Township: How does the Airport work?

Your job in Township is to load as many of the required goods as possible onto the planes before time runs out. The more cargo holds you manage to fill, the bigger your reward will be. A cargo hold is fully loaded once you fill all its crates. You have 15 hours to load planes.

Send planes out once you think you’ve loaded enough goods. You can do that whenever you want, though you’ll only be rewarded for cargo holds in which all crates are filled.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you have to send planes before time runs out to receive a reward. If you fail to do so and the plane takes off without your consent, you lose your reward even when all cargo holds are fully loaded.

Once planes take off, you have five hours to prepare for the next one: information about the next order will appear in the Airport window.

My plane is loaded, but I haven’t received a reward. Why not?

You have to send planes before time runs out to receive your reward. Please keep in mind that you are only rewarded for cargo holds with fully loaded crates.

What is the airport leaderboard?

The leaderboard ranks players according to the number of points they’ve earned. You can see your friends’ progress under the Friends tab, while the Global Top tab shows the best players in the entire Township community.

You earn points for fully loaded cargo holds in your planes and for helping other players load them.

The number of points you earn depends on a number of factors:

  • Order difficulty: the higher the total cost of all the products, the more points you get.
  • Number of fully loaded holds.
  • Time bonus: the earlier you send off planes, the more points you get (applicable only for fully loaded planes).
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