diamonds
  • Gold – 30 Diamonds

How does the Booster game work?

When you open a booster, you’ll get to play a “game”. You will see eight covered cards – you’ll get to flip and keep four of them. You can either use the button to choose random cards, or just click on the cards individually. For reference, you’ll see a list of all the cards/card pieces contained in that booster on the right hand side. If you want to flip additional cards, you can do so for Diamonds.

Once you’re done flipping cards, you can simply collect them by clicking on the “Redeem” button:

What are card pieces?

Card pieces are, as the name suggests, parts of an item. You can collect them to acquire items that might otherwise be too expensive for you, or require a higher level. You can find your collection of card pieces in the card piece menu:

Your cards are arranged by rarity:

You’ll get card pieces from Booster Packs and by completing chores in your friends’ stores. Once you have a Trade Coordination Desk, you’ll also be able to trade cards with other players. If you’re impatient, you can also pay Diamonds to buy missing card pieces.

Once you’ve collected all the necessary pieces, you can collect the item by clicking on it in your card piece menu, and then clicking the “Redeem” button.

Why can’t I find my Booster Packs?

Booster Packs don’t show up until level 10. But don’t worry, any boosters you’ve earned or received will be waiting for you!

Pet Cash & Diamonds

What is the difference between Pet Cash and Diamonds?

Pet Cash is the standard in-game currency in Wauies. You can use Pet Cash to buy most things for your store.

Diamonds are a premium currency and allow you to buy special items and features that aren’t strictly necessary to play the game. You won’t get Diamonds very often in the game – but you’ll occasionally see them as rewards for story quests. Diamonds can also be purchased for real-life money. You can access the payment page by clicking on the Bank and going to the Diamond Shop.

If you’re running low on Pet Cash, you can also trade in Diamonds for Pet Cash at the bank; however, you can’t trade Pet Cash for Diamonds.

How can I earn Pet Cash?

You can earn Pet Cash in a variety of ways. Your main sources of income in your store will probably be your various sales racks/stalls/booths and the sale of pets. Other sources of revenue are:

  • Collecting money from restrooms
  • Leveling up
  • Completing story quests
  • Earning achievements
  • Selling animals/products back to the shop

Why do I need Diamonds?

You can buy special animals, items and decorations for your shop, and hire employees to help you with Diamonds. You can also buy some store expansions for Diamonds.

Other uses for Diamonds include:

  • Buying Fertility Feed to increase breeding success
  • Unlock breeding slots
  • Unlock animals and items in the shop early
  • Buying missing card pieces

Your Companion

Your companion will be your buddy in your store. Aside from offering a bunch of fun little activities, your companion is also very useful in that he attracts customers and satisfies their demands for attention

You will receive your companion after completing the level 7 quest “Place your Companion’s Basket”.

From then on your personal pet will be your constant companion.

Taking Care of your Companion’s Needs

Just like the other pets in your store, your companion needs to be fed, groomed and played with. If you don’t take care of your companion, he will be unhappy:

You can fulfill all of these needs by clicking the appropriate button in the ring menu three times:

Playing Fetch

In addition to the classic “play” need, your companion can actually play a game with you: Fetch!

Playing fetch with your companion is great, because not only will it make him very happy, but you’ll also earn experience points for yourself and your companion, as well as training points.

You can play fetch by selecting the “Fetch” button from the ring menu:

You’ll be able to select toys to play with (more expensive toys get more points!) and then get going.

As soon as you hit “Play!” the three toys will be scattered across the store. Click on the pins to have your companion run and retrieve them:

You’ll have a time limit – the faster you collect the toys, the more points you will get.

If you see a thundercloud over your companion’s head during a game of fetch, it means he can’t get to the toy – try to move things out of the way so he can get there.

After playing, your companion will be tuckered out and need a 1 hour break until he can play again.

Customer Experiences

Occasionally, you will get customers that just can’t resist the sight of a fluffy animal running around your store. You can make their day by giving them a customer experience. You can recognize these customers by the pink paw pin over their heads:

– just send your companion to them! –

You can also cycle through customers wanting a customer experience with the help of the paw button in the bottom left corner:

Petting your Pet

After playing fetch, or completing a customer experience, you should make sure to pet your companion, to show him what a good job he’s done. (He’ll even hint at it:)

You can find the option to do so in your companion’s ring menu when you click on him.


