Pearl’s Peril: The Passport

As part of our plans to improve Adventure Clubs, making them bigger and better than ever, we’re rolling out a new feature: The Pearl’s Peril Passport! Your passport lets you decide how you show yourself to the world. You can choose your own name and your own portrait. Your privacy and how you appear to others are completely in your control! Adventure Clubs are currently only available to players that have connected their game to Facebook, and we would like to change that and open Adventure Clubs to everyone! However, it will take quite some time before we are able to release it for all players, so please bear with us over the next few months while we put everything into place.

Where can I see and edit my Pearl’s Peril Passport?

You can access your passport from your in-game Settings menu. Alternatively you can also access your passport from your Adventure Club. Here you can change your name (for 100 Cash) or update your profile picture settings (this is free). You can also enable/disable the use of your Facebook profile picture for your friends to see.



Who can see my Pearl’s Peril Passport?

Everyone can see the portrait and name you have chosen. If you are connected to Facebook and you have chosen to use your Facebook image, only your Facebook friends will see it. Everyone else will see whichever in-game character portrait and name you have chosen.

How do I hide my Facebook picture in the Pearl’s Peril Passport?

You can stop using your profile picture or re-enable it at any time you wish. Simply open your game’s Settings menu and tap on the Passport screen. You can also access your passport from your Adventure Club.

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Select your preferred character picture from the options in the menu and make sure to uncheck “Use my Facebook profile picture for my Facebook Friends.”

How do I set my Pearl’s Peril Passport portrait?

You can change your portrait image on your Passport screen. The portrait currently being used will always appear highlighted. After choosing the portrait you would like to use, you can confirm your selection.

If you are connected to Facebook, you can choose to show your Facebook image to your Facebook friends by toggling this ON in the selection screen.

This is selected by default, however, you can disable it at any time in the future.

Whatever you decide, you are required to choose an avatar photo as this is the image that will be shown to players that are not connected with you on Facebook.

Why do I have to pay to change my Pearl’s Peril Passport name?

There are a number of reasons for doing this. Our primary reason is to ensure a safe and friendly playing environment. With online multiplayer games, it has happened that people have used name changing as a way to bully or upset other players. This could be simply by using inappropriate language or impersonating other players.

Another reason is to maintain familiarity and to make it easier to identify your friends and teammates. If everyone were to change their name frequently, it would be very difficult to keep track of who everyone else is. By charging for name changes we are discouraging these types of behavior.

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How do I set my Pearl’s Peril Passport name?

If you don’t have a passport yet:

Open Adventure Clubs by tapping on the Adventure Clubs building on Artemis Island. You will be prompted to fill out the details of your new passport.

  • Please choose your name wisely and spell it carefully. You can only set your name once.
  • Names do not support spaces.
  • If you choose to change your name in the future it will cost 100 Cash.
  • Please be aware that names must be between 2 and 15 characters in length.
  • You can write your name in upper and/or lower cases, but in different parts of the game it will be shown in all capital letters (example: PearlW would be PEARLW).

If you have already set your passport up, you can still change your name, but each change will cost 100 Cash.

You can access your passport from your in-game Settings menu.

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