Pearl’s Peril: How do I earn badges?

Badges are earned by playing scenes and you can earn a maximum of 5 badges per scene.

The amount of badges you have earned per scene can be viewed in the chapter, and your overall number of badges can be seen in the top right hand corner when viewing the island.

Why am I missing a badge?

Badges are collected by replaying scenes. The higher your scores, the faster you earn a badge, as your scores help to fill up the badge insignia. When all badges in a scene are collected, you will see the scene labelled as “Scene Mastered!”.

When all the badges are collected from each scene in a chapter, the chapter number will have a completed golden circle. Incomplete circles mean the chapter has not yet been mastered.

Sometimes, it may happen that you miss a badge by not completely filling up the badge insignia. You must then go back and replay that scene.

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