You can see all the important information about your companion in its overview. You can access it by clicking on the star in your companion’s ring menu:

This will open the overview:

Both training points and obedience points make your companion attract more customers. Make sure that his needs are taken care of so that he makes the best possible impression on customers.

Editing your Companion

You can also edit your companion’s name and gender in the second tab of your companion overview – for a price.


Why do I need customers?

Every store is dependent on customers for its revenue – your pet shop is no exception. Customers will buy your animals and goods and generally help you advance in the game.

What do my customers want?

Customers are all there for different reasons – and have pins and thought bubbles to express what they want and need:

  • Animal Pins

    Customers with an animal pin would like to buy pets. You can see if you have the required pets in stock by the color of the square animal pin

    • Green – You have the required pets in stock and ready to sell.
    • Yellow – You have the means to get the required pets by breeding existing animals in your store.
    • Red – You don’t even have any animals of that species in your store.

You can cycle through the pet customers using the pet button in the bottom left corner:

Product Pins

These customers want to buy a product – the icon will show you what specifically. It could be anything from popsicles to cat food. If you have a shelf or the appropriate stand/booth/rack/freezer etc. stocked with that item, you can simply click on the customer’s pin to send them to the appropriate place.

Customer Experiences

Some customers will be charmed by your companion and may really want a chance to meet him. Send your companion to say hello – this will grant you and your companion experience points, and additional obedience points as well!

Thought Bubbles

Customers with thought bubbles don’t have any immediate needs, but they’ll give you an idea what your store is missing. Getting more of products/facilities/animals/etc. they want will make satisfying your customers easier and make the store more successful overall.

How can I get more customers?

The more popular your store is, the more customers will come calling. You can increase your store’s popularity by decorating the store with various items, and by having a large selection of animals. Customers enjoy seeing a diverse selection – so having lots of different decorations and animals will be more useful than just having a lot of the same ones.

Customers also like seeing the same animals in different types of pens. For example, two pairs of Labrador Retrievers in Woven Pens will be less interesting to customers than a pair of Labradors in a Woven Pen, and a pair of Labradors in Sand Pen.

Why are there different types of customers? Does it matter if the demographics are skewed?

There are four different types of customers: Men, Women, Children and Senior Citizens.

Each of these groups likes different animals and decorations; however, it is completely irrelevant for the success of your store if you have more of one type or another – they will still buy the same animals and the same products. It’s just a little visual bonus


The bigger your store gets, the more work piles up for you – feeding animals, watering plants, clearing away trash, collecting money… it’s quite a lot to manage on your own. Luckily you can hire employees in Wauies who will help you take care of day to day business in your store.

How can I hire staff?

To hire staff, you’ll need a Human Resources Office. You will need a Human Resources office for every floor in your store (except the basement). It can be purchased in the shop for 20,000 Pet Cash.

To hire employees, either click on your the employee icon in the ring menu or in the shop:

You will see an assortment of free positions – click on one of them to hire an employee.

What kind of employees are there?

There are six different types of employees:

  • Janitors
    Janitors water the plants in your store.
  • Cleaners
    Cleaners empty trash cans and collect garbage littered on the floor.
  • Keepers
    Keepers take care of your animals – they will groom, feed, and play with animals whose need has reached a critical level.
  • Cashiers
    Cashiers collect money from your shelves, racks, stalls and other sources of revenue.
  • Restocker
    Restockers will walk around and refill your empty shelves and racks.
  • Animal Manager
    The animal manager will replace sold animals in your pens with animals from your inventory.

I get experience for doing all of those tasks – what happens if I have an employee doing them for me?

No need to worry – if your staff takes care of little tasks around the store, you will receive the same experience points that you would have gotten if you had done it yourself. And it frees up your hands for taking care of other things!

How much do employees cost and how long will they work?

Employees start working the second you hire them. You can hire either individual employees or teams of 3 employees (who will still work independently in your store) for either 7 or 30 days.

