Age of Magic: Classes, stats and skills


There are seven classes of hero in Age of Magiс with each faction aiming to have at least one of each.

Tank — Tough heroes who are easily recognizable by their enormous health-pools, defensive capabilities, and the abilities to taunt enemies and self-heal. Heroes: Rogar, Gatekeeper, Kobold Guard, Arekhon Guard, Akhrasht, Troddar, Dreverad, Atiles.
Melee Damager — Powerful close combat heroes. Possesses the ability to engage in quick and effective attacks on their enemies. Many melee damager characters often have abilities that break the enemies defences or leaves them with a DoT. Heroes: Taneda, Spear Kobold, Abyss Hound, Angrim, Aratar, Arekhon Spear, Tahit.
Ranged Damager — From the back of the pack these heroes use precision and power to eliminate foes. These characters have moderate healthpools and work well with other characters that can protect them in battle. Heroes: Infernus, Kobold Slinger, Ambror, Arekhon Axe Thrower, Raarspit, Seven Knives.
Rogue — Nimble heroes who use an assortment or abilities to increase evasion and taunt enemies to either attack other characters or the rogue like heroes themselves. Heroes: Kobold Scout, Arekhon Shadow, Succubus, Gassar, Swamp Killer, Tsuna, Rizer
Caster — A sorcerous hero that uses magic to inflict damage to the enemy and apply various effects on their own or enemy heroes. Many of these characters possess powerful AoE abilities and even stronger single target attacks. Like Ranged units, these characters work well with characters who can protect them like tanks and even some rogues. Heroes: Eraser, Bellara, Kobold Soothsayer, Khshaat, Velundar, Blood Mage, Rok.
Healer — The support and centre of most teams, these heroes assure your characters can last in battle to perform their devastating combinations. Each healer is unique in the way they work and you can find one that will most definitely work with your playstyle. Heroes: Kharannah, Silver Moon, Kobolock, Blood Priest, Hilia, Hargrim, Xaart.
Boss — Unique heroes with immensely strong abilities. Many of these characters offer powerful passive abilities to units of the same faction. Heroes: Roland, Wyrm Priest, The Last Guardian, Denaya, Ra’Archne Queen, Abaddon, Trorin, Blood Emperor.
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Every hero has a range of stats that define his role in a battle.

Primary stats:

  • Level — Affects heroes’ physical and magical damage, HP, Armour Class, Resistance to Magic. Currently the maximum level hero can reach is 80, this is in correlation with your player level, a heroes level cannot be greater than your player level.
  • Strength — Affects a heroes’ physical damage and HP.
  • Dexterity — Affects a heroes’ chance of critically striking and dodging.
  • Intelligence — Influences a heroes’ magical damage and chance to inflict critical damage.
  • Initiative — Defines the priority of a heroes’ initiative. The more initiative a hero has the earlier that character will be able to perform a move in combat
  • Health — Defines a hero’s HP. If a hero loses all HP in battle the will die.
  • Rarity — This is the star level of your hero. When a hero increases in rarity they will receive a boost to all their main stats. This is also displayed to you when you increase the heroes rarity, most predominantly the heroes health will increase substantially.

Secondary stats:

  • HP — Heroes’ health level. If a hero loses all his HP, he will die. HP can be restored in battle using special skills.
  • Physical Damage — Damage inflicted through physical combat, this damage can be decreased depending on the defenders amour value.
  • Magical Damage — Damage inflicted through magical attacks which can be avoided by a defenders magical fortitude.
  • Armor Class — Defines the level of physical damage a hero can block.
  • Resistance to Magic — Defines the level of magical damage a hero can block.
  • Resistance to the Elements — Reduces elemental damage taken in combat.
  • Magic Fortitude — Gives a hero a chance of avoiding magical damage.
  • Physical Fortitude — Allows a character the chance of avoiding physical damage.
  • Chance of Critical Strike — Determines that chance of your character performing a critical strike.
  • Critical Damage — When a hero performs a critical strike this factor determines how high that damage will be.
  • Dodge — Relates to the chance of your character avoiding an attack.
  • Initiative — This determines the order in which heroes will attack, characters with higher initiative will attack first.
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Each hero has at least three skills that could be used in battle. There are three types of skills: basic, special, and passive.

Basic Skills

Each character has a basic ability which has no cooldown and can be used at any given time, unless that move has been specifically locked by another ability. Basic attacks also have the ability to trigger Class Marks.

Special Skills

These abilities are the core of each hero and determine what class the character belongs to. These abilities, once performed, go on cooldown, some being able to be cast a second time in the timeframe of a single battle.

These abilities range from: Heals, taunts, physical attacks, ranged attacks, magical attacks, buffs/debuffs, evasion increases/ decreases, and much more.

Passive Skills

Passive skills are permanent and do not need to be activated.

Example: Kobold Soothsayer’s passive skill ‘Fear the Soothsayer’ gives all Kobolds in her squad a +15% boost to all stats.

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