Brain Test Answers Or Solutions All Level And Walkthrough

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is an extremely addictive free puzzle game containing many humorous and not obvious riddles to solve. Head for relaxation! Invite family and friends to have fun together. Take the quiz and test your intelligence!

Level 1 - FIND THE BIGGEST ONEDon’t go for the looks

What is the bigger one in actually? Go for watermelon.
Level 2 - HOW MANY DUCKSThe answer is 9 because the 6th one is not a duck.
Level 3 - WHO IS THE TALLEST ONEDon’t forget that the sun is also on the screen.

So the answer is obvious, It’s SUN.
Level 4 - CAN YOU FIND OUT THE DIFFERENCE ONETry to move every piece of melon.

Then a different one will come out then try clicking on that.
Level 5 - WHICH CLAW IS SIMILAR TO CATS CLAWThe paw of the cat is similar to his own paw.

Just click on his other paw.
Level 6 - HOW MANY TRIANGLES ARE IN A PENTAGRAMTry counting by yourself. there are 11 triangles.
Level 7 - FIND OUT THE LARGEST FIREJust merge all the fire together.

Then click on that biggest fire.
Level 8 - WHAT’S THE NUMBER UNDER THE PARKED CARTry moving the car out of parking.

Then click on the no. you found under the car that is 9.
Level 9 - WHAT MARK WOULD YOU GIVE FOR THIS GAMEThe answer is Full Marks. (no explanation)
Level 10 - WAKE UP THE OWLJust drag the sun out of the screen

Then owl will be able to sleep.
Level 11 - FIND SOMETHING YOU CAN NOT EATJust remove chicken out of the nest.

You can’t eat the nest so click on the nest.
Level 12 - YOU HAVE TO WIN THE GAMEMake two ‘O’ by using two of your fingers at the same time.
Level 13 - FIND THE DARKEST COLOR ON THE SCREENJust click on the question text because the darkest color on the screen is black.
Level 14 - COUNT THE NUMBER OF HAIRSRemove the fake hairs (wig) of the baby then try counting again, please.
Level 15 - HELP BABY DUCKLING DRINK WATERJust click on the question text because the darkest color on the screen is black.
Level 16 - CAN YOU SOLVE THIS QUESTIONHold press below the no. 1.

You will see that the line below the 1 can be moved.

So put that line under the question mark so that question mark will become the 2. And the question is solved.
Level 17 - FIND SOMETHING YOU CAN EATMove the claw type thing on the couch.

It will become meat. Now enjoy your meal.
Level 18 - THE LITTLE ELEPHANT IS SO LONELYHold tap on the elephant and then click on the copy.

Then he will not be lonely anymore.
Level 19 - PUT THE GIRAFFE INTO THE FRIDGEZoom out the fridge, and giraffe will be able to fit in.
Level 20 - HELP THE GIRAFFE TO EAT THE APPLEHold tap on his head and drag it over the apple to pass the level.
Level 21 - NO SMOKINGTap 3-4 times on the red area (burning area) of cigarettes.

Then smoke will go out.
Level 22 - PUTTING 3 COIN INTO PIGGY BANKFirst, put all 3 coins inside the piggy bank, now break the piggy bank by tapping 3-4 times on it.

Now count the actual amount of coins that is “15”.
Level 23 - SO HUNGRY! MAKE SOMETHING TO EATFirst, remove the house and moon and star out of the painting. Then remove the smiley face of the sun then put the sun into the cloud thing inside the painting.

Now the delicious poached egg is ready to eat.
Level 24 - WHAT IS THE MINIMUM CUTS NEEDED TO CUT A CIRCLEThe answer is one “1”.

Because if you fold the circle 4 times then cut it single time circle will be divided into 8 parts.
Level 25 - HOW MANY ANTSFirst, zoom out the stone by using 2 fingers.

Now count all the ants It’s “17”.
Level 26 - FIND OUT THE RULE AND WRITE DOWN THE ANSWER!If you see closely the circle denotes “0” and triangle denotes “1”, now if you know the binary code system they all are shown in binary code.
And 01001 is the binary code of “9”.
Level 27 - GO TO THE EXITDon’t use the maze.

