Switchcraft Guide – Tips to play for beginners

Switchcraft puts you in the shoes of Bailey, an aspiring young witch, as she investigates the disappearance of her best friend in a world of magic! Drama, suspense, romance, and mystery unfold as you shape the events of this story-driven match 3!

The match-3 levels are essential to unlocking more of Switchcraft’s story. In these levels, you will have specific goals to complete, such as clearing specific gems or dropping an item to the bottom of the screen.

Matching at least 3 gems of the same color to work toward accomplishing these goals. You can also combine gems in a specific pattern or number to create special super gems to clear obstacles even faster!

As you beat levels, you will be rewarded with special Magicka Crystals you can use to unlock tasks and progress through the story. Each task requires a certain number of Magicka Crystals to unlock.

As you play through each chapter, you will unravel more of the mystery and encounter certain interactive scenes. These scenes might require you to cast a powerful spell or investigate certain objects you come across.

You will also meet interesting and lovable characters along the way. How these characters feel about Bailey will all depend on the choices you make.

During certain conversations, you will decide on choices that may significantly shape Bailey’s relationships and mold the story based on which action you take.

In between the gripping story and fun match-3 levels, you will gain a few collectibles! You unlock these decorations from the chests you receive by playing match-3 levels or by finishing a chapter or book.

After acquiring all the pieces of a certain collectible, you can use it to decorate your dorm room. The more story you unlock and the more levels you play, the more collectible items you can place to bring life to your dorm!

Please check out our other helpful articles if you have specific questions about the magical world of Switchcraft or just want to discover more about the game. There’s always something to do in Switchcraft!

How do I play levels?

You can progress in Switchcraft and unlock more chapters by playing levels to acquire Magicka Crystals! You can play a level by tapping the play button icon in the lower right-hand corner of your main screen.

Tapping the play button will bring you to a screen displaying the goals you will need to complete in order to beat the level. From this same screen, you can also purchase and select boosters to help you out. Once you’re all stocked up and ready, hit the play button to start!

On the match-3 level screen, you will be able to see your goals in the upper left-hand corner. You meet these objectives by matching at least 3 gems of the same color. You can also combine gems in a specific configuration or number to create special super gems to clear obstacles and reach the level’s goals!

You need to meet each level’s objectives within a certain number of moves. You can find how many moves you have left in the upper right-hand corner of your level screen. If ever you run out of moves, you can either choose to give up and lose 1 life, or purchase a few extra moves to try to beat the level!

Level goals

Flowers & water levels:

We hope you have a green thumb! Make matches on sand tiles to clear away the sand and lead the water to the flowers.

Butterfly levels:

Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? Match or clear gems that have butterflies on them in order to free the butterflies. Once you have set all the butterflies free, you’re one step closer to winning!

Spellbook Page levels:

What’s magic without a few spellbooks? Drop the Spellbook Page to the side of the screen with the goal symbol by matching or clearing gems in the direction of the goal to create a path.

Moonstone levels:

Time for a little moon river! Make matches next to Moonstones to power them up! Once Moonstones are fully charged, they release Moon Gems in random areas. Match or clear these Moon Gems to meet objectives and win!

Star levels:

Have you ever wished upon a shooting star? Star Gems will start trickling from borders marked with a star symbol. Match or clear these Star Gems to accomplish your goal and beat the level!

Grass levels:

The grass is always greener on the other side! Make matches that connect with gems on Grass tiles to spread the Grass. Completely cover all the tiles in Grass and you meet your objective!

Scroll levels:

Let’s do some spring cleaning! Uncover Scrolls by making matches to reveal them underneath gems. Uncover all the Scrolls to accomplish your goal!

Ghost levels:

Who are you gonna call? Ghosts will randomly appear on one side of your screen and slowly work their way to the other. These ghosts move one tile per turn, and if they make it to the other side of the screen they take away 1 move! Match these ghosts with a gem of their color to stop them!

Super Gems

You can create powerful super gems by matching gems of the same color in a certain pattern! These special gems are a big help in completing a level’s goals. Depending on the super gem you’ve created, you’ll have to match or swap it to activate it! Check out the super gems below for more insight on what these special gems do and how you can form them!

Frog Gem:

These special gems really hop to it! Match 4 gems into a square pattern to create a Frog Gem. Once activated, this super gem jumps randomly to an objective, another super gem, or an obstacle and clears it for you!

Line Gem:

The quickest way between two points is a straight line! Match 4 gems in either a row or column to create a Line Gem! Once activated, this special gem clears an entire line of gems in either a row or column, depending on how they were formed.

Bomb Gem:

Time for some fireworks! Match 5 gems in either a T shape or an L shape to create a Bomb Gem. Once activated, this special gem explodes twice, clearing all nearby gems or obstacles around them!

Rainbow Pearl:

Let’s go over the rainbow! Match 5 gems in either a straight vertical or horizontal line to create a Rainbow Pearl. Activate this special gem by matching it with any gem—it doesn’t have to be a match 3. Once you’ve activated this gem, it will clear all gems of the same color you matched it with.

Coloring Potion:

We see your true colors! Match 6 gems in a T shape to create a Coloring Potion. Activate this special gem by matching it with any gem, and it doesn’t have to be a match 3. Once you’ve activated this super gem, it replaces all the gems of the same color as the swapped gem with gems the color of the Coloring Potion.

