Standard Americano Recipes Recipe Ingredients Level Americano Americano 3 Americano with Milk Americano Milk 3 Americano with Cinnamon Americano Milk Cinnamon 4 Americano with Cream Americano Cinnamon Whipped Cream 7 Americano with Lemon Americano Lemon 8 Chocolate Americano Americano Cinnamon Chocolate Syrup Chocolate Shavings 10 Bavarian Coffee Americano Chocolate SyrupContinue Reading

What are guilds for? How do I join a guild? What is a Guild Quest? What are guild points? How do I become an assistant? How do I make a guild? How do I change the name, description, emblem, type, or location of my guild? How do I kick aContinue Reading