Just use your brain and make him go outside of the maze.
Level 28 - POINT OUT ALL PEOPLEClick on this level and use the given image to find all people.
Level 29 - FIND 8 ANIMALSFirst, click on the cloud to start the rain, then an earthworm will come out from the stone.

Now click on every animal you can see.
Level 30 - MOVE 2 MATCHSTICKS TO CREATE AN UPRIGHT CHAIRIt’ll be better if you watch the video given.
Level 31 - WHO WOULD YOU SAVE? YOUR MOM OR YOUR GIRLFRIENDDon’t be mean Save them both at the same time.

Just click on both of them at the same time with 2 different fingers.
Level 32 - DRIVE THE CAR TO THE ROAD SIGNJust drag the cloud then the sun will come out, then sunshine will melt the ice and your way will be clear to go on the next level.
Level 33 - HOW TO EAT CARROTSDo some smart work. Just drag carrot near the rabbit.
Level 34 - HELP THEM CROSS THE RIVERJust zoom out the boat inside the river.
Level 35 - WHAT 3 NUMBER ADD UP TO 12Click twice on 3 and once on 6.

3+3+6 = 12.
Level 36 - PUT EVERYTHING INTO THE BOXPut everything inside the box including the question texts.
Level 37 - WHACK-A-MOLEJust drag the mole outside the hole near the hammer.
Level 38 - RESCUE GIRAFFEJust tilt your phone upside down and the key will come out from the bucket.

Just use the key to unlock the Giraffe.
Level 39 - CAN YOU SOLVE THIS EQUATION?1+2+3+11+2+3+11+2+3+1 = 39
Level 40 - FIND OUT THE OBJECTS?Click on this level and use the picture to find the hidden objects.
Level 41 - OH GOD! ZOZO OVERSLEPT! WAKE HER UPNothing will work so just open the door her mom will make her awake.
Level 42 - 5=?If 1=5 then 5=1.
Level 43 - WHICH CUP WILL GET FILLED FIRSTFirst, drag the no.1 glass out of the chart.

Now you will see that no.4 glass will be filled first.
Level 44 - MOVE 1 MATCHSTICK TO MAKE The BIGGEST NUMBERThe old answer is “909”.

The updated answer is “965”
Level 45 - PLEASE WRITE DOWN THE CORRECT ANSWERWhat is the addition of 4 and 5?

It’s 9.
Level 46 - HELP TOM TO GET HER NOTICEDrag the lady’s purse into the boy’s hand.

Then she will notice him.
Level 47 - FIND THE ALIENSJust land the spaceship on the surface.

Then the alien will come out of the spaceship.
Level 48 - CORRECT THE DIRECTIONJust rotate your phone to 90 degrees on your right.
Level 49 - HOW MANY FRENCH FRIES BELOWTry to drag and move every pack of french fries. There are more than 6 packs.

Now try counting again.
Level 50 - FIND THE PANDA!Click on this level and use the picture to find the panda.
Level 51 - DAMN! I CAN’T STAND THIS MESSJust erase the paint on the well by using your finger as an eraser.
Level 52 - CLICK THE ORANGE RECTANGLE 3 TIMESClick on the orange one for three times.

Then green one for three times then wait for 2 seconds and wait for it gets the green color again.

Now when it gets to green color then click two more times.
Level 53 - HOW TO MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUEJust rub the lamp then click on the red book behind the genie.
Level 54 - WHICH SHAPE HAS THE MOST SIDESThe circle has infinite sides.
Level 55 - AGAIN! WHO WOULD YOU SAVEShake your device to wake him up so his imagination will go away.
Level 56 - PLEASE FIND THE PHOTOThen hold tap on to the box then tilt your phone to 90 degrees of your right.
Level 57 - WAKE UP THE LITTLE PIGGYHold tap on the piggy’s nose. And he’ll wake up.
Level 58 - HELP THEM GET ON A BLIND DATETap 3-4 times on the doggo.
Level 59 - FIND THE NUMBER 8Click on this level and use the picture to find the number 8.
Level 60 - FIND GREENIf we mix blue and yellow that makes green.
Level 61 - FIND THE HEXAGONDrag the yellow part and put it on the top of the orange part.

Watch the video for a more precise explanation.
Level 62 - WHAT COMES AFTER AEBFCThe answer is “G”.