  • Individual Employee – 7 Days: 2 Diamonds
    Individual Employee – 30 Days: 6 Diamonds
    Employee Team – 7 days: 7 Diamonds
    Employee Team – 30 days: 22 Diamonds

What about the people in my basement?

Each production center comes with a permanently hired employee that mans the machines. These don’t really do anything though, and you currently can’t hire additional ones.


Where you put your animals is one of the most important concerns in your own pet shop – after all, you can’t just have them run out the door! Luckily, Wauies has all sorts of different pens, so that you can house your pets in a wide variety of appealing enclosures.

Where can I get pens?

You can buy pens in the shop:

Pens and equipment are sorted by pen type:

How do I place them?

To set up a pen you purchased in your store, simply select it in your shop or inventory, and use the Place button to place it.

Or click on it directly in your card bar. Hover it over your store until it turns green and then click to set it down. You can rotate it by clicking on it, and clicking the “Rotate” button in the corner of the card in the card bar.

Can I move or turn a pen I’ve already built?

Of course you can! Just click on the ring menu for options:

  • – Click this to move the pen
    – Click this to rotate the pen

What kinds of pen are there?

There are:

  • Woven Pens
  • Upholstered Pens
  • Sand Pens
  • Aspen Bedding Pens
  • Scratching Post Pens
  • Straw Pens
  • Artificial Turf Pens

Why are the different types of pen?

Different animals can be kept in different types of enclosures. For instance, you can keep a Chihuahua in woven, upholstered and artificial turf pens, but not in sand or straw pens.

Customers also like seeing your animals in different types of environment. More customers will come to your store if you have two Australian Shepherds in Sand Pens and two Australian Shepherds in Artificial Turf Pens, rather than having 2 pairs of Australian Shepherds in Sand Pens.

You can see what kinds of pens you already have a given animal in under its picture in the store or inventory when you click on it:

How many animals fit into a pen?

How many animals fit into a pen depends on the size of the pen and the breed of the animal you’re keeping in it.

You can see how many fields of space a given pen has available in the shop:

Likewise, animals show how many fields they take up:

So if you have a Small Upholstered Pen (12 fields of space) and you want to keep Jack Russel Terriers in it (2 fields of space), you can keep 6 of them in there, as long as you don’t have any other things in there taking up space.

My pen is getting too small for all the animals – can I make more room for them?

Yes! In the “Pens” section of the shop, you’ll also find an Expansion for each type of pen.

Just place these right next to an existing pen to expand it (you’ll see a green overlay if it’s a good spot).

A bare pen is boring, can I put anything else in there?

The shop also has a variety of enclosure equipment to decorate your pens. These items don’t just look great – they’re also pretty useful:

  • Food Bowls allow you to feed all the animals in the pen at once. When your animals are hungry, there will even be a little pin!
    Water Bowls allow you to groom all the animals in the pen at once. When your animals are in need of grooming, there will even be a little pin!
    Toys allow you to play with all the animals in the pen at once. When your animals want to play, there will even be a little pin!
    Pools will grant the animals in that pen a 5% bonus to breeding attempts.
    Hideouts will grant the animals in that pen a 10% bonus to breeding attempts.

You can also charge Food Bowls, Water Bowls and Toys with Diamonds – they will grant an extra experience bonus.

Why won’t my pen equipment fit in my pens?

Pen equipment items also have space requirements of their own – not only do they take up a certain amount of space, some of them are also so wide that they won’t fit in a small or long pen. The pen simply needs to be wider.

As with the pens and animals, you can find the space requirements in the store:



What would a pet shop be without animals? They’re easily the most important part of the game, so let’s take a closer look at them:

Where can I get animals?

You can purchase mature animals in the shop:

You might also find animal cards or card pieces in the booster packs or from friendship paws.

Once your have a Nursery, you’ll also be able to breed animals.

How can I put animals in pens?

To put an animal into a pen, the pen needs to be set up in your store first. If you click the Place button in the shop or inventory, or simply the card in your card bar, arrows will show you in which pens you can place the animal. Areas highlighted in green are where you can set the animal down.

