Brain Test 2 – Crazy High School Solution – Answers

In this post you’ll be able to notice updated solutions for each new levels of “Brain Test: Tricky Stories – Crazy High School”. we’ve got printed all levels with image hint, video walkthrough and also the short answers for all of them, you’ll be able to solve all levels simply.

Brain Test: Tricky Stories could be a brain teaser mobile game and second a part of preferred game within the world “Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles”. you’ve got to try to to all types of random stuff so as to unravel the puzzle, like shake your phone, assume outside the box, notice hidden objects, solve maths issues and additional. The queries get harder and harder, as this can be one among the toughest trick-question games on the market. Brain take a look at two Crazy highschool has some levels we tend to ar sharing solutions.

Level 1This is Megan. Help her get ready for schoolDrag the books into her bag and drag the hair tie from bookcase to her head.
Level 2 This is Regina. She is worried about her face. But she is going to be late for schoolSwipe left on the water heater indicator to put it on red part, then tap on the bathtub faucet.
Level 3This is Jack. Don’t let him miss the school busDrag the skates to his feet to put on and then drag him right to reach the bus.
Level 4 Another busy school morning. Help our characters to get together with their friendsDrag the 3 girls and 3 boys with similar clothes next to each other as you see in picture above.
Level 5Regina forgot to complete assignment in the activity books. She needs Megan’s bookSwipe up on the trash bin lid, then drag the peel of banana in front of her feet.
Level 6Regina must swap her book with the Megan’sDrag her glasses aside and then swap the red books.
Level 7Jack wants to start a food fightDrag the spoon to right hand of the boy next to him, then drag his bowl to the gray hair of the other boy.
Level 8Regina wrote a love letter for Jack, and she wants to send it as a paper airplaneSwipe up on the window, then tap on the fan, now tap on the paper airplane.
Level 9Regina is having a hard time with the quiz. help her steal Megan’s paperTap on the blue pencil case, then drag the Regina’s paper to Megan’s one to swap them.
Level 10Help Jack to evade the tacklersTap on the blue pencil case, then drag the Regina’s paper to Megan’s one to swap them.
Level 11Help Regina to follow the cheerleader danceFollow the other two dancer by tapping on her left or right hand or swipe up on her to jump.
Level 12Help them form a pyramidDrag the girls to form them as you see in picture above.
Level 13Megan wants to take revenge on ReginaDrag her glasses and hair tie aside.
Level 14Regina is once again bullying Megan. Stop itTap on the two diagonal parts which connect the legs to top table.
Level 15Jack is late for lunch. Help him pass this crowdTap on the boy in green, then drag Jack on handrail.
Level 16Megan win the debate tournamentSwap the shapes over boy’s head to make them equals to the Megan’s one, now drag the three squares from behind them on the wall to triangles over boy’s head.
Level 17Jack wants to bring Regina and Megan together for peaceDrag Jack in front of Megan as you see in picture above.
Level 18Jack’s plan did not work. He has to stop this fightDrag the girl in yellow aside and tap on the red button behind her.
Level 19Don’t let the principal catch either of themMove them and escape from the principal until he get tired.
Level 20 They got detention. Let’s use this opportunity to make them friendsPut the two part of glasses next to either, then tap on the top left cabinet and drag glue to them to stick the parts, now tap on the glasses and swap their papers.
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