Now Fill the space E_F_G
Level 63 - CRAZY PIN CIRCLEJust spin the wheel like a normal human. Or click on this level for a video solution.
Level 64 - WHAT NUMBER WILL HOUR HAND POINT TO AFTER 3 HOURSI think the watch is broken or something so after 3 hours the hour hand will be at the same point.

So the answer is 9.
Level 65 - HOW MANY CHICKS ARE THEREJust spin the wheel like a normal human.
Level 66 - COMFORT MY DOGTouch the dog gently up to down make him feel good.
Level 67 - FIND THE HIDDEN STARSJust shake your phone and stars will come out.
Level 68 - MAKE THE EQUATION TRUE1-0 = 1 (that’s what you have to make by rearranging matchsticks)

I recommend you to watch the video for it.
Level 69 - FIND THE ANOTHER HENScroll your screen from left to right to find the mom.
Level 70 - ADD UP 3 LARGEST NUMBERS IN THE FOLLOWINGLargest number on the screen are 7-8-9.

Just add them[24].
Level 71 - EAT CARROTS AGAINUse the question text as a bridge.

Drag the question text and make the rabbit reach the carrot.

Mirror effect will change them into “70773”
Level 73 - HELP BUNNY TO WINHold tap on the horse to stop hin from running then click on start multiple times to make him win.
Level 74 - LIGHT UP THE 4TH BULBPress start then press stop when the light gets to 4th bulb.
Level 75 - PLEASE WRITE DOWN A 2 DIGIT NUMBERAdd all the sides of the diagram and the answer will be “58”

10+10+15+15+4+4 = 58
Level 76 - CREATE A RECTANGLEClick on the square and move it out to half of the screen.
Level 77 - MAKE THE FOLLOWING EQUATION HOLDJust click on “3” then another 3 will pop out.

You can rotate the other 3 and make it looks like “8”.
Level 78 - TAP A BUTTERFLY ABOVE THE TEXTSDrag the question texts under the butterfly.

Now click on the butterfly.
Level 79 - HELP ZOE TO DRINK THE JUICE SEDIMENTClick on the bottom part of the juice glass and drag it out, and give it to the ZOE.
Level 80 - PUT THE SHAPES INTO THE RIGHT FRAMEDrag the red shape to the empty shell. do the same with the blue one.

But yellow shape won’t go in so fit it inside with the red shape.
Level 81 - SPOT THE DIFFERENCESFirst drag out the wooden table and 2 more pots will come out.

Now click on the middle flowers.
Level 82 - HOW MANY HOLES DOES THIS PANTS HAVEThere are “9” holes in the pants.
Level 84 - CATCH THE RATFirst fire the wood then drag to wood to the end of the pipe now block the second end of the pipe by hold tapping. Then the rat will come out.
Level 85 - HOW TO PASS THIS LEVELMove the mouse and take the pointer to the next button.
Level 86 - FORM A SMALLEST POSSIBLE NUMBERHold press on the first line or blank space line and drag it upside.

Now type 999 So the answer will be Negative 999 (-999).
Level 87 - ONCE AGAINFirst, zoom the ring with the two fingers and play the game with a normal human being, don’t go too fast.
Level 88 - MOM IS BACKHold tap on the Gamepad and hide it.
Level 89 - TURN THE PYRAMID UPSIDE DOWNClick on this level to see how to turn the pyramid upside down in 3 moves.
Level 90 - TAP IN FOLLOWING ORDERFollow the order given and in the last click on the given “33” in the question.

Watch the video if you’re still not able to understand.
Level 91 - HELP LITTLE GIRL EAT THE CAKESlowly tap on the right button to move girl onto middle row, then remove plank below girl so she will fall onto the cake.
Level 92 - WHEN ZOE WAS 6 YEARS OLDThe answer is 16 because lulu is 6 years older than Zoe.
Level 93 - YOU HAVE TO WIN THE GAME AGAINDrag your zero to the third line and click on the remaining empty spot.

Watch video If you’re still not able to understand.
Level 94 - HOW TO EAT THE NOODLESFirst, put noodles into the bowl and fill the water.

Now hold tap on the bowl for 4-5 seconds.
Level 95 - HELP BABY FALL ASLEEPFirst of all turn on your device’s screen rotation.