You can move or rotate animals by using the respective buttons in their ring menus:

What do I need to do to take care of my animals?

All of the animals in your store require feeding, grooming, and play. Once your animals need these needs taken care of, an appropriate pin will appear over their heads. Simply click on it to make it go away.

You can also take care of needs before the pin appears – to do that, just look for the respective button in the ring menu.

Food Bowls (fulfill food needs), Water Bowls (fulfill grooming needs) and Play Equipment (fulfill play needs) make your job easier by showing a single pin that allows you to take care of these needs for all animals in a pen with a single click.

With a Human Resources Office, you can also hire Keepers to take care of your animals for you.

What do I need to know about baby animals?

Baby animals that you breed or obtain from boosters take a while to grow up. How long it takes for an animal depends on the species.

Baby animals are great to have, because customers love them – baby animals attract much more customers than mature animals. Customers will also often request baby animals. However, mature animals will generally sell for more.

Once a baby animal is ready to grow up, a little birthday cake symbol will appear over its head:

It won’t grow up by itself (after all, you may choose to keep it a baby to sell it to a customer), but if you want to let it mature, you can click on the aging icon in the ring menu (the +1):

How can I sell my animals?

You can sell your animals to customers, or sell them back to the shop. Selling animals to the shop will give you Pet Cash, but generally less than you would get for serving customers. To sell an animal to the shop, you need to return it to your inventory

… and then use the “Sell/Give Away” button:

In the window that pops up, you’ll be able to either sell the animal for Pet Cash, or give it away for experience points. Some quests require you to give away certain animals.

Why do animals sell for so little? They cost much more in the shop!

It’s true – customers won’t pay as much as it costs you to buy animals in the shop; however, breeding is cheap and very profitable since you will often have bigger litters. It’s always a good idea to keep your own breeding stock, rather than buying animals for your customers from the shop.

I can’t breed because I only have two animals of the same gender. What can I do?

If you only have two males or two females, you can usually simply fix the problem by removing the animals from the pen and back into your inventory, and then putting them back into the pen. To return an animal to your inventory, just click on this button in its ring menu:

What can I do to avoid accidentally selling animals I need to breed with?

If you have a breeding pair and don’t accidentally want to sell those animals, you can also lock them.

You’ll find a button with a lock in the bottom right corner of the ring menu, with which you can toggle the lock.

  • – A green lock means that the animal is available for sale.
    – A red lock means the animal won’t be selected for sale when serving customers.

Store Customization

You can customize your store in a whole lot of ways! Almost all of them will take you to the Shop, which you can find in the menu bar:

The Basics

You can change the walls and floors for your store in the Interior Design section of the shop:

There are three different tabs available here: Walls, Floors, and Entrances

The base walls and floors have to be customized on each floor individually (this means you have to unlock the designs for each individual floor, too), and you can switch between the floors using the display on the left:

More expensive walls, floors, and entrances will attract more customers.

Store Equipment

Now that you have the basics worked out, you can get other equipment and amenities for your store. Aside from pens and animals, you can buy various types of shelves, racks and stands for your products, as well as restrooms, trash cans, vending machines, and many other items in the Shop:

All of these items serve to either generate revenue or experience points when tended to regularly. Generally, the more expensive versions are better.


Decorations come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From plants over folding screens to indoor Koi Ponds – you can find just about anything in the Shop:

All decorations (including carpeting and other floors) grant a certain amount of Popularity, which helps you attract customers (you can’t see your total anywhere, but the more you have, the better!). Expensive decorations tend to give considerably more than cheap ones, but having a wide variety of different decorations is the most effective way to maximize Popularity.


Buying animals from the store is expensive – to be able to better provide animals for your customers, you’ll want to start your own breeding program!

What do I need to breed animals?

To breed animals, you need to be at least level 3 and have a Nursery. You can find the Nursery in the “Store Equipment & Departments” tab of the shop, in the very last tab, “Departments.”

Keep in mind that you will need two mature animals (one male, one female) of the same breed to breed animals.

How do I breed animals?

Once you have built a Nursery, you can click on your Nursery, or the heart icon in an animal’s ring menu to access the breeding overview.

