Idle Army Base: Walkthroughs, Tips, Cheats and Guides

You earn coins whenever a recruit finishes a training exercise. You can use these coins to unlock additional training activities by tapping on the Academy building near the Front Gate.

Head to the top of the map and tap on the War building to start an attack on a region. Attacking a region requires you to send trained troops using your landing craft, keep an eye on them, and launch when they’re full (you can launch them early if you like). Send enough troops within the time limit and you’ll defeat the region with a nice cash payout!

What do start do?

You can use Stars to purchase upgrades like permanently speeding up your base or increasing your earnings. Tap on the Epic Upgrades button in the corner of the screen to see what you can get!

Why are recruits entering the base anymore?

This may be because of the population cap which can be seen in the sign next to the Front Gate. As the population cap allows for more than enough recruits to train in each area, it will not cost you any earnings.


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