Rotate your phone facing down then try to shake or tilt a little, and the baby will fall asleep.
Level 97 - FIND THE PANDAClick on this level and use the picture to find the panda.
Level 98 - HELP THE BAT FALL ASLEEPFirst, make sure your screen rotation is on.

Just rotate your device upside-down. Then the bat will go to sleep.
Level 99 - ENTER THE BIGGEST ONEUse both of Zeros to make an infinite.
Level 101 - TIME TO GO TO BEDTurn off the light by flipping your phone to 180 degrees.
Level 102 - KILL THE NASTY FLYFirst tap hop anywhere on the screen. the fly will come towards your finger.

Now use another finger to kill the fly.
Level 103 - WHICH IS THE CHEAPESTGamepad is the cheapest.
Level 104 - FILL IN THE?The answer is 91.

The explanation:

(2+3)*3=15, (3+4)*4=28, (4+5)*5=45, (5+6)*6=66 similarly (6+7)*7=13*7=91
Level 105 - ADD 1 LINE TO MAKE THIS EQUATION TRUEClick on the 2nd plus sign(+) and swipe down then it will change into 4.
Level 106 - JACK WANT TO DRINK THE MINUTE MAIDYou have to shake your phone or device without holding the minute made or orange bottle.

Then give that bottle to the jack.
Level 107 - WHICH DREAM DO YOU WANT TO COME TRUEClick on all three answers at the same time.
Level 108 - OPEN THE BOXFirst, click on fruits from left to right, then click once on the yellow hexagon.

Now tap twice on the orange square because diamond and square are the same.
Level 109 - WHATS TH ANSWERJust go with the flow If 1=5, 2=15, 3=215, 4=3215

Then 5=43215.
Level 110 - HOW MANY DIFFRENCESThere is 8 difference in these pictures.
Level 111 - TAP THE BLUE BUTTON 10 TIMESYou have to click 10 times on the blue color.

Don’t get confused if there shown clicks are “11” you actually clicked 10 times.

Now click on red color once.
Level 112 - KEEP THE BALANCE BALANCEDRemove both balls and fly out of the scale.
Level 113 - COUNT THE NUMBER OF HAIRS AGAINFirst, count his hairs then turn his head then count the back head hairs too.

Total hairs are “38”.
Level 114 - WHATS THE ANSWERSThe answer is “14”.

Whole cat=10, Face=5, two Paws=2 (or One paw =1), But look carefully at the last cat in 3rd equation have only One paw, So answer should be 5+1x(10-1)=5+9=14
Level 115 - TYKE’S 2-YEAR-OLD BIRTHDAYLight the middle candle by moving the matchstick.

Then tilt your phone 90 degrees to left.
Level 116 - FIND THE MOTHER HEN AGAINZoom out the screen then you will found the mother.

Then click on the mother.
Level 117 - HELP THE DUCK DRINK WATERFirst, put the stones inside the flask if you want but that won’t help.

So, use one cloud to hide the sun then the rain will fill the flask.

Then move the duck near the flask.
Level 118 - WHATS YOUR BODY TEMPRATUREHold tap on the bottom of the thermometer and temperature will rise up to 96.8

So write down the 96.8 F.
Level 119 - MIX RED AND BLUE TOGETHERHold tap on the top of the buret and shake your phone.
Level 120 - HELP! WHERE’S MY RINGFirst, tap on the dog food to open the box, then give that box to the dog, after eating the food dog will poop and the ring will come out.

Now click on the ring and enjoy it.
Level 121 - TURN OF THE LIGHT AGAINTap on the bulb for like 4-5 times.
Level 122 - HOW MANY TIMES 1 USEDThe “1” is used for 140 times between 1-199.
Level 123 - THE LITTLE BUNNY IS HUNGRY AGAINThere are five hearts on the top.

Drag one heart and give it to the rabbit.

The rabbit will grow up now he can jump that far.
Level 124 - THERE ARE 26 LETTERS IN ALPHABET IF ET LEFTAlphabet – ET left so there remains ALPHAB (letter: A, L, P, H, B)
26-5= 21
Level 125 - LIGHT UP ALL THE BULBDrag the 3rd bulb and remove it out of the screen and tap on the red button.
Level 126 - HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO REACH THE SAME HIGHTThe answer is “6”. Because they have to reach the same hight and that is possible only when both get burned completely. So smaller ones will burn in 3 hours and the bigger one in 6 hours, and we will make them burn at the same time. so the total time is 6.
Level 127 - CAN YOU SOLVE THIS 7+3= ?The answer is 410.