In the breeding overview, you’ll see a number of breeding slots. Click on a free breeding slot to get started:

You will be shown all of the animals you have a breeding pair of. If you click on them, you can see the breeding chance…

…and other valuable information (such as the breeding costs, breeding duration, and expected profit per breeding) on the right hand side. Once you’re happy with your choice, just hit the “Start Breeding” button to get started.

What is the breeding chance and how can I increase it?

The breeding chance determines if the breeding will be successful or not. Therefore, you want your breeding chance to be fairly high so that there will be offspring.

If you do get lucky with your breeding, you can get anywhere from one to six baby animals. However, your breeding chance has no influence on this.

You can increase your breeding chance in a number of ways:

  • Placing Pools and Hideouts in the Pair’s Pen – A Pool and a Hideout will increase a pair’s breeding chance by 5% and 10% respectively.

  • Unlocking Gold Breeding Slots – Every time you unlock a golden breeding slot, your breeding chance will be increased by 5% for all breedings in your store.

There are a total of 3 golden breeding slots, so you can increase your chances by up to 15% by unlocking these.

  • Buying Fertility Food – Fertility Food guarantees the success of a breeding (that is, makes it 100%) and can be purchased for Diamonds.


Trading card pieces with friends is a fantastic way to get cards that cost Diamonds or might just be too expensive for you. Luckily, different people want different things.

What do I need to trade card pieces?

To trade card pieces, you will need a Trade Coordination Desk. You can acquire this in the Shop in the “Store Equipment & Departments” tab, in the very last tab, “Departments.”

Once it’s built, you can start trading!

How do I trade card pieces?

First, you’ll need to open the trading menu. You can open this either by clicking on the Trade Coordination Desk itself or by the puzzle icon in the main menu bar:

In your card piece inventory/trading menu, you’ll find all the card pieces you currently own. You can choose to view them all at once (first tab) or sort them by rarity. The last tab with the star are open trading offers from friends.

To trade, simply choose a card piece you want to trade away and click on it. Then click the Trade button in the bottom left corner.

You will be redirected to your trading slot overview. You can make up to 8 trades at once. The first slot is free, the next three costs Pet Cash, and the last 4 cost Diamonds to use.

Of course, it always makes sense to use the free slot first, then the next cheapest, and so on. Once you’ve selected the slot, you’ll be able to pick the card you would like to receive in exchange for the one you’re offering.

Once you’re happy with the choice, click on the “Trade Cards” button in the middle.

In the next step, you can choose with whom you want to trade. You can either trade with one of your friends, or with all players. Once you’ve made your choice, hit the Continue Trade button. Click to confirm the trade in your pop-up window and you’re good to go! Now all you need to do is wait until someone accepts your offer. Your offer will remain active for 72 hours.

What happens if no one accepts my offer?

As long as the trade is posted, you won’t have access to the card piece. However, if no one accepts your offer in 3 days, you will be notified and your card will be returned to your inventory.

Can I cancel my offer?

You can cancel your offer at any time. To do that, just click on the “View Trading Slots” button in the trade menu:

… and then click on the icon in the top right corner of the trade you want to cancel. You will not receive your piece back immediately, and your slot will still be occupied for up to 24 hours after the trade was cancelled.

Will I be charged if I accept a trade?

If you accept a trade, it will automatically be assigned to the cheapest free trading slot available (you’ll see how much it would cost to accept the offer on the button to accept the trade), and you’ll need to pay the fee for that slot. If you don’t have any other active trades, it will be free.

My offer was accepted by someone I don’t know!

Wauies has so called blind swaps – that is, if you offer a card A and want a card B, and someone else wants a card A and offers a card B, the trade will be completed automatically. This means it’s possible to coordinate trades with people that aren’t on your friends list via messages or the forums.

Expansions, Stairs & Elevators

How can I expand my store?

You can expand your store by clicking on the blue arrows around the perimeter of your store:

Once you’ve expanded your floor as far as it will go, you can unlock a new story/floor, provided you have a staircase. The staircase can be assembled from the staircase kit once you’ve bought all expansions for the ground floor. Each floor, once initially purchased, has 5 expansions.

Why should I expand my store?