You can also combine super gems to create an even more powerful effect! Swap two adjacent super gems to discover all the awesome combinations you can make with these special gems!


Boosters are tools that help you gain an edge during a level. There are pregame and in-game boosters that you can purchase using coins or win from reward chests.

Pregame boosters:

Right after you click the play button, you’ll be greeted with the level details. On this screen, you can select and purchase any one of the following pregame boosters to help you out on the level you’re about to play.

Double Frogs:

For the entire duration of the level, activating a Frog Gem will unleash 2 Frogs instead of one!

Rainbow Pearl:

You start off the level with a Rainbow Pearl already on the board!

Boom Pack

You start off the level with 1 Line Gem and 1 Bomb Gem already on the board!

In-game boosters:

If you didn’t get the chance to purchase a pregame booster, don’t stress! There are also in-game boosters available within a level that you can use if ever you find yourself in a tricky situation. You can find these boosters at the bottom of a level screen, displayed as different tarot cards.

Enchanted Ivy:

When you make your purchase, you get 3 Enchanted Ivy boosters. Tap on the Enchanted Ivy card and then on a gem to produce a large cross-shaped explosion! Note that this effect will not instantly destroy obstacles with more than one layer.

Magical Hand:

When you make your purchase, you get 3 Magical Hand boosters. Tap on the Magical Hand card, and then you can swap two adjacent gems without spending a move!

Shooting Star

When you make your purchase, you get 3 Shooting Star boosters. Tap on the Shooting Star card and then on a gem or obstacle to destroy it instantly!

What are lives?

The heart icon in the upper left corner of your screen displays how many lives you have. You have a maximum of 5 lives, and 1 life is lost each time you are unable to beat a level.

You gain an extra life every 30 minutes. A timer next to the heart icon shows how long until a lost life is refilled. You can also replenish your lives instantly by using coins or by getting an unlimited lives reward from chests!

Coins and their uses

The golden coin icon in the upper part of your screen displays how many coins you have. You can use these coins to purchase extra moves, lives, and powerful boosters that help you out

during levels.

Don’t worry about running out of coins—you can get more coins by completing levels and opening chests. You can also purchase special coin deals at the coin shop!

What are Magicka Crystals?

The purple crystal in the upper right corner of your screen displays how many Magicka Crystals you have. You can use these gems to complete tasks and progress through the story.

You can get more Magicka Crystals by beating levels. The more levels you beat, the more Crystals you get, and the more you will learn how the story unfolds!

What are chests?

Chests are full of random goodies such as coins, boosters, collection pieces, and even unlimited lives! Chests come in different sizes, with larger chests holding more valuable items!

You receive one small chest as a reward for every 10 levels you beat. By tapping on the play button icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, you can also see how many more levels until you get your small chest reward!

Finishing an entire chapter will reward you with a larger chest, and completing all 24 chapters of a book will earn you the largest chest!

Tłumaczenie niedostępne

What are chapters?

Switchcraft’s story is told through chapters, which you can find by tapping the Journal icon in the lower left-hand corner of the main screen. You can see what percentage of the chapter you’ve completed by checking the progress bar at the top.

Each chapter consists of multiple tasks that you complete to advance further in the story. Beside each task, you will see how many Magicka Crystals you need to unlock it.

As you play through the tasks, the chapter’s progress bar fills. Once you’ve reached 100%, not only do you advance to the next chapter to see how the story unfolds, you also get a special chest as a reward!

How do I play a task?

Open up the Journal in the lower left-hand corner of your main screen to access your current chapter and see which tasks are available. Once you meet the Magicka Crystal requirement for a task by playing match-3 levels, you can simply tap on the task to start playing!

Bailey’s story unfolds as you play the task scene. Pay close attention to each character and situation that you come across. During certain scenes, you might encounter an interactive event that will require you to do some snooping or even cast a spell! Check out this list of interactive events for further information on how to play them:


Bailey might have to do some detective work from time to time! In this kind of event, you’ll be asked to tap on certain items to investigate them further.

Drag and drop:

Some interactive events might require a little problem solving and fitting two or more pieces together. You will need to drag a certain item to its correct place, for example, dragging a key to a lock.


You might have to get your hands a little dirty to uncover the truth! In these interactive events, there are items of interest that are either dirty or covered in some way. You will need to scrub away any dirt or debris to advance.


Switchcraft wouldn’t be complete without some spells! In this type of interactive event, you will have to cast a powerful spell by carefully tracing out the spell’s pattern.

As you follow Bailey throughout the story, you will come across a lot of curious situations that require your intervention.. Keep an eye out for them all!


As you progress through the story, meeting interesting people along the way, you will sometimes be presented with choices. You’ll have to pick which course of action to take!

These choices can have a big impact on how the story progresses and how your relationships with other characters evolve. Some characters may like you better, while others might become annoyed with you, depending on which route you choose.

Some choices also prompt you to determine an action to take—whether or not to cast a spell, or how Bailey should go about handling a certain situation.

Overall, the choices you make and the actions you take go a long way toward personalizing the story and shaping how it unfolds. Remember, we all make our choices, and in the end our choices make us!

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