Pearl’s Peril: What are Collections?

Edwin’s Collection is a new feature in Pearl’s Peril where you can rack up some rewards by gathering different sets of items. Simply tap or click Edwin’s beach house located by the dock on the island. In order to win different prizes, you must collect the rare items shown to the left of the prizes being offered.

There are two types of items: items with a green background and items with a blue background. You can collect these items in three different ways:

1. Items with blue backgrounds must be requested from friends. To ask a friend for an item, tap/click the ‘+’ on the item, and select friends from the list that appears in the pop-up. You can only ask friends for up to three items a day, and each friend can only be asked once every 24 hours. After a friend has responded to your request, the ‘+’ icon will be shown as a ‘tick’ and the item will be added to your collection.

2. Items colored green are collected randomly when playing scenes.

3. You can request for any item to be delivered to your island every 24 hours. To request an item, tap/click the ‘+’ on the the item. After the 24 hour waiting period, there will be a ‘tick’ on the icon and the item will be added to your collection.

For Mobile: 

If you are not connected to Facebook, you can only obtain items with a blue background by having them delivered to your island once every 24 hours.

What can I win?

There are various rewards that you can win whilst playing Edwin’s Collections. You can see what rewards you will win on the right hand side of the collections pop-up.

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When you receive rewards they will be added directly into your game.

Each completed collection will earn you rewards and a mastery star. Once you have filled up the star bar, you will be able to collect a special decoration item. The decoration item will be added directly into your Shop, under the Special Decorations tab.

Please note that special rewards such as decoration items, cannot be bought with coins, cash, badges, or prestige.

The more scenes you play, the higher your chances are of finding rewards!

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