Real Steel World Robot Boxing Guide

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How can I connect to Facebook?

You can connect to Facebook in the game from VIP ACCESS or from game settings.

Make sure you have the latest version of Facebook application installed on your device.
For iOS devices, If you are already logged on to Facebook from the device settings follow the below steps:
– Tap on Free VIP access from WRB game
– Tap on Fconnect
– You would be shown authorization pop ups
– Tap OK to allow use Facebook features in the application
Note: If your current settings has “Don’t Allow” Facebook connect please follow the below steps.
– Go to device settings
– Tap Facebook
– Allow WRB game

How should I Use Mystery Draw keys?

Here’s how you can use Mystery Draw Keys-
1. Go to INVENTORY through user head up display.
2. Select the available Mystery Draw Key and Tap on Use.
3.Tap on start to use the key
These keys will allow you a free spin

How to get my Free Robot In the game?

This is how a free robot gets unlocked –
1) Invite facebook friends who are not playing World Robot Boxing.
2) They have to install the game and connect to facebook to send you a free robot pass.
3) Unlock your free robot after accepting the free robot pass from your inbox.

Can I continue my game on a New Device?

Yes, you can continue the game on new device but make sure you log in to Facebook with the same account.
If you are playing game versions below 18.18.XXX then you need to log into Facebook and manually sync the game from your game settings.
However, if you are playing the updated version( i.e. 19.19.476 for iOS and 19.19.482 for android) then you only need to login to facebook and the game will sync automatically.
This will allow you to continue your game from the same point on the new device.
Note: Make sure you are on strong WIFI when you login to facebook./su_spoiler]

What are the Different Boosts in the game ?

There are four different boosts present in the game which helps you win the fights.
1. Health Boost: Refills your Health during a Fight
2. Battle Gauge: Refills Special meter for once during a Fight
3. Double Damage: Doubles your damage for 15 seconds during a Fight
4. Shield: Helps you Defend yourself for 10 seconds during a Fight

How can I save my game progress?

Game supports a manual sync feature which will let you save the game progression on the server with reference to your Facebook ID
To Sync your data please follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Launch the Game.
2. Login to Facebook from in game settings.
– Also you can login from VIP ACCESS which is provided in the right side of Main Manu in Friends section.
3. After successfully logging into Facebook
4. Go to Game Settings —> Scroll down to Cloud option
5. Select the Cloud option
6. Tap on Sync and you will be given ” Synchronization Progression Complete” and Data will be saved on server
7. You can also retrieve your data back on any other device by tapping on SYNC after logging into facebook from that device.
Please make sure to sync manually before exiting from the game. This is a cross platform feature and wil work on both Android and iOS.

Do I have to download content every time I launch the game?

No, the game does not require any additional download after installing it from the store.

Why does it take so long for Facebook sync process?

Syncing of data is routed from the server and completely depends on network connectivity.
Syncing should be therefore be processed in strong network conditions preferably WIFI /3G.

How can I restore my in app purchases ?

Please note that only the below Non Consumable items can be restored.
1. Energy Expansion
2. Extra time1
3. Unlimited Energy
4. Reward Doubler

Please follow the below steps for restoring them:
1. From the main menu go to the Setting of the game.
3. Now Select the last option- Restore In-Apps.
4. Tap on RESTORE.
After tapping on RESTORE your non consumable items will be restored with reference to your store id(GooglePlay/Apple).

How do I get Energy core ?

You are charged 1 unit of your energy core for a fight. To refill them back you have to wait for a given time. Other options to get the same are mentioned below:
1. You can do a Full Charge which is free for the first time and later by spending 5 Real Gold .
2. You can Request Energy core from your friends via facebook .
3. Tap on Free Energy Core, watch a video Ad and Earn an Energy Core unit.
4. Purchase an Energy Core Expansion pack ,it will increase and refill the energy core.
5. Purchase Unlimited Energy pack to reduce the time of refill to 5 seconds for one unit

How can I earn Coins or Gold?

You can earn Coins by:
1. Completing the fights.
2. Mystery Draw
3. Collecting rewards from ACHIEVEMENTS.
4. Making In-App Purchases.
5. Selling some items in the INVENTORY.
6. Daily Exhibition

You can earn Gold by:
1. Progressing to the next Level.
2. Connecting to Facebook via VIP ACCESS.
3. Collecting rewards from ACHIEVEMENTS/HALL OF FAME.
4. Making In-App Purchases.
5. ‘Liking’ the game on Facebook and YouTube.
6. Live Events

How many items can you store in the Inventory?

You can store infinite items in 20 different slots present in the inventory. Only the items earned through Mystery Draw, Daily Exhibition and by unlocking trophies can be stored in the inventory

How can I change Button configuration in the game?