5+3= (5-3)(5+3)= 28

Similarly, 7+3= (7-3)(7+3)= 410
Level 128 - HELP THE BABY GET A HAIRCUTRotate your phone facing down then try to shake or tilt a little, and the baby will fall asleep.

Now use the trimmer to cut his hair.
Level 129 - YOU ARE SO SMART! LET’S CHEERSFirst, shake your phone, then tap on the cork.
Level 130 - SOLVE THE PROBLEMThe answer is “20” Because there is the difference in the total no. of grapes, in 2nd equation, there are 12 grapes and in the last one grape are 11.

Now try solving it again.
Level 131 - TURN ON THE LEAST SWITCH TO GET WATERClick on this level and use the picture to find out which switch you have to switch.
Level 132 - FIND THE WOLF IN THE SHEEPDrag meat piece to every sheep and fake sheeps face will change.

Now use your other finger to remove the Fake clothes of the wolf.
Level 133 - NAP TIME IS OVER WAKE UP THE BABYUse the clock.

Change the time by using the minute hand and go 2 hours in the future.

Then give him the bottle of milk.
Level 134 - MAKE THE PAPER WINDMILL SPIN FASTTap once on the fan and shake your device.
Level 135 - FIND A HEARTCombine both red shapes to make a heart.
Level 136 - WHAT TIME IS IT NOWWrite down the present time of your device.
Level 137 - DO NOT LIFT UP THE STONEOne or 2 fingers are enough to lift the stone.

Use three fingers to lift the stone.
Level 138 - HOW MANY TRIANGLES ARE THERETap and drag your finger out of the star, a triangle will come out from it.

Now try counting again[7].
Level 139 - HELP THE KITTEN FISHINGFirst, shake your phone.

Now take earthworm and put it on the fish hook and shake again.
Level 140 - ZOZO WANTS to GO SKATINGClick on this level and use the picture to make the skating shoe.
Level 141 - ZOZO’S 16TH BIRTHDAYThe answer is 20030816.

If you open the box it says that the calendar date is yesterday so zozo’s birthday is on 16th.

And the password is his birth date and its the 16 years before.

So the password is 2003-08-16.
Level 142 - HELP MARK ESCAPE FROM THE SECRET ROOMFirst, tap on the bulb for 4-5 times then it will turn off.

Now Tap on escape rapidly.
Level 143 - PIGSY WAS CAPTURED BY THE MONSTERFirst, shake the monster.

A crow will come out from it, now give that crown to the monkey.

The monkey will become the Monkey king.

In last give him the leg of the chair then he will knock out the monster.
Level 144 - FIND OUT ALL THE ITEMSClick on this level and use the picture to find all the items.
Level 145 - PICKING FRUITMake the ladder of given woods and ropes.

Just pick wood one by one and attach it to tree then after that use rope.
Level 146 - MAKE THIS EQUATION TRUEFirst, rotate the no.9 to make a “6” then click on it.

Then click on 11 and 13 that will make 30.
Level 147 - FIND THE PINGPONGFirst, press start then play the game twice

Then 3rd games start your game speed gets 10 times faster.

So all you have to do is erase the “0” from the “10” by rubbing it.

Then start the game again.
Level 148 - WHICH ONE WOULD YOU GIVE UP?Just click on the end of the ropes and tie it with the other rope then you won’t have to give up on any single one.
Level 149 - OLD LADY HAS 7 SONS & EACH SON HAS A SISTERThe answer is “8”. Each sister has a brother so there is only one brother.
Level 150 - HOW TO CATCH THE THIEFFirst, rotate the no.9 to make a “6” then click on it.

Then click on 11 and 13 that will make 30.
Level 151 - SAVE THE EGGYou have to use your two fingers here.

with one finger you have to hold the dumbbell and with one drag out the egg from this position.
Level 152 - HELP DOG TO WINThe White horse is faster then the black one so if you want the dog to win then drag him on the white horse and start the race.
Level 153 - MAKE ICE CREAMFirst, use your two fingers to move the machine to left and you will see the power plug so just connect it with the machine.

