Cooking City: Guide for beginners

How to play Bonus Levels?

For every restaurant, there is one bonus level after all 40 keys in the restaurant are collected.  (except for Breakfast Shop and Burger Shop in Western Town)

NOTE:   If you find there are no bonus levels in the last map, please wait for the new map to come. Then the bonus levels in the previous map will be open automatically.

These levels consist of 3-minute long challenges where you must be at the top of your game!

Any mistake (burning food, throwing food away, losing a customer or others) can all result in a level ending. But if you are up for the challenge, tons of coins can be earned here!

Tips for passing a bonus level: earn as much money as possible to fill in the green progress bar on the top before the level ends!

NOTE: If you can not pass the challenge, you also can receive rewards you earn in Bonus levels. Bonus levels will be refreshed 4 hours later after you finishing it.

How do I beat “Combos Levels”?

This type of level requires combos to be made in order to earn combo coins (which is different from common coins) so as to complete the level.

A combo of at least three dishes served in quick succession will need to be made.

We recommend that you try to get combos of four or five dishes, as these will score more coins and help pass the level easier than combos x3!

Tips: Some players use the boost “Freezer” to create more combos.

How do I invite my friends and ask for/send energies?

To invite friends,  ask for/ send energies,  you need to login your Facebook account first.

1. Sign in your Facebook account

2. Tap Chef icon next to the balance of coins

3. Choose tabs to ask or send energy

4. Tap “ask” or “send”

5. Ask for energies or send your friends energies

NOTE: Only your Facebook friends can be invited.


How do I travel to other cities?

After completion of the first city, Western Town, you can travel to more cities!

Once you have completed Western Town:

– Tap airplane icon of your screen to start travel.

– Or, looking for the globe icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Tap this icon and start traveling!

There are many food scenes to explore in many cities!

What is Energy?

Energy is used to pass normal levels( not event levels). There are completely 5 points of energy. Each time you fail to pass a level, one point of energy will lose. Passing levels succeessfully will not cost any energy.

It costs 30 minutes to restore one point of energy, while you can also choose to refill the 5 points of energy with gems. There are 2 hours of free energy every day for subscription. By updating the game to the latest version or challenging event levels, you may also have rewards of free energy.

What is Chef Level?

It reflects your progress in the game. When level up, you can get gems as rewards. We aim to develop more gameplay about chef level, please stay tuned.

How do I beat more levels?

Each level has a unique goal.

Coins Levels:

It requires you to earn a certain amount of coins before the time or customer count runs out. The best way to collect coins is to upgrade ingredients to get quality dishes and perform as many combos as you can.

Dishes Levels:

Any food or drink you serve to a customer is called a “dish”. The key to make more dishes is to upgrade your appliances to make more food at same time.

Likes Levels:

This goal is represented by a “Heart” icon. Collect “Likes” from customers by serving their food quickly so that they will stay happy. You also can upgrade appliances to speed up cooking. If a customer is served too slowly, no “Likes” for you.

How to play Pink Levels?

Each restaurant has more than one pink levels. Once you have completed all 3 tiers of gameplay in each 10 levels, one pink levels will begin appearing.

The levels are selected at random from those levels that you have completed and they can be replayed to earn more coins! Different goals mean different difficulties.

How does upgrade work?

Upgrade appliances:

– Reduce time of cooking food

– Increase production of food

– speed up the cooking efficiency.

Upgrade ingredients:

– Improve food quality

– Increase food price

What should I do with burnt dishes?

Burnt dishes should be thrown in the trash. Double-tapping on a dish will toss it into the trash. It is a good solution when you make the wrong dish or accidentally burn something.

NOTE: There will be levels that require you to not throw dishes out.

How do I do if customers won’t accept their order?

Only dishes ordered by customers can be delivered. Make sure you have combined the right ingredients. You may have failed to add a certain ingredient or added an extra one.

If you make the wrong dish, tap the dish twice to toss it into the trash.

NOTE: There will be levels that have spare plates to place dishes. You can use them and make right dishes.

If the problem persists, please contact us.

What are achievements?

Achievements are extra opportunities to earn in-game currency by performing certain tasks.

Achievements have three steps. The reward for completing each new step is better than the previous one.

NOTE: You can view a list of all your earned and available rewards in the Achievements.

What is “Key” ?

You’ll see a key on levels window at the start of specific levels. Keys also can be found by replaying certain levels. Collect enough keys to unlock the rest levels of current restaurant or a new restaurant.

How to avoid to serve wrong dishes?

Complete this mission by only tapping on completed orders that customers waiting at the counter have asked for.

If you tap on orders customers have not requested, you will fail the level and lose an Energy.

Tips: Some players use the boost “Helper” to achieve this mission.

How to unlock a new restaurant?

Collect enough keys of current restaurant to unlock a new one.

NOTE: Keys can be found in different tiers of levels. Pass the level to get the key.

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