Sooner or later, you’re bound to run out of room. After all animals need their space, and shelves and racks want to be put somewhere to. More room will allow you to buy more animals, more pens, more decorations, … all of which means more customers!

How much does it cost to expand my store?

You’ll find a complete list of expansions behind the spoiler:

Spoiler: hide

Expansion 1: 25,000 PC
Expansion 2: 75,000 PC
Expansion 3: 200,000 PC or 40 Diamonds
Expansion 4: 800,000 PC or 80 Diamonds

2nd Floor: 1,500,000 PC or 300 Diamonds

Expansion 5: 180 Diamonds
Expansion 6: 180 Diamonds
Expansion 7: 3,000,000 PC or 180 Diamonds
Expansion 8: 180 Diamonds

3rd Floor: 320 Diamonds

Expansion 9: 5,000,000 PC or 180 Diamonds
Expansion 10: 180 Diamonds
Expansion 11: 10,000,000 PC or 180 Diamonds
Expansion 12: 180 Diamonds

4th Floor: 20,000,000 PC or 320 Diamonds

Expansion 13: 180 Diamonds
Expansion 14: 12,000,000 PC or 180 Diamonds
Expansion 15: 180 Diamonds
Expansion 16: 15,000,000 PC or 180 Diamonds

What is the point of the staircase?

The staircase allows you buy the next floor, and to switch floors, and is therefore necessary to have any other floors (except the basement – it’s magical). Once you’ve bought all the expansions for a floor, you can buy new floors over the staircase/elevator.

What is the point of the elevator?

With the staircase, you can only go from one floor to the floor above or below it; with the elevator, you can go to any floor of your choice with a single click. So instead of going from the basement to the first floor, to the second floor, to the third floor, you can just zip from the basement to the third floor. Upgrading the staircase to an elevator costs 250 Diamonds.

NOTE: Buying the elevator does NOT buy you an additional floor in your store.

Claiming your Free Starter Pack

To celebrate the launch of Wauies, we are handing out free starter packs to help you get started with your very own business.

Your starter pack includes:

  • 3,000 Pet Cash
  • a Gold Booster
  • a Japanese Maple

To get yours, simply redeem this code in the game:


To redeem in, just access the Diamond Shop from the Bank in game.

Click on the Diamond icon by your currency display or the piggybank icon in your top menu bar, and then click the “Diamond Shop” button. This will take you to our payment page. Scroll through the payment options on the left with the help of the little arrows until you get to the very bottom “upjers codes.”

Clicking on it, will make some entry fields appear on the top right. Just enter your code,
YOUR – FREE – CODE, into the boxes and hit “redeem.” Log out and back into your game if you didn’t receive it right away.

Check it out now!

Buddy Groups

The second tab of your friend menu is the Buddy group:

Your buddy group consists of one to three other players who may or not be on your friends list.

The player in the upper slot must be at a higher level than you when you invite them. If they are 20 or more levels above you, you will receive a ten percent bonus – the highest possible bonus. The players in the two lower slots must be at a lower level than you when you invite them, and the same gap bonus applies. The bonus remains the same as you continue to play, even though the level gap will probably change.

As you play the game, you will gain heart coins to increase your daily rewards, which include experience points, pet cash, and buddy points:

You receive:

  • 2 heart coins for feeding your animals
  • 2 heart coins for tending to your animals
  • 2 heart coins for playing with your animals
  • 4 heart coins for starting a production in the basement
  • 6 heart coins for watering plants
  • 20 heart coins for starting a breeding

As you collect heart coins, your daily rewards increase up to a maximum of 100%, but as you level up, it will take more and more heart coins to get to 100%. You can mouse over the percent display to see the number of points you have and the number required to get to 100%:

Higher buddy group levels will get you greater rewards, including experience points, Pet Cash, Diamonds, pieces of exclusive new animal species, random cards, and even a store expansion!

You can see the next reward in your main Buddy Group window. Clicking on the little green “i” will show you all available rewards!

When you have rewards to collect, a little heart will appear on the bottom of the friendship button, and selecting the buddy group tab of the friendship menu will cause a pop-up to appear showing you the rewards you earned yesterday:


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