Then drag cone, milk, and ice to the machine and you icecream will be ready to eat.
Level 154 - HOW MANY CANDLES?The answer is “2” because all the candles are burning and if you blew 2 candles out then the remaining candles at the last are those two who blew out.
Level 155 - PROTECT THE ROCKETYou can drag the “protect” word from the question.

So all you have to do it use that protect word to drag on the rocket and wait for 15 seconds.
Level 156 - FIND THE FLYLook closely the dog has the glasses(specs) of the girl.

Just drag those specs to the girl and now she will be able to see the fly.

Just click on the fly to kill it.
Level 157 - WHICH ONE WILL YOU PICK IT UPHold press on any paper (currency) and drag all the papers with it.
Level 158 - CATCH ALL BIRDSHold press on the kid’s pocket and drag out the phone.

Then give that phone to the kid and he will capture the birds into a picture.
Level 159 - CHARGE ITYou have to plug-in your charger into the phone(device) to pass this level(not in the game but in real life).
Level 160 - WHICH TWO NUMBERS CAN MAKE UP INTO 8All you have to do is click twice on the no. “0”.
Level 161 - HOW CAN AVOID THE DOGGY EATING THE SAUSAGEGive the sausage to the boy before the dog eats it.
Level 162 - KNOCK OUT ALL THE BOWLING PINSFirst, you have to zoom out the ball.

Then roll it.
Level 163 - FIND OUT THE PING PONG BALLLook at “Lv.163”.

Now click on the dot after Lv. It’s your ping pong ball.
Level 164 - HOW MANY TRIANGLES BELOWThere are “12” triangles in the structure. But you look at the “+,-” signs they are also inside the triangles.

So the total triangles are “14”
Level 165 - NO SMOKINGFirst, you have to remove his lighter from his pocket.

Then click 4-5 times on his cigarette to make his stop smoking.
Level 166 - MONKEY CAN PICK 2 PINEAPPLES PER MINUTEDon’t do mathematics. The tree he’s on is not the pineapple’s tree.

So the answer is “Zero”.
Level 167 - BATH THE CATFirst, put soap in the water, then click on the cat to make him go inside the tub.

There is a fish under the chair. Give it to the cat and the bathing will be easy for the boy.
Level 168 - FIND THE EXITRead the question. There is an “exit” inside that text, just click on it.
Level 169 - SQUEEZE THE MILKDrag the bucket to close to bull he will kick out the bucket and will make the baby cow cry.

Do the same thing 3 times. His mom cow will come then use that bucket with mama cow.
Level 170 - FILL THE BUCKETDrag the broken bucket to transparent jar type thing. And now drag the jar to below the tap.
Level 171 - FILL IN THE SAME NUMBERUse “4”, it will make the equation complete.

444+44+4+4+4 = 500.
Level 172 - HOW MANY CUT TO CUT A CAKE IN 8 PIECESThree(3) cuts will be enough to cut the cake into equal 8 pieces.
Level 173 - CLEAR THE MONSTERZoom out the water drop.

That will clear the monsters.
Level 174 - DISAPPEAR THE CARDHold tap on the cards or the screen. Then move your finger withholding on the screen, it will make all the cards go disappear.
Level 175 - FIVE IN THE ROW ITS YOUR TURNDon’t wait for his turn to draw all five zeros continuously.
Level 176 - HELP THE CHICK OUTDon’t try to unlock the cage.

The chicken is small enough to get out of the big gap of the cage rods.
Level 177 - CATCH THE DOLLFirst, open the drawer and turn on the switch.

Then insert the coin in the machine then use buttons to control the hook and grab the teddy.

And take it up to the yellow button.
Level 178 - GOAL 3 TIMESDo the first two goals when the boy is far away from the ball to stop it.

Then for the 3rd goal, shoot the ball and goalkeeper will stop it. Then you have rapidly click on the coin until the bar is full of red color then clicks on the ball to do the goal.
Level 179 - CHOOSE THE LARGEST NUMBERDon’t use your brain just follow the given pattern.

Level 180 - MAY I HAVE A GLASS OF WATERUse two fingers.

One to lift the cattle and another for tilt the cattle.
Level 181 - PARK THE CARDon’t park the car in the shown blank spot.

Take the car to the right side of the screen and you will see a lot of space for parking.

