Pearl’s Peril: How do I get more energy?

Every time you explore a scene you must use one unit of energy.

There are several ways to get more:

  • You will automatically regenerate 10 units of energy, 1 energy every 20 minutes
  • You can purchase energy in the shop using cash
  • You can request it from your friends
  • Energy is often gifted to fans on the Pearl’s Peril Facebook Fan Page (make sure to open the gift link on your desktop)
  • Occasionally by assembling puzzle pieces in the Daily Puzzle
  • It can be found in special chests in the scene and in the Captain’s Challenge

There is a limit to the amount of energy you can have. Read more in “I don’t receive all the Energy my friends send. Why is that?”

The SPECIAL SUNDAY OFFER gives you 1 hour of unlimited energy to play scenes. You can purchase it with cash every Sunday. The amount of energy you had before the hour will stay the same, and if it is lower than 10, it will continue to refill as usual.

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