You can either change it from the game settings or from in game Pause menu which can be accessed during the fight.
Steps are mentioned below

1. Go to game settings from the main menu
2.Tap on Button Configuration which looks like Joystick Gear Symbol .
3. Select Button Config of your choice by tapping on it.
4. Once you enter a fight you will be able to see the newly configured Controls .

What can I win in Mystery Draw?

Mystery draw is a Luck based feature which has 3 different draws (Gold/ Silver/ Bronze) and you can randomly win the below items .
Following are the list of items.
1. Standard Robots
2. Boosts
3. Coins
4. Gold
5. Keys
6. Champion Robot
7. Prime Robots
8. Extra timer

How can I increase the ranking of my Robot?

To increase the ranking of your robot, you need to Upgrade your robot using the below steps:
Select a Robot of your choice.
Go to Upgrade.
Tap on the moving circles to see what part is being highlighted.
Select the part that needs to be upgraded and Tap on Buy.
You can also do a Full Upgrade by spending Coins and see an Instant rise in the ranking.

How can I get free gold

This is how you get free gold.
1. ‘Liking’ the game on Facebook and YouTube from store section.
2. Connecting to Facebook via VIP ACCESS.
3. Offer Wall
4. Watching videos
5. Some achievements

When is the next update coming?

We are continuously working on improving the game, adding new features and characters and we try to update the game regularly.
If you wish to get news about upcoming features and updates as fast as possible please check out our official World Robot Boxing Facebook page.
That’s the fastest way to stay in the loop!!

How can I sell my Robot?

If you want to sell your robot the only way to do it is from Inventory option.
You can sell the ones that you have earned through the Mystery draw, Daily Exhibition and after unlocking trophies

How can I replay the game?

With different robots of same tier, you can replay the championship by swapping the opponents in pre fight screen and will be rewarded with better prizes which you can see in trophy room

Mystery Draw is not working

If you are facing problems with the Mystery Draw, please follow the below steps:
Kill the game-Long press the Home screen button of your device and swipe the game to kill it.
Launch the game (in strong Wifi/cellular network coverage) and Visit the Mystery Draw section

Why am I not getting Daily Rewards?

Daily Rewards has been replaced by Daily Exhibition mode with bigger and better Rewards.

How do I get Psytron/Cardinal Chaos/ Dreadlord?

You can get Psytron/Cardinal Chaos/Dreadlord through Mystery Draw.

Where can I use my free upgrade which I won through Daily Exhibition?

You can use your free upgrade on any robot which you choose.

What is Versus Mode?

In Versus Mode you can fight WRB players worldwide in Player vs Player online multiplayer battles to Top the Global Leaderboard.

What are SuperBot Tokens?

SuperBot Tokens are Rewards you get when you win Versus Fights.

How do I use SuperBot Tokens?

You can Exchange SuperBot Tokens for Mystery Draw Keys which in use will give you Rewards.

Why can’t I challenge all Players?

You can only challenge players who are 5 ranks above you.

How do I challenge a Player?

In the Leaderboard, tap on the players with ranks above you to challenge them.

Why can’t I challenge my friend/ a player I know?

You cannot Challenge only one of the players who are 5 ranks above you as a fight between any other player will not be a even matchup.

What is Match Log?

In Match Log you can find all your Versus Player Activity i.e. your win and loss records.

Where do you find Versus Rewards?

You can find the Rewards button next to Leaderboard to see all your Rewards. Note: To Claim your Rewards you have to go to Inbox.

Where can I purchase DreadLord?

You can buy DreadLord in the Robot Dealer section of Store.

What is Repair in Versus?

After a fight in Versus if your robot’s health is in Red your will be given an option of repair. You can Repair this robot with Gold or wait the given time period. Note: When one robot is under repair you can play with another robot.

How to add/purchase robots in Versus?

Below the your own robot list there’s a ‘+’ symbol through which you can go to Robot Dealer and get a new Robot for Versus Mode.

What is Insurance Feature in PVP?

This feature can be used to hold your score streak in PVP at maximum value even after you lose 2 fights.

What are LiveEvents?

LiveEvents is saga progression gameplay and each event is categorized into 3 sections (Rookie/ VIP/ Pro).

What are the different categories in a live event?

Rookie – User can play with any robot.
VIP – User can play only with the required entry robot.
PRO – User can play with any robot.

What does each Sub event contain?

In each Sub event, there will be fixed amount of Fights and also in between fights there will QUESTS.

What are Quests?

Quests can be obtained by playing LiveEvents and should be completed to proceed further in the game.
Quests contains objectives to be completed in all the other modes.

What is Early completion bonus?

It is a bonus which user gets for completing the event in the designated time.

What is Event Store?

