The Tribez: Population

Why do the requirements for happiness level always increase when I want to build a new house?

New buildings give birth to more settlers. Your happiness level corresponds to the number of inhabitants in your village and cannot be lower than it. So to build something, first you need to reach a certain happiness level fitting the amount of villagers this structure will provide your island with. For example, to build a new villa that will add 3 villagers, your happiness level must be at least 3 levels higher than the current number of your population.

Do I lose any happiness points when I move buildings to the Warehouse?

Yes, according to the game rules, if you move any building into the Warehouse, you lose the happiness points associated with it.

How can I get more villagers?

In order to get new villagers, you need to build residental houses. You can find them in the second tab of the Store (icon with the mallet at the bottom of the screen).

Who are guest workers and how can they help me?

Summon workers are the workers you hire for a certain job when you lack regular workers. You can find them in the first and next to the last tabs of the in-game Store. Also you can summon them right through the information window you receive when you want to launch a deal and there are no enough free hands in the village. Please, note that the guest workers will disappear as soon as they fulfill the job they were hired for! However, if you hired them to clean your island from small stones, grass and other obstacles, they will not leave until they clean everything you pointed out.

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All my tribezmen are crowding at one spot, and I get the “cannot reach” message. What can I do?

The problem is that your island is overgrown, and tribezmen like neat places to live in.

To resolve the issue, please try to perform the following activities:
1. There should be at least one free piece of land around your main building. Try to move it to another place where it can be put. Use the scheme mode when all the buildings are hidden.
2. Move the existing buildings closer to each other: tap on the necessary construction, hold it for a while and drag it to its new position. Then press on the green check icon to complete the move.
3. Your constructions can also be placed in the Inventory: again tap and hold on the building you want, then use the icon with a box and confirm the activity.
4. Try to clear all the bushes and trees.

I received workers as a VIP-bonus, and now they are missing. Why is that?

The matter is that you receive guest workers as a bonus, not regular ones. Guest workers are the ones you hire for a certain job when you lack regular workers. They will disappear as soon as they complete the job they were hired for!

Why some of my workers just disappear?

The Tribez never leave a good chief! Remember that and always take care of your people.Your workers can disappear only in case your happiness level has reduced. Note that number of your workers cannot be more than your happiness level. Try to build some decorations and social buildings for your people and they will return.

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What is wishes?

When a villager is not working, they will occasionally request something. This is referred to as a wish. When the wish is satisfied (by tapping the indicator above the villagers head) you earn Gold and Experience.

A wish cannot be requested or fulfilled if a deal is in progress in all the buildings of that type on that island.

If you have it set that all your buildings and decorations are invisible, any TribeZman sitting on a bench will also be invisible.

What do I do when I reach the maximum happiness level?

180 is currently the maximum level of happiness in the game. If you can’t build a residential house or complete a quest, just demolish one of the houses or put it into Storage.
The maximum level of happiness will be increased in a coming update. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hello, Ihave reached maximum happiness level of Ireland of Ancients, still have a lot of hauses to build. Upgrading main building needs to have 3 moon houses, still have a lot to do. It’s been 3 years you said about the coming upgrade. Without any challanges the game loses its interest. Can I ask when the level of happiness will be increased

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