Now you can do the parking.
Level 182 - Enter PasswordUse your device’s volume button to zoom in and you will find the hidden password and that is “965”.
Level 183 - The little bunny is hungryUse the given hearths to make a bridge then use buttons to reach the rabbit near the carrot.
Level 184 - Win the gameMove the word “YOU” from the small to the big guy and press ‘PUNCH’ button.
Level 185 - Find chickTap the word “CHICK” in the question text to pass the level.
Level 186 - Grill the fish for the catPut the fish on the fire for 2 seconds then give it to the cat to pass the level.
Level 187 - a=?Inside the programme the value of b=10 & a=b so “a” will also be “10”.
Level 188 - Press 1000Drag the button tap then you will find the no. “1000”, now click on it to pass the level.
Level 189 - Park the carFirst, remove the green car from its place then park your car to pass the level.
Level 190 - Light a candleZoom on the matchbox and take a matchstick out from the box now light the match then light the candle to pass the level.
Level 191 - Subdue the monsterZoom out to make the monster become small now fit him inside his pocket to pass the level.
Level 192 - Who is the smartestOnly and the only DEVELOPER for making this awesome game.
Level 193 - Make him laughFirst, remove his shoes then use a feather to tickle him, which will make him laugh.
Level 194 - Open the safeThe key is behind the safe take the key and slide it to open the door.
Level 195 - What’s the answerThe hour hand and minute hand shows the first and second digits.

Now 51+123 = 174,

911+72 = 983

So “113-16 = 97”.
Level 196 - Lucky spinDon’t press on start, just rotate it by yourself and find the gift.
Level 197 - Let’s RPSSwipe to turn the robot and pick any hand which is suitable to win then press ok to pass the level.
Level 198 - Fill the glassLight a match and light the candle with it, now place the candle on the plate of water then put the glass on the candle to pass the level.
Level 199 - Get the toy out from the bottleFirst, zoom out on the toy to make it small then turn your device upside down to pass the level.
Level 200 - Shout out I am handsomePress start and when it says “I can’t hear you” then tap “ok” and hit the start again to pass the level.
Level 201 - Beat the monsterUse the eraser to erase the hp of the monster and your level will be passed.
Level 202 - Reach the EndFlip your device upside down and tap on the person. Hold your device like that until he reaches the finish line.
Level 203 - Enter PasswordThe password is “?”.
Level 204 - Do not tapJust wait for like 10 seconds and your level will be solved.
Level 205 - Get rid of SadakoTap the power button of tv to get rid of Sadako.
Level 206 - Shoot a basketFlip your device upside down and tap on the person. Hold your device like that until he reaches the finish line.
Level 207 - Don’t hit the bullseyeBlock the arrow before it reaches the bullseye by using your finger between its path.
Level 208 - Put feet on the shoulderDrag the word “feet” on the top of the word “shoulder” to pass the level.
Level 209 - Improve eyesightTake the cleaning cloth from the pocket and clean the glasses to pass the level.
Level 210 - Do Not SpeakTurn down the volume on your phone to pass the level.
Level 211 - Unlock the PadDrag the word “password” in the input box to pass the level.
Level 212 - How to distribute 3 apples to 6 people equallySwitch 6 with 3 in the question text then distribute 2 apples for each person.
Level 213 - Tilt the balance to the leftSwitch the position of the gorilla to monkey to pass the level.
Level 214 - Find out 6 smilesYou can find the 5 smiley faces but for the 6th one, you have to swipe up on this ? emoji face to pass the level.
Level 215 - Collect coinsYou can also go to the left side, so you can collect 4 coins in total but for 5th coin just tap rapidly on his bag to find it.
Level 216 - Find 5 starsOne star in the popcorn and one on her head, then tap on her head multiple times to find the remaining stars.
Level 217 - How to dodge the attackZoom out and place him on top of the burrow to pass the level.
Level 218 - Cross the endDrag the car across the word “END” in the text to pass the level.
Level 219 - Find the chickZoom out to the screen and drag the hen on the top of the eggs to find the baby chick.
Level 220 - Help the boy winDrag the girl in the middle of the seesaw to pass the level.
Level 221 - Escape the roomThere is a number on the curtains and that is “9342” that will be the password for the locker.

Now slide the curtains and zoom in to find the locker and the password is “9342”.
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