Event Store is located in LiveEvent section from where superbots, robots, health kits and gold can be purchased.

What is Event currency?

Event currency is a new currency which can be only earned from playing the LiveEvents mode and also can be used for purchasing Superbots/Health Kits/Tier Robots

What are SuperBots?

Superbots are special robots with unique abilities and can only be purchased with Event currency.
* Scorpion is a Superbot

Where can I buy Fraust and Juggernaut?

These two are entry criteria robots for VIP Category of a live event and can be bought by accessing VIP category

What are Health Kits?

Health Kits can be used to replenish the damaged robot health.
These health kits are only applicable in LiveEvents.

Where can User buy Health kits?

You can buy Health kits from Repair section of VS screen or from Event Store.

What is the the correlation between PvP and LiveEvents Robot Health?

PvP and LiveEvents have their own health regen system and does not depend on one another.
Eg: if Ambush is taken 50% dmg in PvP, the same ambush will be at 100% health to start with in LiveEvents.

Where can I use Superbots and Event specific robots?

You can use them (Fraust,Juggernaut and Scorpion) only in Live Events and in Versus mode

What are the Challenges? How do I unlock Challenges?

In CHALLENGES mode, you will have to fight based on different gameplay conditions. Challenges unlocks after completing UW1 2nd fight. Each Challenge has 5-8 fights and they unlock by completing Fight Modifier condition.
Classic – Establish yourself as a contender
VIP – Prove that you are a champion in the making
Legendary – Become the Master of Robot Boxing
Note: For completing Legendary Mode you need to reach level 20.

Why can’t I enter Challenges with any robot?

Each challenge is designed for a particular Robot. You will need to own this Entry Robot to fight & win the challenge. Note: Some Challenges have more challenge conditions which you have to follow.

How to Win MEGA REWARD in Challenges?

You can unlock Grand Rewards by achieving Fight Modifier and completing all fight reward conditions for all fights.

What are Fight Modifiers in CHALLENGES?

Fight Modifiers are unique conditions/rules applicable to a fight in Challenges.

What is VIP experience? How can I unlock VIP? Where can I get VIP points?

VIP levels give you bigger benefits & special privileges which can be unlocked with VIP points collected with in-app purchases. Collect VIP Points with more in-app purchases to increase your VIP level and get bigger benefits.

How do I get VIP benefits? What are the VIP benefits available?

Earn extra energy, upgrade cards, VIP pennants, bonus cards, faster timers, health regen, discounts, greater fight rewards, exclusive robots, etc., with higher VIP levels

What are Bonus Cards & Upgrade Cards?

You can use Bonus Cards to get extra rewards for fights in a given time period. Upgrade Cards are used to Upgrade a robot by one level.

What are Bonus Payouts?

You can get extra fight rewards in Championship and Time Attack with Bonus Payouts.

Where do I get Live Event Tickets?

Win VIP Live Events Tickets by achieving higher VIP levels fortnightly. You can purchase them from the in-game store.

What are Abilities?

Each robot has 2 Abilities which aid in battle. Unleash Oil Leak, Stun, Perfect Block, Corrosion and many more robot Abilities in battle. NOTE: Certain robots’ abilities have an advantage over another. You can overpower an opponent with special abilities. For example – Biowar’s Special Armor Melt counters Fatboy’s Special Armor Brace.

How do I take my robot to Star level?

You can take only fully upgraded robots to Star Level by using Transform Cards. You can also upgrade your each star level from 2 to 5 using the same process.

Where do I get Transform Cards?

You can get Transform Cards from Versus as Milestone Rewards.

How do I unlock Abilities? When do I get 2nd Ability?

Your Robot’s first Ability is available at the start. Unlock robot’s 2nd Ability by reaching star level 2.

How do I know what the robot ability does?

Tap on the robot Ability Icons on your robot screen to check the Description of exactly what the ability does.

How do I dodge?

You can dodge or evade opponents Attacks:
DOUBLE TAP on UP and DOWN arrow buttons and watch robots side-step to avoid being hit. NOTE: You can also evade an opponent’s SP with Dodge feature.

What do I get in Ability Spin? Where do I get Spins from?

You can get Ability Spins free every four hours, from Versus as Milestone Rewards and you can purchase from store. NOTE: Premium Spin purchased from store gives more Ability cards.

How do I upgrade Abilities?

You can Upgrade Robot Ability with Ability Cards earned from spins in Upgrade/Inventory section.

What happens when I Upgrade my Ability?

On upgrading your ability gets enhanced in value or percentage, hence making your robot more powerful in battle. To see the increase in value or percentage, tap the robot ability icons and check the description.

Where do I find my own Ability Cards?

You can see the number of Ability Cards you have in Inventory – Ability Cards tab.

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